Orange is one of the most popular fruits around the world as it’s tasty and full of vitamins. Orange is very useful for the body and mind, this should be added to your diet from time to time to receive its healing benefits. Orange is a fruit of the citrus species. It can simply be eaten, delicious juice made or fruit salads made of it, or it can be added to meals to make them more exotic.


A healthy, conscious and spiritual diet is very important for me. Putting plants and crystals together for healing brings a lot and great changes. Without that, spiritual development would be incomplete. That’s why both, sharing the power of crystals and interpreting plants, are important for me.


It’s know that Orange  originally comes fromIndia and South-East Asia, from where it spread to other countries through merchants, including to South-America. South-America Brazil is where most of oranges are grown. Main varieties are Navel and Valencia. Did you know that the bigger the navel of the orang, that is the apex is, the sweeter the orange is. Be sure to try it next time you choose oranges at the store and test it out. Not all oranges are sweet, there are also sour varieties, but in our stores there are mainly sweet oranges and that’s why we are used to the sweet taste of oranges.


Oranges are sprayed with insecticides and therefore it’s really important to wash them thoroughly before peeling. I recommend soaking them in vinegar water where a few drops of grapefruit essential oil have been added that cleans the orange zest very well. Soak them and then wash them properly with clean water, that way you’ll ensure that insecticides won’t get into your body. Especially useful for people who have problems with food poisoning. When you know it’s your weak spot then be especially careful with cleaning oranges.


Orange has a lot of different healing qualities that are useful for your body.




Oranges have a lot of vitamin C in them and when you wish to give your body this or increase it’s level in you, then eat oranges. Nature has everything our bodies need. Body needs this vitamin for the immune system to be strong. Proper consumption of vitamin C helps to keep quite a few illnesses away from you and make your body more resilient.




Oranges have a lot of antioxidants that will help our body and skin to stay young. Eat oranges to maintain your beauty and charm. When you want a more beautiful skin, start eating oranges and soon you may feel like your skin is being more smooth and glowing.




Do you have a problem with high or low blood pressure? When, from time to time, you feel like your blood pressure goes up and down and makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s time to sought help from oranges. Oranges contain vitamin B6 that helps to balance blood pressure. Know what helps with which problem, which plant and vitamin you need to look for from the nature. Oranges help you with blood pressure problems!




Out of balance blood sugar level could bring along a very ill feeling, for some it gives dizziness, some a bad mood. Orange helps to keep blood sugar balanced and scientific researches have discovered that orange is the ideal fruit for people with diabetes.




Orange is full of vitamin C that strengthens immune system and helps to create an environment that’s not good for free radicals. This means that oranges help to create an environment in the body where cancer cells can’t live. By eating a lot of fruits and plants full of vitamin C helps to keep the most scared for illness today away. Of course, orange can’t fully keep it away, but it do helps with increasing the resistance of your body.




It’s important to keep track of your diet and to help the body be alkaline. Alkaline body is not a good place for illnesses, acidic is. Orange, like all other citruses, is a great alkaline environment creator. When you eat citruses every day, then you can very well tell yourself that you’re consciously keeping your body alkaline. Alkaline environment is a great place for a healthy body.




Oranges contain vitamin A that’s important for the health of our eyes. When you feel like your eyesight is not what it used to be, you need to squint your eyes a bit, you wish to look afar and you somewhat feel like your eyes are blurry, then add oranges to your diet. Vitamin A has a great part in keeping our eyes healthy. When you consume vitamin A, then you’re giving your eyes the chance to be healthy. When there are more serious problems with your eyes, then, in addition to oranges, I recommend adding other plants containing vitamin A to your diet, like persimmons and pumpkins.




It’s useful to eat oranges when is the possibility that the risk for anaemia is high. Anaemia is a health problem where the count of red blood cells is low or haemoglobin is low. This usually happens when the iron count in blood is low. Anaemia needs to be paid attention to and preventive alternative therapy needs done. A good and delicious way to do it is to eat oranges. Oranges are not good sources of iron, but they are great sources of vitamin C that pays important part in absorbing iron from food. This is a vitamin that helps iron to get into bloodstream, therefore it’s a good preventive fruit for keeping anaemia away, helping your body to get the necessary iron from the food.




