Everyone knows the word "ego" and have used this word about themselves or someone else in one time or another. But do you really know what the word “ego” means, what it carries with itself and what it actually refers to? I am now more than certain that the word needs some explaining to a lot of people, taking into account the fact that through times I have had to solve people’s inner problems that arise from said “ego”. I’m helping to take you into a state where you can understand the real meaning of the word, which in turn helps you to change yourself and walk to the spiritual path.

The word "ego" derives from Latin which means "I", this already helps to make a step closer to the mystery of the word and its meaning.

Ego can and almost does exists in every single person. Ego is one type of energy that grows through your own thoughts and actions. Ego can be released from the body and soul, it can be blown up so it suffocates the soul. Ego is not the same things as a soul, but ego exists in the same channel where soul does in your body. Ego and soul share exactly the same door in us, the one that peaks through more is lead by you.

We can always choose whether we are the hostesses of our soul or hostages of our ego.

The door of ego and soul is situated directly under our chest, between the Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. There is the door that launches the real and sincere soul or your ego that is the opposite of soul, which is illusionary and insincere. I wonder why? Trust me, it gets even more interesting.

Coming back to ego you’ll probably get the question how your ego and soul can be separate entities? Aren’t they one and the same thing, just seen from different perspectives? No. They are opposites. Ego symbolises the “I-personality”, someone you have created, who changes and transforms according to the environment, perception and according to the artificial will, wishes, thoughts and need. Ego arises or grows when the soul has become lost. But what is soul? Soul is the sincere, real, natural, clear and complete form of yourself. Soul is who you truly are and how you should be in every step of the way. Ego is the cancer of the spirit and soul is like an earthly version of an Angel.

Now, by knowing all of this, your eyes should already open up a little, when you have been thinking along with everything. When yes, then the sense of spiritual awakening should come to you, something that may bring along some uneasiness, some confusion, a little nervousness and a lot of questions. If so, then I reached to the right part in your soul and you’re starting to acquire this information.

Coming again back to ego. When a person is born, that is when a soul is reborn in the form of a human, then he is born with a soul. A soul mounts to the body exactly where I told the door to the soul is placed. Growing up, learning to sense life in this new body, environment and among different effects, the human soul could lose its path. Lose it when everything that surrounds him inspires him to create two personalities in one person, something that grows to become ego, the so-called cancer. Ego is an imaginary personality, that takes itself the right to start to label everything without concentrating, create without focusing and think without going deeper. Ego grows through learning wrong values, like through the belief that "I’m always right", "I’m being hurt", "I need this", "I want this and no is not the answer", "I have the right to love", "I want luxury", "I need help" and I can keep writing these things. Ego is an artificial personality created inside a real person and that’s why the soul shares the same door with ego.

Why ego can arise? Every thing, emotion and situation has a reason for existing. Ego can arise in a person when the soul has taken a human body as his home in life. A soul has borrowed himself a human body in the moment it exists, through what the soul can achieve what it came to do here. But body is a physical object that in turn has a lot of limitations and these are something that can hold on to negative and positive energies that come to the soul’s path. Therefore, when a person can’t react to negative energy at the right time, filtrate it and use it properly, then it will become attached to the soul’s home, that is to the body. Ego gets its start from wrong energies getting stuck that will create the illusionary form from our personality. Simple, isn’t it? But it’s difficult to think about it on your own. Why? Everyone has a goal in this life, the purpose of my soul is to enlighten and that’s why you should never feel bad when you haven’t reached that knowledge yet, but now you have.

Ego is invisible, as is our soul. Ego has no limitations, this means that it can grow, suffocate or conquer any kind of positive energies that can bury your soul. Ego is something that could set our soul into place where it has no voice in your minds and this situation could mislead every person. In today’s society, in this life where we all exist in this very moment, is the high point of ego, the culmination – this period could last for a long time, but it will be demolished and will do so in the future even more. The time of ego means that most of humanity lives under their own ego, that’s why a lot of people, for example, around you have a very ugly behaviour patterns or, in general, don’t think about the consequences of their actions. It’s time to wake up, it’s time for the spirit to wake up and release your ego one layer at the time from his throne. I’m helping you to do it, I’m sending enlightenment to your soul and together we’re helping the real soul to be.

