Rituals are spiritual processes in the course of which energies are directed to move properly. The ritual of creating positive energy to a home helps to make your home energy positive, that in turn improves the mood, happiness and glee of you and other members of the family at home. This is a ritual that creates a very good home atmosphere.

The purpose of this ritual is to make the home into a better place for living. This ritual helps to bring good energy, favourable conditions and luck into the home. It’s useful not only for you but for everyone who are sharing your home and who could come and visit. This ritual helps you to be happy in your own home, making it into the best place in your life. Doing the ritual releases the powers in the crystals used in the ritual, that will start to heal the home energy and make them more positive. This ritual could be the beginning of the home positivity crystal set, as afterwards you can add crystals with a similar energy field to the ritual.

You can do the ritual from the first day of the First Quarter of the Moon until the Full Moon, that is during the Waxing Gibbous. This means that you have the ability to choose one day from the almost a week long Moon phases exactly in the month you would like to send the ritual on its way. MOON PHASE CALENDER can be found from HERE. The time for the First Quarter of the Moon and Waxing Gibbous can be found from there.


1. Citrine geode

2. Wollastonite


4. Orange Calcite

5. Honey Calcite

6. Matches

7. Cinnamon incense

8. Incense holder

9. 4 cinnamon barks

Find a place for the ritual in your  living room where you can leave the crystals to do their work afterwards. I recommend finding a beautiful base or a box for the ritual crystals where you can store them. Before beginning with the ritual I recommend opening many windows so that the cleaning from the incense smoke could work even more efficiently. When you have found the place, then begin...

1. Take all the crystals and cinnamon barks and set them out like shown in the picture (Citrine geode in the middle, two crystals on one side, two on the other and cinnamon barks above and below the Citrine).

2. When the ritual objects are set in place, take cinnamon incense and light it from the match. When there is a flame, shake it off so that the incense could start smoking. Set the smoking incense on the base and place it as close to the ritual objects as possible.

3. Now take another four cinnamon incenses from the pack and set them also to smoke. When they have started to smoke well, then walk through your whole home with them (when you wish to then keep an incense base or a plate under the incenses so that the ashes could fall on them). Walk in rooms so that the rooms could be filled with cinnamon smoke, go even to the pantries and to the sauna, when you have one in your home. Don’t leave a room unattended. When you have walked through every room, then return to the ritual site.

4. When you return to the site, extinguish the four cinnamon incenses you used for cleaning your home (later, in a month, you can burn them in the same ritual). Now, place your hands on the crystals and cinnamon bark and say the following five ritual sentences:

"Let Citrine open the channel of positivity!"

⭐ "Let Wollastonite help to get along better!"

⭐ "Let Carnelian bring new and positive energy into the home!"

"Let Orange Calcite increase vitality, joy and the energy of happiness!"

"Let Honey Calcite heal the past!"

5. When the crystals are coded then leave all the ritual objects in their places and let the cinnamon incense, placed besides the crystals and cinnamon bark, to burn until the end. When it’s burned, then take it away from there and leave the crystals and cinnamon bark in their places until the creation of the next First Quarter of the Moon or Waxing Gibbous. This means that the ritual objects must stay in their place for a month. This one month is needed for the ritual to get activated. During that month you can only burn Cinnamon incense or Cinnamon ritual candle besides the ritual objects. After a month you need to throw away the cinnamon barks from the home and the ritual is done successfully and the crystals will stay to serve your home positively. In addition you can later add other crystals for positivity, happiness and the well-being of the family to the ritual. 

# Ritual is done with brand new un-coded natural gemstone and unused cinnamon barks for the ritual to work. You can choose the size of the crystals for the ritual on your own.

# Ritual needs to be done exactly the way it’s shown in the ritual, no ritual object should can be missing. In addition to this, the ritual needs to be done at the right time.

# Citrine geode in this ritual is the crystal that starts to transmit the power of other crystals and itself to the home Aura, it amplifies the energy of other crystals. Wollastonite is a great crystal for bringing the family together and the healer of home energy that helps people at home to get along very well with each other. Carnelian increases the positive energy making the home into a happy place to live. Orange Calcite brings happiness, joy, positivity, humour and good mood. Honey Calcite in the ritual helps to block fights and heal the problems in the home energy in a very delicate level so that the problems could completely disappear.

All these crystals have many more purposes, why and how they make the home energy more positive. Joining these crystals in the ritual creates a complete energy that starts to heal the home and makes it into a more positive place to live.

# A complete incense cleaning to the home needs to be done with cinnamon so that the ritual crystals could implement into the home energy so that the energy preventing positivity in the house could disappear and the home could become healed. It very necessary for the crystals to start working in your home.

# Later, when the ritual is done, other crystals with similar energy could be added to these crystals for the same purpose. This is when a crystal set base is created for a very good purpose where you can add even more positivity. You can add the same crystals and others that bring happiness, positivity and better getting along to a home. For example, Orange Calcite, Yellow Jade, Yellow Jasper, Mookaite and many others creators of positivity will suit for this ritual. But new crystals are added after the ritual is done.

# The positive energy ritual and added crystals are good to be cleaned from time to time with Cinnamon incense and  Cinnamon ritual candle besides it. In addition to cinnamon you can also use Palo Santo is burned besides it.

# A month after the ritual you can replace the ritual crystals, they can be transferred to another home when a moving should take place.

Have a wonderful ritual and enjoy the positive energy that comes with that. Take care of yourself and your home! Your home reflects who you are. When the home energy is positive then you are a lot more positive and can find the positivity from life!