All people are born with certain numerical indicators. Our own birthday has different numbers that carry on to our soul and Aura with certain strength. Behind these numbers is a great deal of knowledge about your own soul. Your date of birth shows you what you are and what special energy you carry with you.

The first number of your birth date, the day you were born, carries certain energy that affects your nature. It is no coincidence when a child is born into this world. In the same way, it is no coincidence on what day in a month you were born. Your birth date indicates what energy is in your Aura body.

The date of birth affects a person's zodiac. This generally enhances certain peculiarities of the zodiac or enhances some of the specific energies that are in excess. This is also the reason why sometimes a representative of a zodiac sign doesn´t feel like other members of the same sign. Numerology affects astrology and vice versa. While reading your own indicators, you have to summarize all of these and understand that one affects the other.

The influence of the date of birth on a person's life path and character gives a part of the whole that is his soul. To completely understand who, for example, you are then you have to add up all your astrological and numerological indicators and from that, you’ll get the real answer. When there are overlaps among the astrological and numerological characteristics, then these will strongly come forward in you. But when there are a lot of different character traits, then you’re more balanced, etc.


If you were born on the 16th day, its numerological power will send you throughout your life. It gives you more character traits and adds value to your other numerological and astrological indicators.

When you’re born on that day, then deep down you’re very sensitive and, in your opinion, emotional wounds could be completely lost from people’s lives. You don’t like to get hurt and, knowingly, you don’t want to inflict harm to others. The most needed values in life for you are inner peace and balance. But that’s life when sometimes you have to feel pain, this will take you forward on one or another level and you simply have to learn to live with it and to let it go from within.

You’re a person who likes to share, help and give. One of the things that makes you happy is when you can do good to someone and see how your goodness has helped. When you’re born on that date, then share love and help with everyone you wish to share it with because it makes you into a better person.

You have everything to sense other people’s emotions, needs, weaknesses and strengths. You can read emotions and that same ability is something you need to use while helping other people. When you can read them, then know how to direct them to the right path, don’t waste your abilities!

People born on the 16th have a very interesting, deep and rich mind. When this number is the first number of your date of birth, that is you’re born on that day, then it has had a very strong influence on you that takes you to the depths of your own thoughts. You’re a traveller in your own soul, you often get lost in there, again and again, you discover something interesting through analysing and sensing the world, then you’ll return and are back to the same planet as others. 16th has given you the right amount of fantasy and the ability to create visions and to imagine whatever you want to envisage. That same quality helps you to get along in life, it gives you the chance to create new steps in your own head for your future, you can imagine them and see, whether you’d fit in one or another context.

Having your head in the clouds could be a problem for people born on the 16th who, according to their other astrological and numerological indicators, are dreamers. In that case, they constantly need to deal with bringing themselves back down to Earth. That’s why Black Tourmaline is a lucky crystal for people born on the 16th. Black Tourmaline helps to ground and correct energies. The crystal helps to focus on what’s important and helps to be in the moment. Black Tourmaline helps to understand which dream, wish or ambitions is the one you need to make an effort towards, that is what would be beneficial.

Your mind is your strongest and weakest side at the same time. By knowing how to use the analysing and very good focusing ability for your own well-being or for self-fulfilment is the greatest win you can experience in your own life. Find a connection with yourself and balance! When you find yourself a profession, a hobby or some other goal you can commit to, continue that road purposefully, the success will follow. You need to use your own intelligence, evolve yourself in that field and engage in activities that would educate you. Then you’ll be happy. When you’re not using your strongest side, then it will make you weak. When you don’t have a bigger goal, then you may start over-thinking, over-react, fantasy world will start to generate something quite unnecessary and harmful. I’m telling you this so that you could understand why you are the way you are and how you can handle yourself. When you know how to notice your own strengths and weaknesses, then it’s already half the win. Your lucky crystal Black Tourmaline helps you to find the right activity, profession or the right way for personal development from your own life that would let you live a happy life!

Taking together this analytical, rich in fantasy and the deep inner world I have a very big favour to ask from everyone born on the 16th - find your own thing and commit to it!

Active mind and fantasy world come from the very active Third Eye, which, in turn, gives you the chance to be very intuitive already by your nature. The numerological effect from the 16th gives you heightened intuition and interest for spiritual things and growth.

Active Third Eye means that intuition given with the 16th date is always right and true. For the heightened fantasy world wrong visions, not accurate energy sensing and decisions with bad consequences could come through you. Your lucky crystal Black Tourmaline helps to protect you from that, by allowing only real and right intuitive signs, visions and senses to remain in you. When this is something you want to achieve, then keep Black Tourmaline in your life, close to you, at home and in the birth crystal set for a long period of time.

The more actively you think, the more you need to protect your mind from these thoughts entering your mind, thoughts that confuse you and make you feel bad. Black Tourmaline helps to block negative thoughts that are characteristic of a person born on the 16th. When it’s your birth date, then you may have moments where you’re overly critical or negative. In that case, you need to bring yourself out of a situation like this. Try to think positive, release the negative and critical attitude. Give yourself and others more room to make mistakes or try to understand better. You have a very good ability to analyse, use this skill in moments like this, try to find something good in every bad.

Do a lot of good in your life, that way your own soul will grow and this will give you the chance to move forward spiritually. Find the right fulfilment, stay on creating it, designing it and keep your eyes on the goal. You have a formula for happiness!

The first number of your birth date talks quite a bit about you, numerology is given to you for understanding yourself more!

To understand yourself completely, you need to look at all your astrological and numerological indicators together and analyse them. The guide on how to do this can be found HERE.