Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign. Being born under a different zodiac sign the person will start to carry a certain character, strength, weakness, power and peculiarity given to him by his zodiac. Although Capricorn are their separate persons with their own unique and interesting path, but all real Capricorn have something they all together have , this is their joint power, something that affects them.

Real Capricorn are the ones who haven’t born during the zodiac cusps, that is they are not Sagittarius -Capricorns or Capricorn -Aquarius. In that case, the following 10 pieces of knowledge may not be the same to every Capricorn, but mostly it coincides  depending on how big is the effect of the Capricorn born during the zodiac cusp.

Anyhow I would like to share 10 very important pieces of knowledge about loving a Capricorn. When you are in a relationship with a Capricorn then take these words as a handbook about your lover, it will, for sure, help you and him to create a better relationship and to appreciate and understand him even more. When you are a Capricorn, then maybe I can help you to understand yourself better, why you are the way you are and where the characteristic traits in you come from. For others I share inspiration on how to keep and understand his love, when one day a Capricorn would win your heart and you his. Have a marvellous discovery!

1. Capricorn wants to be a friend and a lover at the same time

When a Capricorn has let you in his heart, you have earned his love and his wishes to be in a relationship with you, then he not only wishes to be your lover-companion but much more – he wants to be your friend. Capricorn can be really wonderful partners, they have the ability to be your best friends, your faithful listener, adventurer with you and, in addition, the shoulder where you can talk about all your worries. When you are looking for someone to be in your life who could be more than a flaming passion, then he is definitely the one who can offer you this.

2. Your attractiveness starts from your ability to make him think

Capricorn is a person who loves with his mind, who can move his feelings with his mind and to fall in love when it has previously been coordinated with himself. It’s not a zodiac sign that would let to lead him to somewhere unknown. It’s a sign that makes a decision based on his heart. To get to that heart, then there is a very simple way for this. It’s a zodiac sign that finds attractive a person who can baffle him with her intelligence. Capricorn needs to feel for loving that the person who could be in his life can be interesting, who has his own prospect of life, who can philosophize, who has intelligence. In his heart, Capricorn waits for a partner who would be a step higher with her intelligence than he is, that is attractive for him and this will help him to grow. It is hard for a Capricorn to love someone who, in his eyes, cannot be intelligent. When a Capricorn is on a higher position with that, then he will start to look for a way out. To keep the relationship with a Capricorn alive, then you need to find these themes Capricorn likes to deal with and to dream, philosophize and evolve with him.

3.  It is easy to scare a Capricorn, this is something you have to avoid!

Capricorn is the one who doesn’t like to get shocking news, secrets and surprises from his partner. Being in a relationship with his and for winning his love you have to honest with him from the start, otherwise you won’t win his respect and love. Even when you have his love, then he is the one who gives up on you, when you surprise him with something he wasn’t ready for.

When you get into a relationship with a Capricorn, be good, and tell him about all your vices and problems that you have carried with you from the past, explain this to him and be honest. With that you will win his trust and respect, and will avoid future problems between the two of you.

It is important for the Capricorn that everything would be clear with his partner, so that he would know who she is, what she is capable of and what to except or not to. A wrong vision about a person is a certain thing that will ruin the relationship. When at all to tell something to a Capricorn, then do it delicately, because a proper explanation will guarantee the getting along and not violating the feelings in the future.

4. Can’t start, can’t stop

By getting to know him you he leave a very coy impression on himself, or even a shy or reserved impression, but this is far from what you should take into account later on, when he has finally let you be close to him. Capricorn, at the beginning of the relationship is a bit reserved, he ponders, analyses and calculates whether you the right or a wrong person for him. At one moment, when you have gotten a green light from him, he will open himself up, and shows that he can be very bold, candid and fun. But, when later on you get a red light, then it will leave you with an impression that he is no fun and cannot open himself up. But let’ s put it like this – not everyone needs to know the real you, so, well done, Capricorn!

5. Your trust is the base for his trust

Capricorn is the one who excepts his lover to show first whether she can be trusted. At first the relationship will go through the inception, without knowing it his partner has to prove his faithfulness and loyalty. But Capricorn does everything very spontaneously, by not demanding trust and loyalty, but it happens very casually, this analysing and filtrating. When his partner has proved herself, then Capricorn is the one who could be the most trustworthy and certain partner for her, until the energy of love exists. Capricorn will betray when he is betrayed or when his love will simply run out one day. Until it exists they are very trustworthy partners.

