All different zodiac signs carry different character traits within, with many good and negative qualities. Being in a relationship with different zodiac signs you need to understand the effects of the constellation for the relationship to work. I’m giving you good luck with writing about what you should know about loving a Libra for the relationship between the two of you could be more than wonderful. Libra is the seventh zodiac born between the September 23 – October 22. Right before and after these dates are the zodiac cusp signs Virgo-Libra and Libra-Scorpio.

Libra has a lot of beauty and charm, but they also have a lot of complexity and fragile parts. With loving a Libra it’s really important to know his strong and weak sides and what suits him, what he like or what’s he can’t stand. When you start to examine, analyse and to get to know your parter a lot deeper and to understand his astrological effects then their relationships can only get better. There are a lot energies that make us into who we are, and these astrological indicators we are born with, these are the ones that really affect us a lot.

Love, take care and understand the Libra you love and be the perfect partner for him. This is all for you when you love him and wish to be in a relationship with him...

1. Be kind and his heart is yours

There is a great need in a Libra to feel like his partner wants to share something beautiful and good with him. In the inside they wait for their partner to notice their needs, to remember what makes him happy or what he dreams about. In addition Libra waits for his parter to make surprises based on these notification, bringing these dreams into his life. Kindness and noticing is really important for a Libra. It’s would be sufficient if this one dream could get fulfilled and his partner to have a part in it. Sharing and getting something from his partner unconditionally is important. When it exists in a relationship then Libra will reciprocate and with the right kind of life, Libra will double that.

2. There can never be too many compliments

Libra always looks for love who can’t be over loved making compliments for him could be like an endless love sharing. Libras like beautiful words, they make him melt, and the more his partner says these to him, the happier he will become. Libras need a constant lift up with compliments and in reality it helps to solve any kind of conflicts that could appear in a relationship and what will come up as life is life. Therefore, my recommendation for you, when you’re in a relationship with a Libra is that when you see that he is not in the best mood, he is not who he is at his best, then pour him over with compliments and bring his most beautiful sides forward. He will melt right away, everything will immediately be alright!

3. Let him be who he is

By nature Libra is a social being, even when they have shyness in them and even when they are not ot most confident Libra, then the need for social life will definitely be in him. Libra will need to give his emotions also outside from the relationship, he needs to exchange his life experiences, ideas, thoughts and inspiration with others. But this will mean that when you’re in a relationship with a Libra then he may need closeness with other people in addition to yours. Let it be his sister or brother, co-worker or someone he recently met. Libra likes the sense of belonging and his partner should not rob him of it. My recommendation to his parter is, that let him be with the people who he today wants to communicate and share himself with. This by far does not mean he doesn’t want to be with you, he simply has to share his energies in order to be happy. Their ideal partner is someone who himself sometimes wants to be away and not to constantly be together.

4. He can be distant and romantic at the same time

Every Libra men and women are somewhat robust by nature. Sometimes the inability to not show their feelings completely will come out that their partner will notice and decipher as a negative behaviour towards her. Libra is not doing so knowingly, simply the other understands it like this. They don’t always have the ability to completely express their feelings, but when he wants to do so then he can become really romantic and surprise with his romantic outbursts. I have an advice to his partner – when he sometimes feels cold and distant, then he is probably analysing and solving something important to him, this is pulling him under his shell. If so, then instead of your own outburst of emotions rather discover what he is working on, help him and after that he will answer you with romanticism.

5. His decision making and search for the right-wrong is not his weakness

What is certain is the fact that Libra partner needs to understand that his indecisiveness is not his weakness. They are very good at making decisions when they find the right thing at the right time. It simply may take some time, sometimes months, years, sometimes days, but that’s not important. For they partners I recommend to not take this as a weakness. The reason why Libra considers things this way, is that he simply wants to make the right decision. It may seem like a weakness, as Libra constantly talks about his thoughts. He does this and that, and then starts again from the beginning, it simply is a part of his decision making process. Therefore, when you’re in a relationship with a Libra, then let him talk about different things, the decision will anyway be made by himself. I recommend you to shut it out, so that it won’t disturb you.

6. A good relationship with a Libra includes a very good feeling sharing

By being in a relationship with a Libra you can very easily breaks them and break your trust and connection. You can do all of this by, for example, not sharing your emotions, feelings and opinions with him. It’s really important for Libras to hear about your opinion directly from you, to hear about what you really think about things, what you’re afraid of, what you believe in, what’s your passion, where you want to reach in life, how important he is in your life, etc. Libra wants his partner to share information, and when you as his partner can constantly share what is happening in your life then there is going to be a lot less panic from his side. Libra will start to panic when he doesn’t know what is happening and how things really are. Libra is not a clairvoyant who reads minds. He needs proof about his partners feelings. So be nice and share more than you’re used to sharing, when you wish to keep Libras love.

7. Sometimes a boom of laziness will appear that needs an intervention

When you’re born under the Libra zodiac sign, then it also has its own negative qualities. A proper Libra will from time to time fall in the grips of laziness, doesn’t feel like doing anything or committing to anything. This will appear intermittently. In some days he is so pumped up, full of a motivation that could make him move mountains. But, at the same time there are these waves of laziness and when his partner won’t intervene then a deeper comfort zone could come out of it. Libra needs stirring up when he can’t move by himself and has placed himself to his nest for a beauty sleep. Their partner even has an astrological right to bring Libra out from that nest and direct into actions so that they wouldn’t fall victim of their own negative effects.

8. Choose your words carefully

They can’t stand criticism at all, and when a Libra should start to argue here, then yes, the shield you created helps you to put up with the criticism by others but later, at home you will remove the shield and in reality you really can’t stand the criticism and everything will come back to your mind. For Libras, criticism could easily not exists, it would make life into such a beautiful thing. I have a really big piece of advice to the partner of a Libra – when you wish to bring out his negative traits to change them somehow, then paying attention to these traits is an art itself, when you wish to survive after that. When you bring his negative traits out subtly, with caution, balanced, quietly, with love and kindness, then he will change himself. He can’t stand directly saying things, when he loves you - it simply hurts him so much.

9. Be brave and ask for his help

For example, it’s really important for Libras that you ask for his advice, wish to hear his opinion and give him the chance to help you. When a Libra in a relationships feels like you need his helps, then this will melt and attract him. He will be right away ready to help you, as you are his biggest hero, and all heroes have a sidekick, to make the world a better place.

10. Respect or simply leave

Respecting each other in a relationship is highly important for a Libra, and when there is no respect then there can be no romantic moves from his side, let it be physical or mental. Libra will not give out his love to a person who doesn’t respect him and he can become really bilious, when he senses this. When you can respect your Libra partner, marvel him in front of other people and to keep your problems only private, then this is what respect for him is. When you offer him this, then he’ll respect you just the same. He won’t hurt you in the eyes of others and will hold your reputation at any cause. You’re still part of him, you’re reputation is his reputation.

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Love your Libra partner, know how to communicate and handle him and you’re relationships can’t be anything less than wonderful!