Ego believes that "I’m better than others", ego often feels like "I have the right to do things without consequences" and ego for sure knows that “he’s right”. But the reality is that when the soul has the power to say anything and ego has not, then the person knows that “I’m this way in this moment in energies that surround us”, knows also that “all my actions have consequences and I’m the one who takes responsibility” and of course that fate and karma know exactly what is most needed".

Ego labels people in the black-white way, soul understand people in a very wide picture. Ego labelling works, for example, in calling a person good or bad or when someone is called beautiful/ugly or, rather, greedy/kind. When a soul in a person sits on two thrones, then it looks every person as a whole, doesn’t label things specifically to be one or another. Soul knows that every person has a lot of different energies and tries to understand why one or another energy was launched in you. Ego is a labeller and narrow minded, soul knows that a lot of energies exist at the same time in the human and is open-minded.

Your mind is where ego and soul speak with you. You can sense through your own thoughts whether your ego and soul are talking to you. The thoughts swirling in your head and effecting you, will reveal what’s inside the door between your Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. Listen to your own thoughts, ask yourself, which one rules over you?

The longer you allow ego to grow in you (picture it as a cancer in you that grows, grows and simply suffocates you), the bigger the problems with personality grow. Ego will start to scream in your head and destroy you when it’s grown overly big. How to understand this? When ego has grown, then constant angering could affect you, when someone is not subject to your assumptions, then rage, paranoid thoughts will come to haunt you. You think and presume that someone harasses you, someone one way or another thinks about you and does so in very dark tones. You feel like someone has taken you over, someone wants you to do wrong. When you’re not feeling it, then there is constant stress, nervousness, discontent, you’re easily irritable, you’re afraid of something, how you can’t understand what you’re really afraid of could be with you. When ego is grown up, then eventually it will eat your mind and coming out of it is gradually identifying it and healing yourself that could take a very long time. In addition to the fact that growing ego up could bring out places in you where you could start act like your improving yourself in the eyes of others, you feel like you’re not in a good enough environment and you’re not meeting the standard and because of that you’re starting to become part of the mass. Ego will cause quite a rebellion in you, it’s like a civil war that can only end with a peace.

How to recognize whether it’s your ego or soul that’s leading you when paranoid ideas haven’t come to you? See yourself from the side in certain situations that, for example, are related to other people. When you’re witnessing a situation or hear about someone’s sad fate, then this is the place where it’s very important you find the existence of your ego or soul. How you’re acting towards the person who is treated with injustice? To you take action or not, are you apathetic or are you going to offer help? Soul is helpful, ego is apathetic. When you witness poverty to you sympathize, help or learn or walk by? Soul feels sorry, ego will walk away with his head high. When you witness an animal being kept for pleasing a persons need, for example farming for meat, then do you accept this or feel sadness for its living conditions, although none of us have the need to take someone's life for surviving. Ego accepts and soul feels deep sadness. Do you base you opinion of other people on the opinions of third parties or do you try to commit yourself to that? Ego believes everything it hears, soul makes his own decisions. These are only some of the examples that can be brought up here, but I believe that this again gives you a bigger picture about what’s the difference between ego and soul. Analyse yourself, admit when ego has find its place besides your soul and work towards freeing it.

By reading all of this you’ll get the understanding that ego is bad. No, it’s not, this is just energy full of illusions that will mislead a person. Ego labels bad and good, when you started to do it, then ego again spoke to you. Ego simply is ego, it misleads and it seems to you as something bad as it creates discomfort to you.

