Astrological year affects our character and shapes a part of our personality. The astrological year a person is born at gives some glues about who you or someone’s else is. Astrological year won’t begin on January 1 when the number of the year changes. It changes in a different time every year and it’s usually in January or February. There are 12 astrological years, like there are zodiac signs, which should be paid attention to when defining the character of a person in astrology.

The year of the pig is 12th in the astrological calender, that is, it is the last year and the new round will begin after that. People born in the pig year have certain similar character traits that will combine with everyone’s sign (or with zodiac cusp), birth day, Moon phase during the birth and many other indicators. Every person born in the year of the pig is naturally special and one of a kind, but there are certain joint traits that affect the whole personality of the person.

Person born in the year of the pig by his nature is very active, optimistic, kind and free.

Activeness, the need to do something, to be in a certain type of action, to use his spiritual or physical energy is what adds to the character of that person. The last one depends on which type of a person he is. When other astrological and numerological indicators support good analytical skills, then this person will certainly need more spiritual activity. You need to be in action and this is a fact.

A person born in the pig year is generally optimistic. When there happens to be less stress, then optimism exists in this person’s life independently. Glass is more half full than half empty. For him, it’s no problem to share. To share some kind of information he knows, to give his things to someone who needs them more. It’s also no problem to help with his advice and strength when it’s needed. Kindness comes from the year of the pig, but other character traits, of course, support this too.

His emotional and physical freedom is very important to him. Limitations afflict him and the wish to run away from restrictions starts to follow him in his mind. The more people by his side allow him to be who he is, the longer he sticks by them. Freedom needs to exist in every aspect of life – the freedom to be independent contractor, the freedom to move around when wished and the freedom to speak about what the soul wants to speak about.


is the main luck crystal for people born in the pig year. Every person born in the year of the pig should have this crystal in his home, as a piece of crystal or jewellery. Agate is a crystal that would be the perfect gift for a person born in the year of the pig, it will give him luck, joy, peace of mind, strong health, protects from misfortune and evil. In addition, it helps to strengthen his weak character traits and helps with creating an overall balance. The more Agate, the happier the spirit!

People born in the pig year are peaceful, have long term loyalty and frankness.

People born in this year are generally very peaceful. They tend to wait to have peace, balance and happiness in every relationship around them. They don’t like to be part of conflicts, but quite often life takes him there and then he simply won’t know how to behave in a situation like this and will lose his balance. He rather waits for someone not to bother him and not to pull him in the middle of chaotic emotions. A person born in the year of the pig has the ability to suppress what he sees like taboo, unpleasant or something he doesn’t agree with in others. He can keep interacting with a person he doesn’t agree with in everything. But, at the same time, a person born in the year of the pig, could be so frank that his words could cut through the mind. Frankness is such a natural part of him that it comes out of him so obviously that the other side wouldn't expect it from him never.

Loyalty is something that’s very important for him. To be loyal, have relationships that will last for a long time, to keep a person by his side for as long it’s necessary. A person born in the year of the pig tries to be loyal for as long as possible and he generally can do it in a lot of the relationships that are or have been in his life.

A person born in the year of the pig finds it very difficult to say “no” to people. When someone really wants something and needs it, then it’s difficult for the heart to say no.


LAVA is a very important crystal for them, as it’s their main protection crystal. Lava helps them to keep away from misfortune, harmful relationships, harmful decisions, health problems, stress and many other very uncomfortable things. Every person born in the year of the pig should have lava in his life, especially in times something difficult has appeared to his path.

People born in the year of the pig are sometimes too trusting, they could become vexatious and their own enemies.

Every astrological indicator has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and people born in the year of the pig won’t be different. Stressful period or difficult life period that comes along with the pig year has certain character traits. These things simply come forward from this optimistic and kind person in times like this. There are moments in life when this person is too trusting towards other people, allowing himself to be fooled, used, and there are moments when he can’t see the true face of a person. But this naivety gives him the chance to easily make connections that won’t always end up with a catastrophe, but there still are moments where he could end up in the hands of a devious person. Lava, protection crystal for people born in the year of the pig, helps to prevent these type of relationships, when fate and Karma will allow it.

People born in a year like this could become vexatious, nagging or bickering to other people or people close to him. When it’s done then it’s simply him expressing his stress. In that case, Agate, the lucky crystal for people born in the year of the pig, should be taken to the rescue, that would help to improve his weak character traits and to bring out everything good he can do, like being optimistic.

When he is stubborn then he could become his own enemy. This means that there are times in life when the person born in the year of the pig will take it into his head and set a goal to do something that could be harmful to him, being in a period where he isn’t listening to anyone else, won’t accept advice or opinion of others. Lava and Agate will help to prevent periods like this, or to come out of it as a winner.

People born in the year of the pig are very social.

Being connected to other people is very important for him. Solidarity is very important for him and also shared emotions, experiences, and adventures in life. This person enjoys when the energy of people move around him, to be surrounded by people who fill his life with joy, fun, humour and buzz. The more buzz, the better. Only people born in the year of the pig who could enjoy less this buzz, are the ones whose leading element is metal.


ROSE QUARTZ is very important for everyone born in the pig year, this crystal will bring them luck in love. No matter which pig year a person is born at, this crystal will support him with its love force, by bringing happiness, joy, balance, passion into the relationship, by providing unconditional love and improving relationships in every level. Every person born in the pig year should have this crystal in one form or another.

They could easily be the perfect partners and companions.

