Pumpkin is a very beautiful looking plant that creates a fall mood and has a very important spot on Estonian food table. However, there could be even more pumpkin in the diet as it has such a valuable power that can feed our body and soul. Pumpkins are ready to be harvested in fall and, although there are very many different varieties, they all have almost the same energy and abundance of vitamins. I’m sharing my own knowledge to you about this magical plant and, of course, inspiration that could help you to use pumpkin even more.

Pumpkins are thought to have originated in North-America, where traces of pumpkin plant was found in Mexico dating between 7000 and 5500 BC. The word pumpkin originates from the word “pepon” which is Greek for “large melon”. Pumpkin has always been one of the sources of vitality and, in times of hunger, given vitamins and nutrients that made surviving possible. Indeed, pumpkin has a number of vitamins and nutrients people need for staying alive. Let’s say it like this, nature has given us everything to get by, even when surviving is a difficult task.

Pumpkin is almost 90% water which makes it into a very good plant to be used to control weight to use in your diet. As it’s a plant with very low calorie count, then it’s very useful to keep it in your diet as it helps to be healthy and, at the same time, maintain your weight. Eating pumpkin without excessive hard to digest fats even helps to burn fat and lose weight. Why? Pumpkin has a lot of fibre that has the ability to release excess weight. The more fibre rich foods in your diet the faster your metabolism. The rest 10% of pumpkin is one big vitamin bomb.

1. A wonderful source of vitamin A and beta carotene

Pumpkin has a lot of beta carotene which transforms into vitamin A in your body. Why to we need this all and why it’s so important? Vitamin A is something that helps your body to fight off different illnesses, therefore, to summarize this all very shortly and clearly why our bodies truly need it. When our bodies have too little vitamin A then we will become more responsive to illnesses and our health can’t stay good for that long.

Beta carotene in pumpkins could have a hindering effect on cancer sells and could fight with them. Beta carotene won’t let free radicals exist in your body and gives a serious counterstrike to the growth of free radicals. This, in turn, could mean that consuming beta carotene helps to fight cancer.

2. A serious vitamin C blast

Eating pumpkin gives vitamin C to the whole body that helps the production of white blood cells in your body. This in turn is very important for the whole body as it makes your wounds heal quicker.

3. Pumpkin has a lot of antioxidants

The large amount of antioxidants in a pumpkin gives people the possibility to keep a distance from chronic illnesses. The more antioxidants your body gets through food and drink the stronger it is. Chronic illnesses will hit people who don’t have enough fighters in their body, like antioxidants are. Nature has given us everything to be healthy. Pumpkins will become ready to be harvested in falls when every person needs something extra to improve their health to be well in the winter time.

Antioxidants in pumpkins help to decrease stress inside the body that knowingly creates free radicals and these in turn are the sources of cancer cells.

4. Lutein helps eye sight and helps to maintain their health

As the time goes on, the bigger are the problems related to eye sight becoming. There are problems with eye sight, hyper sensitivity, allergic reaction and other illnesses. Pumpkin contains lutein which benefits eyesight and is very important for healthy eyes. When you eat pumpkin regularly in this season then you’ll supplement the lutein in your body. This in turn will give more power to your eyes to be strong and healthy. Be sure to add pumpkin to your diet when you feel like your eyesight is becoming worse. Eat pumpkin and see clearly!

5. Beautiful and glowing skin. Who wouldn’t want to look beautiful?

I have already mentioned that we can get a serious amount of beta carotene for our body from this plant which our body itself turns into vitamin A. Beta carotene not only benefits the strength of our immunity, it’s also very good for our skin.

Beta carotene helps our skin to look beautiful, glowing and pretty. By constantly eating plants that are high on beta carotene we can keep our looks beautiful. Eating pumpkin helps our skin to look fresh and vital. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and youthful? I believe that secretly everyone wants this and when you want, then knowingly eat plants with beta carotene in them. Add pumpkin into your diet for that.

