This is a magic ritual, you can use to activate the energy of attracting financial fortune. Magic that will help to attract a lot of good energy you can benefit from financially. This magical ritual will need money crystals that will help you to open up that energy in your life. The magic ritual of attracting financial fortune can be done by anyone who wishes to bring more material wealth and prosperity into his life. 

The purpose of this magic is to open the channel of prosperity in your life that is specifically linked with bringing money into your life. When you have done similar magic rituals before, then this only improves the others. 

The magic is done at the South-East or East Quarter of the home. When you already have prosperity crystals or different objects that bring you prosperity already from before, then the better. Magic is later left in that Quarter (the prosperity channel of every household is situated in that quarter). 

You don’t have to follow certain Moon phases for doing that ritual, but it’s always better when the wishes are launched when the cosmic powers are related to prosperity and wealth. 

Launching and activating this magic is simple, as the object in this ritual already symbolises wealth, prosperity, money and richness. Elements are set in place, all you now need is execution! 


1. Dragon Bloodstone

2. Moss Agate

3. Green Quartz

4. Golden base, plate, box or a glass

5. At least one banknote, as large as possible

6. Pine ritual- & magic candle

7. Matches 

# Magic ritual can not be changed, you need to follow direction when doing it and you cannot change the components of the magic on your own. Crystals used need to be new and tumbled. 

# Three crystals in this magic help to attract financial luck into your life and money in this magic ritual give the crystals a very specific order of bringing in money. Golden base symbolises wealth and is helpful for the effect of the magic ritual. Pine candle symbolises wealth and this, in turn, will help the magical message to be anchored to the crystals and money. 

Launch the magic and activate it... 

* Find a suitable place where you wish to do the ritual, taking account of the fact that the magic is left in the spot for many weeks and later on the quarter you do the magical ritual. When you’ve found a place then put the base you chose for the ritual there. 

* Take the pine candle and place it on the heat resisting (candle holder) thing to stand on its own. 

* Take out the chosen golden base for the magic and place it near the candle. 

* Now, take the banknote and fold it together as shown in the photo. Place the three crystals for the magic ritual on the banknote. It’s very important to place the crystals on the paper banknote, it needs to be done in the right order. First, take Dragon Bloodstone, then Moss Agate and, lastly, Green Quartz. 

* When the crystals are placed on the banknote and golden base, then, now, place your hands above the crystals (not on them), close your eyes and say the following magical words in your thoughts or, say them out loud: "Let money come into my life!". 

*When the words have been said, take the matches and light the Pine candle while saying the magical words three times in a row: "Let money come into my life!". 

* Now the magic is set in place, activated and it will slowly start to send its energy to the right direction. 

* Allow the candle to burn on the first day for as long as you can. Keep burning it on the following day, again, for as long as possible. Every time you light it again say the incantation spell three times: "Let money come into my life!". Burn the candle for as many days until there is only a few cm left of the candle .

* When the candle has finished burning, then you need to remove it from the magic and then the magic ritual is fully ready to serve you. After that, the magic will start to make correction in your life and attract financial luck into your life. 

* Now you can add the magic crystals to a money box, when you have one. If not, then they need to stay together. I don’t recommend taking money out from the magic, let it be there for as long as possible. When you need to remove the banknote, then replace it as quickly as possible for the money energy to keep existing with these crystals. In that case, the crystals know exactly what they need to bring you, that is, in which form the prosperity should come to you. 

Magic is a spiritual process that helps you to achieve what the magical ritual is meant for. Will fulfil by taking account of the pursuit of the person and his ability to do the ritual. But when Karma or Fate won’t allow the magic to work, then it cannot work. But this is something you can’t possibly know and when you do the ritual, then you’ll see the result later on when all of this can exist in you life. 

You can find all of my magic and rituals from HERE. When you feel like you need some help for certain types of fortunes then I recommend launching magical rituals. 

Have a wonderful time doing the magical ritual!