Full Moon is a moon phase when from Earth the whole Moon can be seen. Full Moon appears when the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon. Full Moon appears every 29 days, therefore you can catch it at least once a month, sometimes even twice a month. Tracking the Full Moon is very useful, the Earth energies are very intensive during that time and thanks to that it is very easy to carry out different spiritual activities. When you are on the road to spiritual growth, then the more it is important for you to track the Full Moon and to use it for your own well-being.

Full visibility of the Full Moon happens only on one day and this day is the most important for carrying out rituals, magic and other spiritual processes. But the day before and after the Full Moon is also linked to the power of the Full Moon, therefore you actually always have three days to enjoy it’s power and to make it useful for yourself. You can find the Moon phase calendar from HERE, where you can find the dates for the Full Moon and for other Moon phases, in addition I write about which Moon phase is coming and what we have in my weekly cosmic news.

It is always useful to do something during the Full Moon that would clean your own Aura field. As the Full Moon has a very intense power, then any kind of healing rituals are also useful. Why clean the Aura? So that the unnecessary energy, like misfortune, stress and other harmful energies wouldn’t exists in the Aura. When you constantly do something that heals your Aura, then it helps to make you feel better at any time.

1. Morning or night walk during the Full Moon

At Full Moon find at least half an hour for a walk in the fresh air, go on a nature trail or simply into the nature. When you live in the metropolitan area, then find a park for your walk, or when you live in the middle of beautiful nature, then go for a walk near your home. The morning and night are both a bit quieter times, as there is not as much fast and stress causing energies emerged from the actions of people, therefore choose a morning or an evening-night for your walk.

When you go on a walk, take your Rock Crystal or a jewellery made of this crystal with you. That for the Rock Crystal to cleanse and heal you during the Full Moon. Rock Crystal activates quicker, when you are in the nature during the Full Moon, than when you wear it with you in your home or in the indoors. Keep the Rock Crystal in your hand from time to time during the walk and let yourself be in contact with it. When you can see the Full Moon well, then look at it often and make a wish that it could help you heal and cleanse your Aura. Any kind of contact from you creates even a bigger healing, this way you will activate yourself to knowingly clean your Aura.

After the walk, place the Rock Crystal you carried with you, to charge or even clean it with Sage smoke. After the walk you should feel yourself wonderful, somewhat lighter and happier. When it happens, then it means that you activated your Aura to cleanse, Rock Crystal worked and the Full moon could work with you.

2. Rock Crystal cleansing meditation

Meditation with Rock Crystals, the most intensive and powerful Aura cleanser, during the Full Moon is very useful. For that you’ll need one of the following:

2 pcs Rock Crystal point, 2 pcs Rock Crystal meditation crystals, 2 pcs Rock Crystal pyramids, 2 pcs Rock Crystal geodes or 2 pcs Rock Crystal Emma wishing stones. You can use different options during every Full Moon, but the crystals have to be the same type.

For meditating find a relaxing place or when you have a sacred place, go there. Take one Rock Crystal from the pairs mentioned above in each hand You can set a Sage incense to burn besides you, close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out, and start with the meditation.

During the meditation make a wish, dream and visualize how the negative energy exists your Aura. Focus on your healing, how worries disappear, clarity appears, happiness comes back to you and everything that has made you sad is going away. Carry the meditation out just the way you feel like you want to do it. Rock Crystal is in a very strong connection with the Full Moon and with the previous waxing Moon, this activates in your Aura with an extreme speed exactly during that time. Meditate until you start to feel yourself better. You may feel enormous relief after the meditation, like a huge rock and weight have been lifted from your shoulders. When you feel like this, then you carried this meditation out with quite a success.

Repeat it in the coming Full Moon!

3. Rock Crystal, basil and oregano elixir

When you don’t already have a Rock Crystal for making water-elixir then I recommend bringing at least one piece of Rock Crystal into your life for using it activating the drinking water. Water-elixir crystals are used only for making the water, not for anything else, therefore water-elixir crystals are kept in a separate box or some other thing, so that they won´t get mixed with other crystal with another purpose. You can use water-elixir crystals repeatedly for different elixirs, therefore they are actually multifunctional and you can practise doing crystal therapies on yourself. Make sure that the crystal is natural as only they have the healing energies. La Tene sells only natural crystals.