Therefore you, who wants to create a relationship with a Capricorn or who simply are in a place where you are moving a step higher, then a little hint – prove yourself and show your loyalty!

6. Capricorn’s way is the way of life

Even when Capricorn’ s won´t agree with me on this, then I will resist and say these words out lout. Not always can you see yourself adequately from the side and that’ s why I’m here, I’m the one who explains all the nuances the power of a zodiac can do to a person. The way of life of a Capricorn is the way of life means that it is very important for him that others live by his wishes, a home is decorated by his taste or that the things are the way he wants to. He can do compromises as long as they match with his wishes. The emphasis on his own wishes is not a very negative character trait in him, it rather shows him from the side of being very determined and aware. By being in a relationship with a Capricorn you need to understand that he has his own opinion and when a loved one wants to bring his own wishes about, then they need to be served nicely, by letting him know why, how, what and what for. Anything is possible with a Capricorn, you just have to serve things properly and you have to understand that with him you are dealing with a very concrete individual.

7. He waits, he is ready to give you time!

What I really like about a Capricorn and what makes him into a very good partner is his ability to give time to other people. Capricorn is a very patient person by nature and when someone sympathises with him or someone has stolen his heart, then he will give his love the time to change, adapt and he is ready to get to know that person. He won’t jump from one relationship to another, he does so slowly, he needs to understand who he is with and this gives the other side the possibility to prove the attention and love she has earned.

8. He is the one who thinks about the future

Capricorn who loves his partner is not the one who only thinks about what his future will look like. Capricorn thinks about his partner - what’s her potential, what she could do with her life, who she can become, can her ambitions be fulfilled, things about her weaknesses and problems. Capricorn is the one who constantly does research about her partner and that has it’s own reason. When he would find weaknesses, then he wishes to help to make these weaknesses into strengths, as a strong partner by his side guarantees a good future also for him. Therefore, when you are his partner, then wait and presume that he wants to start your changing process and by highlighting your weaknesses he wants to help, not harm you. He is the one who wants to create a strong, firm and successful future for himself with you.

9. Sometimes it’s hard do talk about feelings

Capricorn is not really a sharer of feelings when it comes to his lover. He can easily talk about his feelings to his best friends but sometimes he needs to open up himself to his partner. The deeper the connection with his partner, the more vulnerable it is for him, and putting his feelings into words is not the easiest thing to do. Capricorns partner needs to understand that not always can feelings be talked about, when wished for, there needs to be the right time for it, and he will talk when he is ready. His partner needs to give Capricorn time, just as he gives time to her.

10.A vexatious negative mood should not scare away Capricorns partner

Capricorn cannot stop the emotions that suddenly arise in him. Capricorn is the one who could get upset from a moment and a vexatious negativity will start to weigh him. This means that there are times when he gets upset and it’ s hard for him to deal with himself. His partner should know that side in him and to understand that not everything needs to be taken personally. The fact that Capricorn gets upset does not mean that his partner is to blame for it, not at all. For the greater part, even he doesn’t know why the negativity haunts him. You just have to accept this, it is not moodiness as it is out if Capricorn’ s control. In moments like this, Capricorns lover should only show love or give him time to recover.

To Capricorns who are constantly haunted by vexatious negative mood I recommend carrying with them or keeping in their home a BLACK OBSIDIAN. Black Obsidian is a crystal that is very useful for Capricorns for healing their own emotions, to fight with negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. Black Obsidian makes Capricorn into a better person firstly for himself, helping him to get along with him. Black Obsidian balances all negative energies created by his leading planet Saturn. Black Obsidian silences the negative effects from Saturn, helping to bring out the positive qualities in a Capricorn.


Pink Moss Agate
, Red Jasper and Piemontite. These three crystals are gifted to the lover who has been born as a Capricorn, showing love, fidelity, and for strengthening the relationship with it. It is very useful for a Capricorn to keep these crystals in his life in one form or another, to carry them, keep them on a love altar or to find a suitable place for them in a home. These crystals increase the luck in love, helping to create a relationship and, when there already is one, to make it even stronger and more romantic.

Cherish, value, love and take care of your Capricorns!