Have you ever felt like there is someone guiding you and helping you and showing you signs about problems yet to come? Have you ever gotten the feeling that you have clearly been shown through signs and glues something catastrophic that have appeared to your life before it happened? If this has happened, then you have caught the warning sign universe has sent to you. There are a lot of different energies moving around the universe and it includes forces that help us. Let they be our Guardian Angel, other angels, spirits or some other kind of energies. There is always help somewhere there and often help is given to us even when we can’t notice it.

Universe warns us of dangers and lets you know when a bigger problems is coming up. Universe is trying to wake you up when you need to keep your eyes open more than usual. This is the reason why universe is starting to send you cries for help, starts to attract your attention and shock you.

I’m sharing my knowledge about how the helping energies moving around the universe are trying to wake you up before the problem appears. So that, the next time, you’re begin warned, you can be the one who can read these signs and you’re ready to accept the problem life has sent you.

There are no coincidences and when something comes to your life then it has its own meaning. You can’t take anything in life lightly, that way you’ll miss most of what’s important. Even uncomfortable situations are the ones that will help us grow and guide us when you can read the right message from these.

Signs that ill warn you from a problem yet to come and that should not be ignored...

1. You keep ending up in accidents

When you start to question why you are so careless or full of misfortune? When you have a moment in life, where you keep ending up in the centre of accidents, then it’s a sign from the universe that a bigger problem is coming your way. When, for example, you have discovered that you’re witnessing a fight, get stuck in an elevator, need to wait behind a traffic accident, and let your valuable time just to waste, then this is a warning from the universe for you.

2. Something blocks your ideas and planned activities.

Universe blocks your path when you need to direct your attention to something more important than the actions you’ve been thinking about. You may feel like your things are not going as planned. For some reason, you can’t reach what you want. There is a time where all your ideas and plans are not taking the course you thought in your head. Universe stops you, giving you a sign that something is coming to you to what you should direct all your attention to.

3. You’re sensing negative signs on your road

When the universe is letting you know about a dangerous situation or problem that soon comes to you, then you’ll subconsciously sense yourself how negative signs come to you. You can catch yourself thinking about why one or another thing exists in your life and sense that it may contain a negative message. But, at the same time, you can’t decipher what they’re about. Persistent questions will start to go around in your head: "Will something happen?", "Is there something I should look into?", "Who wants to harm me?", "Have I done something wrong?" or simply the idea that a big-big problems is about to come. You can even think about your Guardian Angel warning you about something you can’t define.

4. Feeling ill, having stress and weird nervousness

The helping forces in the universe can help you in many different ways. One of the way is to give you a warning gut feeling through your body and nervous system. When a danger is about to come, then you can feel bad for days, week or, sometimes even months. You don’t know the reason why you’re feeling that way. You can’t detect the reason why you’re stressed out and nervous. You can eat really good and try to keep yourself in shape physically and spiritually, but it’s just like something is not working for you anymore. Actually they do – you’re getting the vitamins, getting stronger, but you won’t sense it as the constant warning energy in you keeps up the vibration for your eyes to open. This is for the feeling in you about the coming danger not to become lost, for you to be alert.

5. You’ve become careless and absent-minded

During a time like this you could feel like your "perfectionism and punctuality" has been neglected, you’re mind is not there, you’re forgetting things, and can’t do as much as before. When you’re being warned, then you’re head is confused.

6. You’re losing things

Losing things all the time and things going missing in the time period where universe is bringing you warning signs that a problem is about to come to you is completely normal. When you feel like things keep on going missing or are being forgotten to places, then this could be one of the 9 serious signs universe is using to warn you.

7. Fights, fights, and, yet again, fights

Negative energy gets into your life before a dangerous situation or problem you can really sense and feel. Energy has reached you when you keep getting into fights and arguments with people. Universe is warning you about an upcoming problem and the energy that goes with it bring along fights. At that time you may feel like you’re constantly getting into arguments with your partner, friends, kid or parent for very pointless, small and extremely irrelevant things. There simply is the energy in the air that causes fights and arguments. This tires you out and after every small argument you’ll feel exhausted.

8. Immune system is weak and you’re getting sick easily

Every person has a weak spot in his body and this will come up in a period like this. Firstly, your immune system will get really weak and you can catch a lot of different viruses. In addition, a health problem, you’ve never had before, could come out. Your body is falling apart when a bigger problem is coming to your life.

9. Sleep disorders

Sleep disorder goes along with all of this, even when you never have had a problem like this before. Now, when the universe has awaken you and opens your eyes before a real problem arrives, it will take your sleep away. You can sleep irregularly, you may not fall asleep or you can wake up really quickly. This will start to bother you, it will even eat you from the inside and, in turn, will cause even more stress. You can try herbal teas, essential oils, but they can only help you so much. These things should help you in a normal situation, but during a time like this they may not work as the power that warns you is too anxious. But still, start to take care of yourself when you need to keep it together.

All of this will happen to you when a time comes in your fate when you need to solve a bigger problem, you need to settle things with your karma, you need to get rid of someone poisonous from your life (in a case like this, some kind of betrayal happened behind your back that will come clear), you need to change the course in your life and then, a problem is brought to you, that will help you make a clean up or come to terms in some level in your life. These nine signs are not there to tease you, but only for opening your eyes. Universe will send you its helping hand and when you can’t open your eyes on your own and sense the danger where it exists, then universe will start to act up and pause you. A situation like this will come up when you really need this problem into your life, or something in your life is very wrong, something you can’t see on your own and the universe is bringing this problem out.

When these nine signs or most of them have appeared to your path, you sense you’re in a phase where something could come up. When this something does come, then it will come for you so you could solve a problem that, one way or another, prevents the smooth run of your life. Accept this challenge with courage and confidence and win this battle.

When you’re exactly in a phase of your life like this, then get help from crystals that will aide you to face a coming problem. Start using Black Tourmaline with Chiastolite, because using these two crystals together their strong protective energy will come out that will help you in a difficult period. Start wearing these crystals as soon as you feel like you’re in a period like this. Wear them for as long as the problem has appeared, you’ve understood what was the thing universe warned you about and the problem will become solved. Second possibility is to take three Chiastolite crystals, to put them in a brown bag with your photo and keep them there for as long as the problem has passed. Later, when this part of your life is over, you need to throw the Chiastolite to the river. Chiastolite clarifies negative premonitions, solves misfortune and accelerates solving problems.

Be protected, taken care of and healed!