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AGATE by its mineral properties is a cryptocrystalline Quartz and in turn also a Silica. There are hundreds of types of Agate, each with a different colour and with different properties. This Agate here is the mother of all Agates, that is the main Agate. Getting to know Agate is..
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AQUAMARINE is a very beautiful looking crystal in light blue to light green in shade. Aquamarine has gotten its name from Latin and it means "seawater". Aquamarine may also be transparent and light in colour. Aquamarine can mainly be found in Mexico, Brazil, India, Kenya, Pakistan&nbs..
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BLACK TOURMALINE has a very long past and has been used as a protective crystal for thousands of years. Black Tourmaline has been used for a long time for scaring away demons and very bad souls. Black Tourmaline is one of the strongest crystals for protection and protection from curses and jinx..
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CARNELIAN is a crystal of activity, vitality and energy. Carnelian is an orange-reddish crystal that could have a transparent reddish colour to bright orange colour. Carnelian is one of the best crystals used for healing the Aura as it has the ability to give the necessary energy that helps to get r..
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CHAROITE is a beautiful purple crystal that’s mainly multicoloured composed of dark purple, light purple, blackish purple and lavender tones. To this day, Charoite is mainly found in Russia Siberia near a river named Chara and in the Czech Republic. Crystal is not ..
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GARNET is a blackish-red crystal that helps creativity to fly and love to come to life. Garnet is thought to be one of the most sensual, romantic, passionate and lovable crystal that’s used for improving relationships and bringing good relations to life.Garnet by its energies is an intense crys..
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GREEN AVENTURINE is one type of Aventurine while Aventurine itself is a Quartz, which, in turn, has a large number of minerals Aventurine is composed of. Green Aventurine is mainly related to prosperity, materiality and good luck. Green Aventurine is mainly found in Brazil, ..
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HEMATITE comes from the Greek word “blood” and is used for protection from wounds and different accidents. Hematite is a very widespread healing crystal, and it has a lot of good qualities why it's worth adding to your collection of crystals. Hematite originates mainly in the USA, Arg..
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