When, at one moment, he falls in love, then he won’t see anyone else around him but the one his passion is directed towards. A person born in the pig year could be the perfect partner, loyal and a fun companion when he somehow feels that the love is not one sided. Until the other side in the relationship shows his feelings and honest heart, the person born in the year of the pig is the perfect partner. In a romantic relationship he is very playful, passionate, fun and also expects all of this from his partner. When his partner can’t follow his fun-side, then the relationship will fade away by falling into a routine, and that’s where loyalty could also go away. Generally this person falls in love very quickly and easily, he is born with the ability to flirt without seeing it himself. That same ability gives him the possibility as a single person to conquer many hearts, but he finds attractive a person who makes his life humorous and fun.

Sensuality won’t be missed, romance and sensuality will go hand in hand, and when the pig has opened himself up to someone in a romantic level, then he won’t miss sensuality and romance.

They could be very good support for their partner. They have the natural ability to give good career advice, to notice the places that need to be fixed and how others could become successful. Therefore, when your partner is born in the year of the pig, then it’s him who could be your personal assistant, who could do very good risk analysis's about you. To conclude – his is a potential stable partner.


BLOODSTONE is the prosperity and wealth crystal for people born in the year of the pig. Crystal that carries the power that favours financial luck within. By wearing this crystal with you or keeping it in your home it will help to attract really good financial opportunities. Bloodstone increases the energy of wealth, bringing a good chance to earn good money, to improve their financial stand and good thoughts about how to live their life in a more prosperous way. Every person born in the pig year could have a Bloodstone in their life and this could definitely be part of the prosperity chest.

They are charity workers and team workers.

The astrological year we are born at, gives us certain premises to be successful in certain fields. This all depends on which energy was carried through our birth year to our characters. They are very good charity workers or social workers. This person likes to work in a place where he can do something good to someone or somehow be socially useful. This all creates solidarity into him that’s very important. A person born in the pig year is emotionally very resilient and can support the weak and people in need.

Team work is very suitable for a person like this. Despite pig being spiritually free and wanting to set his work and tempo on his own, he likes to be surrounded with buzz. Teamwork is not a problem at all when he can organise as many things on his own as possible and he has the freedom to make decisions. A person born in that year who has yet to find work by his own heart or a place in the job world, for him Bloodstone will bring luck in finding happiness. Bloodstone is a very good guide to these people that helps to lead them towards material happiness and well-being. Wear this crystal when you’re born in that year and wish to find your place and profession in the material world.

In addition to these abilities, things, decorations and the more luxurious side of life is important for him. A pig who by nature is creative, for him creating beauty is very easy and self-evident.

The weak spots in his health are comfortable lifestyle and bad eating/consuming habits.

When he wishes to be physically and spiritually healthy, then he needs to be more active. Most are too comfortable and tend to avoid physical activity. Pigs who can discipline themselves won’t be affected by this. Their main thing is to be more active. In addition, they are not very good at self-disciplining themselves, when it comes to eating and consuming. Alcohol, tobacco, fatty and unhealthy foods are the things he has a weakness at. Not all of these things could be in his life, but every pig has a weakness – comfort food or a consuming habit. Bloodstone brings good health, in addition to prosperity and wealth, into the life of a person born in the pig year, because Bloodstone is a well-known universal health crystal.


In addition to how the astrological energy force affects people born in the pig year, it’s also important around which element they are born. Element adds certain character traits to the whole of a person’s personality. Discover, which pig year you or someone close to you has been born!

METAL PIGS 1971 (January 27- February 14 1972) and 2031 (January 23 – February 10 2032)

People who are very extroverted, living their emotions to the outside are metal pigs. By character they are very resilient, they bare a lot more tension, negativity than other pigs and their stress resistance is definitely higher than other people have. They are very consistent in their work and love order in every aspect of life. Lack of order is a certain stress emotion starter in his spiritual life.

When you wish to read more about the metal-year then read my article that can be found from HERE.

WATER PIGS 1983 (February 13 – February 1 1984) and 2043 (February 10 – January 29 2044)

Water pigs are the ones who find it important to be trusted and trust to be mutual. Water pig presumes that all relationships are honest and he tries to honour this in his own relationships also. Honesty, openness and expressing feelings are very important to him. When he can’t express himself, then stress and excessive energy will start to come out as temperament, steepness or impulsivity. He can very well affect other people in a good and bad sense, depending on the pig, has he got good or bad intentions.

WOOD PIGS 1995 (January 31 - February 18 1996)

Wood pigs are the ones who need closeness, recognition and cooperation the most. Solidarity is very important for him. Being with other people, being appreciated by them or feeling loved is the force that keeps him going. Wood pig is a very good social worker and when he can be of use somehow to the society, then this is what gives him the purpose to live.

FIRE PIGS 1947 (January 22 – February 9 1948) and 2007 (February 18 – February 6 2008)

Fire pigs are more active than other pigs. The constant need to be on the go, to move, to create-do something, is a fixed part of their character. Fire pigs are the ones who will burn up the fastest and will have a more temperament character in a conflict. Self-fulfilment is very important to him – when he can do something then his life is worth living. This person has good leadership skills and he rather prefers to be in the leading position in any level, let it be work, family, relationship, etc.

EARTH PIGS 1959 (February 8 – January 27 1960)  and 2019 (February 5 – January 24. 2020)

They are the most demure compared to other pig’s leadership character. Earth pig likes when someone or something leads him, let it be work or private life. When there is a stable and strong partner, who can make very good decisions, then it would be perfect for the Earth Pig. But, this will not mean that he doesn’t have the skill to live. It’s just more convenient for him to be a parter to someone who has a strong path ahead of her. His home, family and family relations are very important to him. The perfect life for him would be when there is harmony at home and everyone would get along well. Earth pig works for his whole life to create a home for himself that could become his fortress for life.


In the end, a person born in the pig year is very kind, social, funny, fun and gentle. He is a person who can enjoy good company and cooperation. They have a very strong sense of duty and their heart’s desire is to experience loyalty and have a good company!

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