Animals, birds or, for example, fish are our soul totems, we have certainly been one of those in our previous lives before we travelled into our bodies today. As I have previously written, if today you are a human, it won´t mean that in all of your previous lives you were also in a human body. We travel to different bodies to get lessons, needed knowledge, and skills through them. Not always will we learn about our lives in an animal body, just as we cannot learn everything in a human´s body. We travel, travel and again travel for as long as we have learned everything on this Earth. We move around from body to body for as long as we have gotten all the lessons from that animal or bird. A person needs to employ all soul totems he has learned. A human body is like a channel, through what we can change the world with what we have learned.

One of your previous or coming bodies may have been a dog. Dog also has a soul totem, from which we have to learn a number of lessons. I will mention in advance a very interesting thing about dog soul totem and I will do this to make reading this article more exciting. As I receive my knowledge through higher powers and a lot of the knowledge exists in me already since previous lives, I know how to open up this knowledge, and this way I have gotten a very interesting vision about dog soul totem, which has little doubt. The dogs body, in particular, could be the body that is one step away from all humans. Soul travels to the body of the dog right after or before reaching the body of a human. Not all travel to the body of a dog, but a great deal of the world population does so. Therefore I can say that any dog there is, in your home, in your friend´s house, in your parent´s home or in the neighbour´s yard, may have been a human before or will arrive to a human body right after. That´s why dogs can be in a human life, spend time with us and love us. Let´s say that with all of this I could change your and many other´s view of dogs. Who has a dog at home knows that there is a very peculiar character in that dog and often the human companion of the dog recognizes very well that it is a soul that is in a very intense connection.

How do you know if your soul totem is a dog?

To understand have you been a dog in your previous life or lives, as it is not possible to remember or sense past lives from a very distant past, is very simple. I will ask you a question: "Do you like dogs?", if yes, then your soul totem is a dog.

But there is a very big QUESTION MARK. If your answer was yes, then I will continue to ask questions from you and answer honestly, so that you could get the whole vision about the dog soul totem for your own spiritual development in the right key.

Next question is: "Do you like certain breeds, or even a certain dog, for example your own, but are not particularly enthusiastic about other dogs?", "Do you like dogs in general but there is no extreme fascination towards them in you?" or "Do you like all dogs despite age, looks, skills or breed, you simply are a big dog lover?"

If you answered yes to the first question, then this is the QUESTION MARK place. In that case your soul totem is a dog, but you haven´t yet learned this dogs life, this is a sign about your connection with them, but this life for one or another reason has been left with you not completely learning this life´s lessons. With that you could travel to the body of a dog once again, learn these lessons, or do this through another soul totem or at best already today.

If you answered yes to the second question, then you are halfway through in learning the dog soul totem. You will finish this task in a human body living with dogs or understanding their lives through another process, or one day you will return to the body of a dog and will finish what was left unfinished.

If you answered yes to the  third question then you are the one who has been a dog at least in one of your previous lives, but not in more lives, and learned what a dog´ life has come to teach to the soul. That´s where the great attraction and unconditional love for them comes. Usually people, who have learned a dog´s life, are the ones who happily would throw themselves down to the grass when they see a dog who is a stranger and would simply express their joy of seeing a dog. Just like most dogs express their joy of seeing a human or other dogs.

I am going to explain what the dog soul totem is all about...

Everyone has a reason for reading this. People who have yet to learn the dog soul totem, will get useful and needed information about which task they still need to do. People, who have learned about the dog soul totem simply have to recognize themselves and I will also help to understand why today you are the way you are, as our soul totems shape our personalities.

Dog soul totem teaches the soul that loyalty is extremely important. Soul, travelled to the body of the dog, has learned, that those who we love should never be betrayed. If love is sincere, then put yourself on the background when your loved one needs help. Those, who have not learned in the dog soul totem, their loyalty is still pending. People who have learned that inside them exists a subconscious sense of duty, that won´t let them let down their loved one, and in times even sacrificial mind, that sometimes forces to put yourself on the background to do something for the well being of their lover.

Dog soul totem teaches the soul to love unconditionally. Who has not successfully passed this life, will set “buts” and limits on love, who has passed with success loves the chosen soul unconditionally. Souls travel to the bodies of dogs to learn how important it is to love the way he is, not the way the soul presumes the other should be.

A soul travels to the body of a dog to learn how important it is to take life playfully. Teaching that despite the hardships in life you have to live your life in a way of not forgetting the playfulness, joy and fun. People, who have learned the dog soul totem once successfully, are the ones who can see something good in their life in toughest life periods and can ground themselves with having fun despite the tension. But who was forced for some reason to quit the learning of their dog soul totem in a previous life, they are still fighting with completely employing a skill like this in their life.

Dog soul totem teaches durability to the soul. Existing in a dogs life the soul must learn that despite the hardships in life you have to try and move on in life. If a dog soul totem has been learned, then existing as a human today you have to be very durable and you cannot give up easily.

Dog soul totem teaches to protect what is important. A soul who has gone through dog soul totem successfully knows how to protect his loved one and what is considered important.

Why some souls, who have a connection with a dog soul totem, have not completely learned a dogs life?

There is a very simple answer to this and I have many alternatives for that. Firstly a soul may not get to learn all these lessons in one dog´s life and so the dog soul totem will stay up in the air, a connection with dogs stays, to return to this life one day and to continue where something was left off. That´s why some people have a connection with a certain dog or a breed, this is a sign from a previous life, there is a recognition in a subconsciousness and often those, who haven´t finished learning the dog soul totem, they have a magnet towards that same breed, they once were. We keep a connection in our lives with what we need a connection with, so that one day, when we need to return to certain topics, we can do that.

Other thing is that a dog´s life could be too short, that means being in a dog´s body the life may have stopped for some reason, before the lesson was learned.

Third reason, of course, are the people. People today or in the past have not treated all dogs very well. There is a lot of torture, harassment, forced breeding (having dogs only for breeding) and using dogs for the wrong purpose. If you have been a dog growing under the hand of a person who treated you like a property and somehow ill-treated you, then lessons were left unlearned. Dogs purpose is to be a companion to a human, not his property. Companion, who is equivalent with a person, but unfortunately dogs are not completely understood or accepted. Hopefully the day will come, when all dogs and all the other animals close to human lives are let free and people will stop misusing animals. Besides dogs I mean cows, pigs and many other animals. Let´s just say that spirits in human bodies have yet a lot to learn.

Soul totems have a very big part in the development of the soul, as is their understanding. To develop spiritually and to understand what you haven´t learned, where you should move today in your life, keep Girasol crystal in your life. Girasol shows the direction towards what you should move or change.