Essential oils have always bewitched me, their healing qualities are very versatile and using them for improving your own well-being is spiritually very interesting. Every essential oil has its own healing properties that affect our physical and spiritual body. Introducing essential oils and getting to know them makes your life a lot healthier. When you haven’t yet reached essential oils, then I recommend starting with, for example, Rosemary oil.


When I talk about Rosemary oil, then I mean the 100% essential oil. What I know is all about this type of essential oil. For introducing oils for improving your own health you’ll need to find an oil that’s pure and ethereal. Therefore be very careful buying your essential oils and examine the ingredients.




The easiest thing is to use rosemary oil in an oil lamp. Add to the base on the oil lamp water, let it heat up and then, add 6-10 drops of the oil to the water. By doing this you’ll breathe Rosemary oil in and it has a healing effect.


Second possibility is to apply the oil on your body, but you need to be careful with it, like with all the other essential oils. I recommend mixing 1-2 drops of essential oils together with coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or with some other oil you could apply to your body. You should definitely follow how your body reacts and whether it even suits you.


Third possibility is to drop Rosemary oil to your bedsheets so you could inhale it during the night and Rosemary could heal you at night.




1. Respiratory system


Rosemary oil helps to heal the respiratory system, helping to recover from colds faster and to keep them away. When you wish to be healthy, then burn rosemary oil in the oil lamp, so you could inhale its healing properties.


2. Asthma and dust allergy


When you suffer from asthma and dust allergy, then it’s very useful to use Rosemary oil. Rosemary oil has antiseptic qualities, it helps to purify air and reduce allergic reactions. Burn Rosemary oil in an oil lamp to minimize reactions and to heal yourself.


3. Hair growth and a clean head


Rosemary oil helps hair to grow quicker and better. When you have problems with hair growth, hair is falling off, scalp is greasy or overly covered with dandruff and you wish to find a solution for it, then introducing Rosemary oil could be the solution for all your problems. Washing your hair, drop 1-2 drops of Rosemary oil to your shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly. Avoid getting shampoo and oil in your eyes, this must not happen. When it happens, wash your eyes properly. Essential oils should never get into your eyes. Use Rosemary oil on your hair for as long as the problems is still present.


4. Acne


This essential oil has the ability to fight with acne and to get rid of it. For that use another oil, add 1-2 drops of Rosemary oil into it and apply it to problematic areas. It should not be done very often, ca once a week is enough as it helps with getting rid of acne already then. Rosemary oil has antiseptic qualities and gives a proper counter blow to bacteria causing acne.


5. Skin diseases


In addition to acne, that’s also a skin disease, Rosemary oil can give healing also to other skin diseases. For example, when you body has different allergic reaction on other parts of your body besides the face, skin is flaking and is not pretty, then Rosemary oil should be used. Mix Rosemary oil with another oil (not with another essential oil) and massage these oils to the damaged places.


6. Strong immune system


Rosemary strengthens immune system, helping you to be strong and more resilient to different viruses and pathogens. Using Rosemary oil helps the body to be more resilient.


7. Thinking


Rosemary oil stimulates thinking when you inhale its vapour or apply 1-2 drops on your forehead. When you wish for your thoughts to fly so you could analyse and focus, then massage a few drops of oil on your forehead. After a while you’ll start to feel how your brain activity improves.


8. Anti depressant


Rosemary oil acts like an antidepressant. Rosemary oil has the ability to ground stress and is useful in times you’re nervous, weak, without any energy and negative. For taking down your own negativity you need to do something for it . Start using Rosemary oil and let it heal you, it work’s as an antidepressant.


9. Calming effect


Rosemary can heal depression and stress and it can also calm you. Inhaling Rosemary oil from the vapour from the aroma lamp or directly from the bottle helps the body to calm down. When you feel like you’re nervous, tense or need to relax right away, then Rosemary oil will help you. Some other time, you’re not feeling that great and wish to relieve some tensions, then let Rosemary oil to ground your tensions. It’s particularly beneficial to use it right before going to bed. When you wish to experience good sleep, then put some drops inside your pillow case.


10. Painkiller


Rosemary oil can kill pain and for it to work you need to apply it to your body with some other oil (that’s not an essential oil). I recommend putting Rosemary oil together with another oil I mentioned above. Massage the oils on the places that hurt and when the pain is very strong then add some more Rosemary oil to the others.




Rosemary oil not only helps you to be healthy, but it also helps your crystals and home. When you burn Rosemary oil in a lamp then the crystals in the room and the atmosphere of the room will be cleansed. Rosemary oil helps to release stress energy. When crystals have gathered a lot of negative energy inside of them from helping you, then Rosemary oil helps to release it. When there is an overly nervous environment at home, then it helps to let go of it. Burning Rosemary oil a lot helps with your well-being.


I have previously written an article about Rosemary as a powerful plant: "The power of Rosemary and it’s beneficial qualities", that you can find from HERE.


Be healthy and use the healers created by nature for keeping yourself healthy. Learn to know nature and practice what I teach!