Studies have shown that orange juice prevents kidney stones and reduces pain that goes with it. When kidney stones already cause pain, then oranges can reduce that pain. All of this thanks to high potassium levels in the fruit. Potassium helps to lead harmful free radicals out from the organs that cause kidney stones.




Eating oranges or using them in meals has, in addition to its vitamins, other value in them. That is – improving metabolism. Oranges help stomach to make acid that would help to digest food. When you want a better metabolism, then add oranges to your meals. In addition, oranges will prevent gas, that will cause discomfort after eating.


It’s very good to eat oranges simply raw, to make juice of it, bake something or make salads. Use oranges exactly the way you prefer to. Fibres, that are very important for digestion, will be lost in juice. This means that it’s more useful to eat oranges with all of its flesh.




Every plant is part of the Chakra system by helping at least one Chakra to heal physically and spiritually. Orange is the healer of Sacral Chakra, that is, it’s the fruit of the second Chakra in your body. Sacral Chakra is linked to your creative mind, will and motivation to work, this Chakra has important part in fertility and women getting pregnant. Sacral Chakra is the Chakra that helps you to stay motivated in everything you do. Therefore it’s very important to keep your Sacral Chakra healthy. This will help it a lot!


Eating oranges is very useful when you wish to heal your second Chakra. By eating oranges, the Sacral Chakra will be activated, it starts to cleanse and heal itself in the physical sense. When you have problems with infertility, low libido, you don’t have vitality, energy or motivation to keep moving forward, then oranges can help you.


When you wish to heal your Sacral Chakra in the spiritual sense and in the spiritual level then start using Orange essential oil. Essential oils are extremely useful healers for the soul and they have a strong power that’s useful for healing yourself. Burn Orange essential oil near you in a oil lamp  and inhale it so it could quickly reach your Sacral Chakra and release different spiritual blockages that won’t let this Chakra to work properly.


Second possibility for using Orange essential oil for healing Sacral Chakra is to mix few drops of it with a base oil (like coconut oil) and put it on the skin on the Sacral Chakra. Sacral Chakra is directly based below the navel and in the same place on the back.


What it means when you have started to like oranges or Orange essential oils a lot?


Oranges have a really nice taste and the essential oil smells exactly like oranges, they both could fascinate you. At one point, when you’ve become addicted to oranges then this will bare a meaning in itself. This means that what oranges can offer are actually necessary for your body. Maybe you need to strengthen your immune system, maybe you need to get rid of digestion problems and, in the spiritual sense, this could also mean that you need love. Oranges have something that fills the void in you.


When you resent the smell and flavour of orange, then it’s a sign of a serious problem with the Sacral Chakra. This is a sign about the Chakra not working properly and in that case you should definitely start wearing Carnelian or making tumbled crystal water-elixir from it. Carnelian is one of the strongest crystals that can help to heal the Sacral Chakra and keep it healthy. In addition, Carnelian can increase motivation and vitality, something Oranges can also do.


Orange zest and essential oil ritual for increasing fertility


Plants can be used for making rituals. Orange is a fertility plant and you can increase fertility with it. Peel the orange and keep the zest. Put orange essential oil on the zest and leave that under your bed for exactly 12 days. After 12 days remove them from there and take them to the nature. In these 12 days the power emitting from oranges favours fertility energies. When you sleep in your own bed, then this simple ritual can increase fertility energy at night.


Orange zest with essential oil dropped on it can be kept on fertility crystals to activate these crystals. For that keep the zest on the crystals for 12 days straight. When you want to get rid of infertility problems then it’s useful to create yourself fertility crystal set from Moonstone, Red Jasper, Red Aventurine, Mookaite and other fertility crystals


Drink orange juice before you start predicting


Orange helps with proper predicting and getting clear visions. Before you start working with any kind of devices whether it’s runes, pendulum or card, then drink a glass of orange juice before. Orange juice activates your minds to see properly, it makes your thoughts clear and blocks wrong visions or information. In addition to supporting your good health it also gives you the chance to predict.


Orange gives energy, increases energy supply and therefore it’s useful to eat this fruit or use essential oil made of it.