Karma for me is like a law that I greatly appreciate, this inspires me to make the right decisions in life and to move forward with life. I recommend taking the laws of Karma as your guide as following them will take you to happiness, peace, balance and inner harmony. The laws of Karma are very positive, they don’t carry the disparagement of someone, ignoring, completely denying someone and creating evil by following your own beliefs, therefore Karma only creates good firstly for you, and then to everyone else who have connected with you in this life.

There are many laws of Karma. When you know the main nine of them, practice them and remember them at the right moment, then you’ll move forward in your life.

When you haven’t followed the rules of Karma before then I recommend practising them. Don’t simply take note of them, carry them out, use them at the right moment and do what the law of Karma recommends you to do. Simple knowledge about them will not do any good, knowledge is only then valuable when the person can do something with them in his life.


The first rule of Karma is that you’ll get exactly what you sow from life, that is the rule of giving and receiving. Make your steps knowingly, as every action has consequences. You do things today, tomorrow you’ll get to feel happiness or misfortune for that.

The greatest law of Karma is taking responsibility for your actions, and when the person starts to take responsibility from everything he does to himself, to others or to the world, then he will everyday do less harm and a lot more good.


The second rule is that when you wish to feel something, to be part of something and to change something in your life, then you have to create that very same energy you wish to feel and to be part of. You wish more positivity into your life, then create positive energies yourself. When you wish to feel more love in your life, then love life more.


The third rule is very important, but not many people today understand this and not many know how to practice this yet. Living by Karma it’s very important to understand that when life brings something into your life then it comes into your life for a reason. When that something makes you sad or happy then for a reason. Positivity is welcomed but negative situations are blocked. Living by the laws of Karma you will also accept negative and hard situations, face it and try to cope with it, to solve it and to learn from it, as living by Karma you know that this hardship hides a lesson or something good. The rule of Karma provides that when something hard and negative is placed on your path, then create something beautiful out of it.


Self-development is very important on the spiritual path of the person and we cannot never stop moving forward. It’s really important to understand that we can only change ourselves and learn ourselves, we cant teach or change others. The only thing we have power over is inspiring others and creating inspiration in them through practising what we have learned. A person has to work hard for his own growth, not to only focus on what to change in other people.

I write all my articles to inspire you, to motivate you and to show what I know, how I live and what is my view on life. I believe and know, that there is someone everywhere that gets inspired by this and moves forward by taking inspiration from this. This is the way how I can help other people to grow and move forward in life.


It’s very important to understand that when you wish to achieve something then you need to focus on it and to commit yourself to it. Nothing great will happen when you won’t give it your dedication. In addition to living by the laws of Karma you need to focus only on one thing at once to constantly achieve something in life and not to lose yourself in all of this. When you focus on one thing at a time, then you’ll create negative energy and unnecessary stress. Do one thing at a time, finish it, start focusing on a new thing, finish it, and only then move to a new task. You don’t have to finish the task you have taken upon yourself at once, you can take a break, but focus only on one thing at a time.


When you live by Karma then it is very important to practice enjoying the moment and living in the moment. Tackle what is important at the moment, that inspires you now and attracts your attention. Living in the past will withhold your spiritual growth and evolvement. Release the shackles of the past, live in the moment and create a favourable future.


Everything you create in the present, do and think, is connected to your future. But your future is connected to your past self. Everything that has been in your life has been there for a reason. There have been lessons, karmic punishments, that is problems you have attracted yourself, karmic blessings, that is earned happiness. Everything you’ll experience in the future is related to what you are focusing on today, what path you’re creating and what you aspire. There is a rather large and wide infrastructure in your life, everything happened in your life is related to you, with how you think and live.


I call a vicious circle the case when a hardship will come and continue coming again into your life. You can’t push your "repeat"-button when you haven’t learned from it. When something again comes into your life that really did not fit for you then ask yourself: "Why is it here? What can I learn from it?". Do research, analyse and look for an answer, don’t leave this thing before you do so. Then the answer will come, the vicious circle will become freed and this will become learned.

Life can’t change when you won’t change your attitude towards something, to someone, when you won’t change your own behaviour or habits. This is why the vicious circles appear – for you to change yourself.


When, in this life, you wish to feel happiness, to find love, to become rich and wealthy or, rather, to be healthy, then all of this has a price. All of this will come to your life when you work for it, when you yourself create this with patience. Patience will bring the wishes you focus on and dream of into your life. When you work and you’re not patient then the gates of happiness will be closed. When you contribute your energy and time, then prosperity will enter your life.

Living by karma makes you into a better person, it helps to move you forward in life and develop you spiritually...

Living under the laws of Karma makes it easier to be in the fate of personal challenges as they won’t break you down, they will help you to grow and make you stronger. Living by Karma won’t let you to hurt other people and to negligently use life, as it disciplines you to be a better person for yourself and also for others. This helps you to be healthier both physically and mentally.

FLUORITE is connected to KARMA and it’s the crystal that will help you to discipline yourself to live by Karma. This crystal is one of the best choices for self development, with the power that helps the person himself to notice what he does wrong in his life, what stops him, what would bring food and moving forward. Fluorite teaches a person to notice the right path and it’s strongly related to following the laws of Karma. Wear Fluorite crystal with you in times you want to set your life in order by the laws of Karma, to learn these and to fully start to practice them. Bring Fluorite crystals into your home so that they would help your family members to follow the laws of Karma. It is particularly useful to keep Fluorite pyramid, obelisk or sphere, in your home so that they could constantly be supportive of spiritual development of the family members. These three Fluorite objects of power are very useful as they have a very intensive power already because of their shape.

Keep moving only forward in life, evolve, create goodness, be positive, enjoy life and sow only goodness around you!