But how is ego an illusion but nothing bad? Ego is changeable, that’s why it’s called an illusion. Ego in you, when it exists, changes itself in there in accordance with the environment, people around it or effects that currently exist in the path. I’m giving you an example, when you allow wrong visions from someone else’s ego into your mind, believe something that really is not existing, then your ego is changing its course. Your ego creates a new illusion into your thoughts. Or, when every person around you have recently been focusing themselves on the material world, concentrating only on getting money, focusing on the need of money and there is too much emphasis on the material way of thinking, your ego could get inspiration from it. Ego creates an illusion into you and misleads you as well, that is creates your thoughts about how important it is do have a lot of money. That’s why ego is an illusion, it’s a copy about what kind of misleads you allow to be created into you. When soul exceeds ego, then you wouldn’t be affected by other people’s choices.

Ego as a possible energy in you needs to be understood, and that’s why I have written down enlightened thoughts about ego. Understanding what it is, trying to take up the journey to reduce it in you, it opens the soul the opportunity to exists. When soul rules over the body and minds, then you will go where you’re meant to go. Ego will not take you to anywhere, only soul takes you forward. When soul is ruling on the throne of the body, that’s when you’ll start to live and fulfil your purpose in this life.

Why there is so much pain, discomfort, bad deeds, ill-considered moves, foolish words, braking relationships and everything else around people? Because the egos of other people are doing it all. Whose ego is in a silenced state or who haven’t got it that much, they simply today have to live among people like this, who break anything that’s beautiful. People under the leadership of ego themselves feel that, whether from other ego-people or soul-people deeds will transform painful for them through illusions. But the reality is that ego-person only sees bad in everyone else, in the environment, everywhere where there are things that don’t fit into his perspective, and soul-people are the ones who understand why one or another thing has happened in life, they will learn from it and move on.

Ego is something that can break your relationships and burn bridges in your life. When a soul could speak more in your head, then it wouldn’t allow illusions to brake something unnecessarily, soul chooses the path to end a relationship linked to letting go and moving on. Ego breaks relationships, soul releases himself from it.

Whimpering and whining are one of the best strategies for ego to grow

Therefore, when I first pointed out that ego is energy that could attach itself into a person, and, therefore, is a moving life form. What has energy, has also the ability to grow and decrease. Ego loves whimpering and whining, ego truly enjoys it. The more person does this, the better it is for the ego. Mouth is the best ally to ego when it’s big enough. In that case, a person will start to whine and whimper and this in turn will make ego to come forward You can find something to read from my article about whining. This can be found from HERE.

The more spiritual wisdom there is, the less ego there is. The less wisdom, the bigger is ego

The best place for ego to grow is in a person who doesn’t bother to learn and when I talk about learning then I don’t mean facts about life but from life. Who whenever bothers to learn, focus, look under the covers and to dive into the mysteries, then into that person ego can’t get its hands on easily. A person who doesn’t bother to take time to see life more deeply, prefers to walk around on the surface in every aspect of life, then this person is a potential incubator for ego. Therefore, focus, learn, look further than you can today, it will open your soul to the possibilities of existing.

Tiger’s Eye and Bronzite are the two crystals that can help us to face our egos. These two crystal help our soul to come forward and ego to subside. Wear and use these two crystals together, when you wish to decrease the size of ego and let soul in your body to open up. Tiger’s Eye and Bronzite help to release you from wrong behaviour, helping also to get rid of illusions ego has created.

But there is also a phase where ego and soul are in a great battle against each other, a situation where they have equal power. This will come up in a situation where at one moment you will hear soul in your mind, and on another ego, and you keep pendeling between these two voices.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions regarding all of this and even unsolved thoughts, but I’m going to help you solve them with my next articles. This is only a small introduction to the whole truth.

Cleanse yourself from ego, release yourself from illusions, restore the power of your soul and let it have a voice! When ego dies, the soul will be awaken!