6. Cholesterol from negative to positive

Pumpkin has a lot of antioxidants and when you eat it then it helps the bad cholesterol in your body to transform healthy. There are two types of cholesterol, one that destroys your heart and the cardiovascular system, ant the other one that won’t hurt you. Antioxidants won’t allow bad cholesterol to be synthesised and that’s why pumpkin makes cholesterol from negative to positive. But, when you want to keep your body from harmful cholesterol then I recommend to leave all the animal milk and foods with milk protein out from your diet. The fact that you’re not eating cheese does not mean you’re not consuming milk protein. When you look around the shelves in shops, read the labelling, then trust me, you’d be surprised how many ready-meals have milk protein in them. Harmful cholesterol in body causes heart diseases that unfortunately is a very big problem among Europeans. Keep your heart healthy and eat well!

In addition pumpkin being one serious medicine for the body and soul, it’s also very delicious when you know how to use it in your cooking. You can make delicious pasta dishes, soups, sauces, pies, hummus or simply eat it as a salad or baked in the oven. My undoubtedly most favourite way to use pumpkin is making it into pasta sauce for pasta dishes. As a vegan I do not use any kind of animal milk or cheese for making pasta sauces, pumpkin with its texture and flavour can replace it al and gives extra value to a good dish. It also works wonderfully together with tomatoes.


Every plant is related to at least one of our Chakras in our Aura field, it has the ability to heal that specific Chakra. Sometimes a plant could have the ability to share its healing spiritual energy do many different Chakras. I like to use the power of plants on both physical and spiritual level and that’s why I share you my knowledge about what you could get from plants for spiritual healing in addition to healing the physical body.

Sacral Chakra is the main Chakra pumpkin can heal. This is your second Chakra. Besides that, it also works with the Heart Chakra which is the fourth Chakra in your Aura field.

Pumpkin helps to heal the fertility energy through the Sacral Chakra by helping to get rid of and heal different fertility related problems. Eating pumpkin or using it in different spiritual processes helps to increase fertility.

To the Heart Chakra pumpkin gives physical healing, helps to get rid of “unnatural” and “unexplainable” chest pains that a weak or broken Heart Chakra could cause from time to time. When the Heart Chakra has become weak, then it could affect a person in different ways. But, when you go check on the heart to the doctor, then they may not find anything that could cause the pain. This way a person with a weakened Heart Chakra could suffer from pains without explanation. In that case, in addition to eating pumpkin, I recommend to start using Heart Chakra crystals Emerald and Fuchsite, that will help the damaged Heart Chakra to heal. In that case these two crystals should definitely be worn as a piece of jewellery.


Pumpkin is not only useful for you physical and mental body, it’s also a very good plant with a versatile spiritual power. This spiritual power could be used in magical rituals, magics and different magical activities. I’m giving you a few example on how you could use pumpkin in a magical way. Maybe this is the power you need from the pumpkin.

Pumpkin brings earthy inspiration

Place a pumpkin on your work desk and when you’re a creative or arty person then into the room you create something. Pumpkin helps creativity to blossom and brings earthy inspiration and therefore suits very well to people who like to use nature for creating art.

Take pumpkins to the forest to honour Earth goddess Gaia

Take pumpkins to the woods so they could decay there or be the food for animals. With this you’ll show your respect to Earth Goddess Gaia. When we show respect to nature then it heals our Heart Chakra and gives us a lot of good luck. Making gifts to the nature feeds our Karma in a positive sense.

Increasing fertility and getting pregnant

You can increase fertility and accelerate the healing of it with pumpkin seeds. For that, burn or roast a handful of pumpkin seeds and place them in the same bag with fertility crystals or in a crystal box. Pumpkin seeds will helps to accelerate the effect of fertility crystals. For example, when a women wishes to get pregnant, then she could create a crystal set into a red bag from Red Jasper, Unakite, Mookaite, Red Aventurine and Moonstone where you also need to add a handful of pumpkin seeds. This crystal set needs to be carried with or kept under the bed by the woman until she has gotten pregnant. When she has become pregnant or the pregnancy is further than 12 weeks, then these crystals could be taken to nature to show gratitude and leave also the pumpkin seeds that brought fertility to these crystals.

Only new, previously unused crystals are used in rituals, so the crystal rituals could work properly.

Pumpkins are held high in celebrating Halloween, that is the ancient Celtic traditional festivity Samhain. Lanterns are made from them and pumpkin dishes are eaten during Halloween. You can read more about Halloween traditions from HERE.

Be healthy and use knowingly everything our own planet Earth has given us to live here for keeping our health and for our well-being!