Healthy and conscious eating keeps the body well and vigorous. Spinach is a marvellous superfood that could have it’s place in your menu. Spinach is great source of vitamins and minerals, at the same time it’s also great for its spiritual healing properties. Adding the right plants into your menu not only helps you be physically healthy, but it also lets you become mentally more effective. It’s easy to use spinach, it has a very tender taste which makes it into a great plant to be added into different dishes as it doesn’t change the taste of the food that much. What’s important is what spinach gives you and eating it regularly is entirely useful for you.


Spinach has a place in my kitchen and from time to time I eat a lot of it. When my own intuition tells me, that I have the necessary physical and spiritual healers in the body, then, for a while, I stop eating spinach. And then the appetite for spinach returns. This is what I call the intuition of diet, when your own minds can tell you which plant you need. Spinach spiritually can help to achieve dietary intuition. This is on the spiritual level related to fixing and strengthening an intuition like this. In the crystal world Apatite can help you exactly the same way. Apatite is the crystal that teaches you to eat good and healthy and to sense what your body really needs. Wear Apatite when you wish to get that intuition and eat spinach regularly.




Spinach improves eyesight. Spinach has these special nutrients your eyes need to be healthy. When you feel like your eyesight is getting worse then be sure to add spinach into your diet or when you constantly have to work in front of a screen, eat spinach for prevention purposes to keep eyes healthy. Spinach has a lot of beta carotene and lutein that are good for the eyes.


The perfect healer, activator and cleaner of the Heart Chakra


When you are looking for something to heal your Heart Chakra from the world of plants, then one of the ideal choices would be spinach. Spinach is a really intense plant in healing the soul. Your Heart Chakra gets restoring energy from eating it that helps the problems of that Chakra to heal and to become stronger.


Nervous system


Spinach is a useful natural sedative that I recommend using for people who have problems with nervousness and the ability to ground yourself. Spinach helps to heal nerves, and with that to bring a good nights sleep and improve the general well-being. Spinach not only heals the nervous system on the physical level but it heals it also mentally. Eating spinach is useful for the Heart Chakra and when it’s balanced then there can’t be nerve tension or pain in the chest area or neck.


Helps to keep blood pressure under control


Spinach is the ideal plant for balancing blood pressure, helping to keep both high and low blood pressure under control. When I help people privately then by seeing different illnesses in people I always see a vision about spinach when there are, for example blood pressure problems. This has gone through my visions so often over the years and it really is a really useful healer for that problem. When the problems with the blood pressure are big, then I recommend to wear different calming crystals like White Agate, Amazonite or Blue Quartz.


Makes muscles stronger


Spinach has a really important antioxidant in it that helps muscles to get stronger. By eating spinach athletes can get into a better shape and who is not really doing sports can simply heal his body. Spinach is useful to eat to avoid muscle cramps and weakness.


Protein source


Spinach has a lot of protein and therefore its really useful to add it into your salads, baked goods and wok dishes. I’m often asked, as a vegan, where I get my protein. A lot of plants have protein in them and I keep wondering why I constantly get that question, it would make more sense to ask about where to get vitamin B6, vitamin B7 or rather fibre or, for example also, vitamin E, but I don’t get a question like that. Protein in spinach is really useful for the body, because it has no problem using it.


Making the body alkaline


One of the main reasons to eat spinach is that it has the ability to remove the acidness of the body and make the body alkaline. Illnesses can’t grow or come anymore in the alkaline environment. Acidic environment is a really good treat for many different diseases. Therefore, eating spinach regularly helps to keep your body away from unexpected illnesses and you can keep yourself knowingly healthy with that. The same way drinking lemon water and lime water helps to keep the body alkaline, as I have written about before. Be sure to read about it.


Beautiful skin and a marvellous plant for fighting acne


I recommend eating spinach when you wish to keep your skin beautiful, bright and young. Spinach has everything necessary to help your skin to restore and even help with problems from excessive sun light. It’s useful to eat spinach when you have problems with acne. When you have that problem, then I recommend eating spinach regularly to give extra healing that would help acne to disappear. As acne is a really big problem and it’s caused by different things, then it’s useful to knowingly add plants that help acne to disappear into your diet.


When you don’t know how to add spinach into your menu then it’s really easy. Use spinach in smoothies, chop it into pastas, use it for raw salads and cook it with rise. Be inventive and creative, experiment!




Healing the Heart Chakra is something I have already mentioned, but spinach has also a lot more to give to the spiritual body. For example, it’s the perfect component for love rituals and magic. In time you may notice how I write that spinach is a very needed component in different spiritual processes. Or you may notice how in the weekly cosmic prediction I recommend to eat spinach in one or another week, when the love fields are opened.


In addition to love energy, spinach is related to prosperity and wealth. Eating spinach or using it in different rituals helps to increase the prosperous energy.


From time to time it’s good to keep spinach leaves on prosperity crystal as it takes away the negative and still energy gathered in them. It would be useful to leave them on crystals for the night and take them away from the home in the morning. Do a ritual like this only when you feel like there is no prosperity in your life and you wish to attract good material possibilities into your life through crystals. You can do a ritual like this for as often as you want.


Be healthy and taken care of! Always eat consciously and body friendly!