Your body is a temple, feed it with something that keeps you healthy. You physical body is the only home you have for living, so keep it healthy. Everything you consume will make you out of yourself, will give you physical and spiritual energy. With natural gemstones and plants you can keep your physical and spiritual body strong. Be smart and always respect your body and always think carefully what you consume. I have written about it in one of the older articles that can be found from HERE.

Lime is one of the citruses that should definitely be represented in your daily life. Why? It has many reasons. I will tell you why it´s useful to drink lime water and why you should offer it to your body.

It is always good to make drinking water from citruses, they make the water alkaline and, for example, this is also the most important thing with lime water. If you yet cannot understand what alkaline means and why this kind of water is useful for you then I´m going to explain it.

Alkaline water helps body to become alkaline, that is to turn the acidic environment into alkaline, which in turn means, explained very shortly and clearly, that your body will turn into a place where illness cannot grow or create themselves. Acidic environment in your body is the cause of almost all the different illnesses, it is an environment where a lot of different illnesses can create themselves. If you eat or drink something that makes the body alkaline, then gradually you will reduce the acidic environment in your body, making it into alkaline and this in turn will give you the opportunity to be healthy. Therefore already this knowledge is enough to bring lime water into your life.

To make lime water clean the lime properly, soak it in dilute vinegar water to get rid of all the dirt and pathogenic bacteria from the surface of the skin. After that, slice the lime, remove the skin if wished so, and place them in the water jug. The more lime slices you place in the water, the stronger is the water, I recommend starting with a couple of slices at first. Fill the jug with water and let it sit for a little and then drink this water during the day. Make yourself lime water exactly when you wish to offer it to your body, my recommendation is to drink lime water at least once a week, so that it could make efficient healing work in your body.

In addition I will bring out a few other lime water qualities, that could help you...

Lime water helps you to strengthen your immune system, related to the creation of the alkaline environment, and, for example, for children who are often sick, drinking lime water is extremely beneficial.

Lime water´s ability to make the body alkalinehelps to reduce the risk of getting cancer. Cancer sells need acidic environment for growth. For example animal milk cheese, cream cheese, kefir and many other products create acidic environment in your body. This is one of the few examples, but the further we go, the more I see this problem in people´s bodies and identify through Aura reading.

Drink lime water when you feel there is no physical energy in you. If you wish to quickly restore your energy then don´t reach for coffee so hastily, replace it from time to time with an alternative, for example with lime water. If you have a long day ahead of you, you know you have to spend a lot of energy and employ yourself spiritually, then make yourself lime water to go.

Release the rest of your body from excessive toxins you have eaten with food or drank with a drink. Toxins will get stuck in your body also with different cosmetics and body care products that are not 100% natural and body friendly. Lime water helps your body to be toxin free when you consume it regularly.

HEART CHAKRA is the Chakra that the lime water heals and cleans. Lime water has the ability to release harmful energies gathered in the Heart Chakra that cause emotional tension, panic, relationship stress, problems related to love, mental pressure and heart problems on the physical level. Lime water helps to ground the Heart Chakra in the spiritual and also in the physical level. Drinking lime water helps to lower blood pressure, relieve the pain from the heart nerves and, in general, lets the cardiovascular system to stay healthy. Every plant has a side of healing the spiritual body, lime water heals your emotions.

To get to the conscious and intuitive eating you will get help from the Apatite. Carry Apatite with you or add tumbled Apatite to lime water to have it guide you towards right eating habits.

All my knowledge and advice on health is written from my personal visions and predictions. I´m a clairvoyant and I share personal advice not healthcare information.

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