When you have a Rock Crystal, then set it into a water jug or glass. Add basil leaves and oregano to Rock Crystal. Herbs could be fresh and before adding them to Rock Crystal they could be crushed in a bowl or small pieces could be ripped from the plant. Use just as much of the herbs as you wish for. When you want a stronger elixir, then more, when lighter, then less. When you do water-elixir for the first time, then be sure to use less herbs.

When you have added the herbs to the Rock Crystal then fill the jug or glass with water. Let it set for 10 to 20 minutes before drinking it. Drink the elixir during the Full Moon and you can even drink it for three days straight on days affected by the Full Moon.

Rock Crystal is the biggest Aura cleanser, basil and oregano can both restore the Aura quickly by eating or drinking them. Therefore these three are perfect for an Aura cleansing elixir.

4. Sage cleansing

When you have followed me for some time now, then you should know that Sage goes with me and my stories to everywhere, maybe you are already looking for something else, a higher herb? Actually sage is really one of the strongest and most important plants in the spiritual world, it is so universal that it is difficult to find a substitute for it, actually you won´t even need one. What is important with Sage is that what type it is, it is a plant with many different varieties, but White Sage is what you need. By boutiques sell only White Sage that can be used for cleaning the Aura. I recommend to read the longer article about Sage and it’s use from HERE. You can find Sage products from HERE. Be sure to do a Sage cleansing for yourself, your home and crystals during the Full Moon. Why? To release the bad and bring out all the good in you, crystals and in your home.

5. Aura cleansing bath

Aura cleansing bath is a simple bath of water you can do to yourself when you have a tub for it. When you have a bathtub in your home, then before the Full Moon comes, gather the necessary plants and water elixirs foryourself for the Aura cleansing bath  . When the Full Moon comes, then make yourself an Aura cleansing bath.

For all of that you’ll need a Rock Crystal or many Rock Crystals for the water-elixir. Set the Rock Crystals on the bottom of the bathtub. Then fill the tub with water. In addition to the crystals, add a teaspoon of dried Rosemary sprinkle it in the water or even better, add as much fresh rosemary on the water as you want. Rock Crystal is one of the strongest and most universal Aura cleansers that activates the water to clean your Aura. Rosemary has exactly the same effect, helping to clean the Aura field from misfortune and negative energy. You can also add dried lavender or lavender oil. Lavender has a calming and cleansing effect. These three elements go perfectly for the Full Moon Aura cleansing bath.

When the bath water is done then enjoy it and let the crystals and herbs do their work. Enjoy, dream, make a wish and meditate. Focusing on the positivity and making yourself aware that the negative energy leaves from the Aura field at that moment will help the Aura cleansing. Be in the bath for as long as you feel like your well-being and moods have become much much better. When you use all these elements during the Full Moon, then you should feel that change already in your well-being.

In addition you can set candles and incenses to burn besides you to make the Aura cleansing even more powerful.

When you are done, then clean the plants away. Put the crystal or crystals under a running water and set them to charge on the windowsill for the night.

6. Feed your body properly during the Full Moon!

The food you eat during the Full Moon, the spiritual energy in them will break very easily out, therefore it would be important to observe your menu. Avoid foods that are overly processed woods, like ready meals. Cook yourself during the Full Moon, when you have the possibility, and do so from fresh ingredients. Avoid animal foods, like beef, poultry, fish, animal milk products that are all full of harmful energies for your Aura. Fill your menu with plants and when you have the need to eat out, then choose wok vegetables, salads or other plant based dishes. In addition to food, drink a lot of water and herbal teas. Take care of your body, this is the only place you have to life, let it always be healthy and taken care of. When you eat foods that are clean, fresh and with a spiritually positive energy, then you’ll clean your Aura field with it.

Full Moon Aura cleansing mantras

In addition to these six simple yet effective Aura cleansing rituals I am sharing mantras with you that would help you in that day. Say these mantras during the Full Moon...

Let my Aura field be freed, cleansed, freed , and again cleansed.

I am connected to the Full Moon and the Full Moon is connected to me.

Let my Aura field be restored, healed, restored, and again healed.

I am connected to the Full Moonand the Full Moon is connected to me.

Telepathically yours,