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I am a clairvoyant and a medium Tene Laul, a spiritual guide and writer who has written articles and introductions of crystals to help you through your visions and knowledge. My abilities include communicating with spirits, seeing the past, present and future, telepathic and automatic writing skills. My main goal is to help you and make you aware of what affects us all on a daily basis and how to be healthier. In addition, my desire is to help you find peace of mind, balance, harmony and open your eyes to the spiritual world. I write helpful articles on various topics, you will find exciting reading in astrology, numerology, plants, crystals, dreams and many other interesting topics. My creation touches the soul and is useful for anyone who wants to better understand this world around us.

Be safe, protected and healed!


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Hello, I am a psychic and spiritual guide Tene Laul! Part of my spiritual work is to give those in need and desires the opportunity to come to my private seances. This is a seance where I dedicate myself to answering your personal questions and solving your worries. I have been working with private..
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