During the New Moon, you can increase the prosperity energy that will help to bring richness, material luck and success into your life. When you feel like you could do better and you wish particularly good luck to some material things, then knowingly increase your prosperity energy during the New Moon.

The New Moon is the first of lunar phases, where you practically can´t see the Moon in the sky. The New Moon symbolizes a new round of the Power of the Moon and this, in turn, symbolizes the time, where you can bring and call everything new into your life. Every lunar phase has its own unique power, regardless of what are the other cosmic indicators at the same time. There are always certain possibilities and energies in the sky that the lunar phase gives you. Of course, it would be worth to follow my weekly cosmic predictions, where I talk more about what affects this week's lunar phases and for what it is a good time and for what a bad time. But there are certain activities that you can or could do when the New Moon is in the sky, and change your life through that. The New Moon has the power that helps you to create and bring something into your life. This is the time worth using to change your life, path and fate. For opening exactly the path you wish in your life through the New Moon you have the possibility to do rituals for increasing the prosperity energy.

It is possible to gather prosperity energy from the New Moon on the exact day and on the day that follows which means you have exactly 48 hours to do rituals to increase prosperity energy. You can find when the New Moon is in the sky from HERE, from my Moon phase calendar, and in my weekly cosmic news, I talk about which Moon phase will shortly affect us.

"Focus on wealth"

Focus on wealth and material things during the New Moon. Instil on yourself that you will do better in the future, you will be richer and wealthier. Decode why you wish to become wealthier and let your dreams be related to the Heart Chakra, not to greed. Dream about the things that help you to feel better or help your family, but surely don´t be greedy so that you won´t collect negative karma for yourself with wishes like this. Dream about something that would help you to move forward in life. Any kind of dreaming and positive thinking helps your prosperity energy to increase during the New Moon when they are related to material things.

You should definitely not worry about money during that time. Any kind of material worry blocks the increase in prosperity energy. When you start to worry, then direct your own thoughts away from that.

"Sending material wish on its way"

Do a ritual during the New Moon that would help to fulfil your material wish. Take a paper and pencil for that, and write down your material dream. Formulate it as precisely as possible and write down "with gratitude" with your name, for example, like this - "With gratitude, Maria". When you have written down your wish with your name then shake dried basil leaves on the wishes, fold the paper so that the basil would stay in the paper. Take Basil ritual- & magic candle and set your wish alight from that candle. Burn the ritual paper in a safe place, for example in the fireplace. Definitely don´t place your life in danger and think everything through in your head before sending the wish on its way so that you could only focus on the wish when you do the ritual. You need to burn the material wish and when it is done, your wish is sent.

Using dried basil leaves and the candle is extremely important in doing the ritual, they help your material wishes to go on their way. Basil symbolizes prosperity, wealth, materialism and luck. In rituals, you often have to use something that would symbolize the same power you wish to add to your life.

You can do this ritual twice, this means on the first day when the New Moon is in the sky and for the seconds time on the day following the New Moon. You can use the same basil candle for both times and also during the next time when the New Moon is in the sky and when you wish to send a material wish on its way.

"Donate money or your personal belongings during the New Moon"

Donating money to someone who needs it or giving away your things to someone who could use them during the New Moon increases your prosperity energy. You can put into circulation with that kind of activities the positive karma of wealth, you give away your possessions and karma through the New Moon brings it back in the circle, fulfilling some of your material wishes.

"Act accordingly to your own dreams"

The New Moon is in the sky and this gives you the possibility to increase your own prosperity energies. Wear on this day with your Green Aventurine, Citrine or some other prosperity crystal that would contribute to the increase of the prosperity energy. When you carry these crystals with you and wish to increase your prosperity energy during the New Moon, then act accordingly. This means that do different activities during the New moon would help you to achieve what you dream of. For example, when you dream of finishing building your own home, but today you don´t have enough resources, but you have already slowly built something on your property, then build your half-finished home, buy something for it or plan it during the New Moon, while wearing these same prosperity crystals. This is simply one of the examples of how to act according to your dreams. Think of what you dream of and find that activity that could help to put that dream into movement physically and step towards the fulfilment of that dream. Definitely carry the prosperity crystals with you at the same time, that way you connect yourself with the power of the New Moon. Crystals have the ability to move their own powers through the Moon energy quicker.

"Make yourself prosperity tea"

During the New Moon make yourself prosperity tea that will help to attract prosperity energy into your Aura field. Make yourself tea from both - peppermint and mint. Add both of these plants to a teapot and let them join their energies. Drink peppermint and mint tea purely without additions during the New Moon and on the following day. The joint power of the two plants helps to make your Aura more attracted to prosperity and wealth.

"Burn prosperity candles and incenses in your home, clean and activate your prosperity crystals"

During the New Moon burn in your home incenses and candles will increase your luck in the material sense. Burn these near your prosperity crystals when you have them. Suitable incenses are, for example, Patchouli, Cinnamon and Aloe incense. Suitable candles are Cinnamon, Aloe, Basil, Pine, Apple and Spruce ritual candles. Clean the prosperity candles in your home, be thankful for the work they have done and wish even more increase to the prosperity energy. Complement your prosperity crystals with new crystals that would help to attract wealth and material luck into your life.

In addition to all of this read my article “New Moon and Wish Meditation”. You can find this article HERE. Also through meditation, the possibility to attract wealth into your life and to bring fulfilment to your material wishes will open up.

There is a mysterious, invisible, but very strong and powerful power in the New Moon over people and the overall life on Earth. The New Moon brings happiness into the person's life, who asks for good luck during the New Moon, and who won´t waste this opportunity.

The New Moon is in the sky for approximately every 29.5 days, so you monthly have the possibility to change something in your life, to wish for more, to open your road towards something - just use the knowledge I give, follow the movement of the Lunar phases and be spiritually active!