Love crystal altar is something every person who loves crystals and is spiritual should have in their home. This is an altar you create for attracting luck in love and for healing a relationship. Altar you create and complete in your life according to what you wish to add to your emotional life.


Explaining the energetic meanings of natural crystals and giving advice on them on this page, I have often talked with a love crystal that this crystal would be useful to keep on a love altar or together with other love crystals. Actually, both of these places are at the same places. You can create a love altar by starting to collect love crystals which power you wish to get into your life, this could be the first step towards a love altar.


The most ideal place for creating a love altar is your bedroom or the room in your house situated in the South or in the South-West Quarter. In these two quarters are love channels - passion channel in the South and romance in the South-West. Love altar may be in both of these corners and you can bring different love crystals into these quarters .


Love altar is a place where you can add love crystals over time. When you do different magic rituals, then they would help happiness in love to come into your life one way or another, so you can keep these magic rituals also in there, they would only complement the love altar.


For creating a love altar, be nice, and place your photograph there. When you have a partner, add his photo too. When you are single, then keep only your own photo in there, and when you are in a relationship, you can create a love altar for the two of you.


Having the photo is very important for the crystals and magic to work with you and your partner indirectly or with you and your future partner. Photo connects you with the power of crystals and crystals will only get more power from the photo, to work for fulfilling your wishes.


You can place other items symbolizing love on the love altar. For example, you can keep rose petals, love flowers or symbols meaningful to you in there.


Love altaris cleaned when cosmic energies are tied with love and love fields opened. In addition you can of course clean love altar in any other time. Cleaned with different incenses related to love, for example with rose, sandalwood, vanilla, orchidsd, jasmine or cinnamon. Cleansing is very important for crystals to sustainably work in your love altar. Altar is activated with candles, best for which are rose, sandal wood, vanilla, cinnamon, lily of the valley-, magnolia- or boswellia candles. Burning candles on the love altar helps to activate crystals, magic and other object you have placed there for luck in love.


Keep separate crystal sets on the love altar when you wish to create more specific energies. For example, keep crystals for attracting love separate with the ones for healing your soul or what will help to tie you with the family. Create many different sets and all of them should have a goal for existing. For example, when you are in a relationship and you wish to get along better, for your connection to get stronger  that there would be more passion in your relationship, then create e specific crystal set just for you, you can create separate set besides it for example for getting along with your children.


When you have done a love related magic then simply place it on the altar, it won´t interfere with the work of other crystals as it has it´s own personal power, that no other neighbouring crystal can interfere with.


It is useful to set different crystal hearts, on the love altar so that they could activate it and bring love happiness. Different crystal hearts have different affects, be sure to read before about their special abilities from HERE. Keep in the love altar meditation crystals, that you can use for love-meditations, get answers to love related questions and to use for the channelling. Keep a separate box, for meditation crystals on the love altar so that they would not get mixed with other crystals. In addition to these it would be good to keep Emma wishing stones, pyramids and obelisks in that box.


When you have a pendulum for love and relationship questions that you are used to use for getting clarity in your feelings and to predict relationship things, then these pendulums are useful to be kept on the love altar. In that case I recommend to use Rock Crystal, Zeolite or Apophyllite geodes for charging pendulums.These three geodes are fit for a love altar, helping love crystals to work correctly and they are perfect pendulum chargers for those pendulums that are related to love questions. The best and clearest answers to love related questions will come from Rose Quartz pendulums.


Keep only natural and real crystals on a love altar for them to really work. There are a lot of fake crystals and cheap replicas, do not let yourself to be spiritually cheated and always use natural crystals, also with the power I have written about. You can get real gemstones from La Tene boutiques and you won´t have to get disappointed in their energies.


It is useful to keep three different types of crystal spheres on the love altar, that are made of love crystals. Crystal spheres will keep good luck on the altar, that is they keep energies constantly in work. Crystal spheres symbolize infinity and when you wish for everything to work perfectly on you altar, then adding spheres to it has quite a powerful effect.


The main goal of this altar is to give you luck, joy, positivity in the love department, helping you to find peace of mind, helping you to learn from lessons others have come to teach you, make you more passionate, bring a lot of balance and a good relationship into your life. This is a universal love altar, that you can create according to what you except to come into your life. Bring these crystals into your altar, of which power you are missing and what are related to your wishes.


You can add  and take away anything from the altar at any time. When you wish to remove something, then thank the crystals or objects for their work and remove them from there. Removed crystals have to be taken to the forest or to the river water. I recommend keeping crystals which power you still want to have on the altar for the rest of your life. Of course, with these magic and rituals that presume the movement of crystals, follow these exact guidelines I have given about them.


It is very useful to keep a mirror on the love altar, as it helps the love energy created there to move faster. Use a mirrored box or a tray for storing crystals or simply set the mirror on the altar so that it could do its work.


When you move from one place to another, then you could take your altar with you and set it up to the new place. When you have once given the crystals on the altar their purpose, then they will also fulfil it in your new home.


Choose a love crystal for your altar by yourself according to what you want to have more into your life today. Always focus on today and complement your altar accordingly. Ask yourself: “What is today my biggest wish related to relationships and feelings?” and then find an answer to that question. The answer you got, will help you to find the crystal that helps you to achieve what you dream about. For example when you dream about calling love into your life, then create a special crystal set for attracting love, placing Rhodocrosite, Larimar, Rose Quarts and many other crystals there that attract love. But when your wish is to get along well with your family members, then create consciously a set where you collect crystals that increase the love of a family. For example, they could be Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Mango Calcite and many others.


Every time you feel like you want to add something to your love life or want to change something in it, but you cannot achieve it and wish for some extra power, then complement your love altar.


By adding crystals or other objects to the love altar give every one their own task. For example, hold the crystal, close your eyes, make a wish and that already gives the crystal you added to the altar their own reason for existing. Use coding method and that´s the way to do it.


Be creative when you create a love altar, let your subconscious to lead you to right crystals and objects, let intuition to tell you what is missing from there and what you have to do with that altar. Create yourself a very personal and valuable altar.


Love altar is the place where you can go when you feel like and wish to send your love prayers higher. For that go to your love altar and make your wish, send them on their way from you. That´s what the altar is for, so that you could dream and wish and the power of the altar you created will help you to achieve it all.


Open the channel for your luck in love through crystals, magic, rituals and other objects filled with the energy of love!