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GREEN AVENTURINE chips (ca 60g)

GREEN AVENTURINE chips (ca 60g)
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GREEN AVENTURINE is one type of Aventurine while Aventurine itself is a Quartz, which, in turn, has a large number of minerals Aventurine is composed of. Green Aventurine is mainly related to prosperity, materiality and good luck. Green Aventurine is mainly found in BrazilIndiaItaly and China. Green Aventurine is an “energy magnet” which means it swallows energies very quickly, it absorbs and brings about prosperity.

Green Aventurine belongs to the Quartz family as it has a lot of Quartz in it. In addition to Quartz, Green Aventurine has Fuchsite and this crystal gives Green Aventurine its green colour and a little sparkle. Not all Green Aventurines have sparkle in them, but they may have. But Fuchsite part in Green Aventurine makes its colour bright. I have noticed that Green Aventurine is often mistaken with Jade because of its looks, but both crystals have a different chemical composition and also spiritual value. 

Green Aventurine blocks electromagnetic radiation from reaching the human body by absorbing it. Green Aventurine is best suited for putting in children´s room, placing in front of computers or given to children as a jewellery to wear. Green Aventurine helps to block the onset of hyperactivity associated with excessive use of computers or phones. 

Place Green Aventurine crystal beside the premature baby´s bed so that it would give strength to the child to become strong, to grow and develop without any complications. Mothers who have given birth to a premature child should also wear Green Aventurine to give good luck to raise the child.

Green Aventurine is also placed in the garden and planted with trees, plants or flowers. This for the Green Aventurine to keep the house in good luck and not let the misfortune to enter the garden. In addition to preventing misfortune, it also creates an unfavourable place to live in every way.

Green Aventurine is a very useful relationship crystal. It has a power that teaches people to be more lenient, considerate, tolerant, compassionate and friendly with others. Crystal that helps to repair relationships on every level, to avoid problems and when they do occur, to get rid of them quicker. Crystal that makes people more self-analytical and stops the use of impulsive words that can create fights. Particularly useful relationship healer that is worth to be kept in your life. 

Green Aventurine is the best crystal in your home if you´re looking for love and haven´t found it yet. Suits for those, who have been in one relationship for a long time and don´t know how to start a new one, or are in an age, where finding love is more difficult. Green Aventurine brings luck in love, where love energy stands still.

Green Aventurine is a crystal that brings prosperity and richness. Crystal, which energies related to prosperity will open when a person works for his own success. It is very useful to carry Green Aventurine to work or even to keep it in one way or another at your work place. Green Aventurine has qualities that help to grow material happiness and to be more successful professionally will open by working. Green Aventurine helps to get better results professionally and to get into a higher position step-by-step in your career.. In addition it is always useful to keep Green Aventurine at home to guarantee professional success and luck at home.

Keep Green Aventurine on your work desk or carry it to work with you so that it brings better opportunities for self-realization and to be “noticed” by others, which in turn can bring good opportunities.

CHIPS are small pieces of crystals, but they have exactly the same effects as the crystal, they simply are a lot smaller. Chips crystals are good to be used for candle holders, it is good to add crystals on them as they will start to heal the atmosphere and Aura of the home together. Every crystal has its own power when you bring it together with different candles and magic candles.


Green Aventurine chips have the ability to increase the prosperity and success energy in the home´s Aura field.

- Make a base with chips crystals and Citrine geodes with a green candle, to attract material good luck to home.

- Place Green Aventurine chips on money trees for them to call prosperity into the home.

Different chips crystals can be combined to get even more special energy, every combination in turn has a special power and effect over your home. Be sure to add a candle on the base for the crystals to activate them to change the Aura of the home.


Keep Black Tourmaline with Green Aventurine when you wish to keep misfortune away from the house on every level. These crystals help luck to reach the house and to keep from other people´s chiding.

Amethyst  with Green Aventurine will create an energy that will help to think and worry less about work related things. Add tumbled Amethyst with prosperity crystals on that base for prosperity to come to the house, and, at the same time, to stop thinking excessively about how it could come to be.
Citrine is good for activating prosperity corner, for the base of money chest, for the soil of Jade tree (Money tree) for the soil of Zanzibar Gem for activating the channel of prosperity. Goes with the Tiger´s Eye and Carnelian for the same purpose.

Hematite helps to protect the fortune, money collected, positive reputation collected and would rather suit for the South-East or Eastern room, for a candle holder or covering the soil of a plant. Plants lead the energy of crystals at home very well.

Carnelian and Green Aventurine go together for material purposes, I recommend also the Tiger´s Eye to go with them. These chips can be used for opening the prosperity channel at the South-East corner, they could be held on a soil of a prosperity plant, for example on Jade tree or Zanzibar Gem.

Red Jasper and Green Aventurine help to bring life energy for children, they go together to the kid´s room.

Rock Crystal, in turn, accelerates this crystals effect.

Rose Quartz with Green Aventurine helps to bring new loving opportunities to the house. Suitable for love attraction crystal sets or crystal base.

Rutilated Quartz goes with Green Aventurine for money or prosperity magic. Suitable for keeping under the magic paper made for prosperity and success at work. Rutiles simply accelerate the work of Green Aventurine.

Shungite and Green Aventurine go together when the bad material luck is wanted to clean from the home. Suitable for homes in a difficult financial period.

Amber goes with this crystal for healing purposes. Set this under health crystal set to accelerate the effect of healing crystals. 

Garnet with Green Aventurine brings good luck in business. Suitable for offices, goes with prosperity plants or among crystals at the prosperity corner.

Peridot goes with Green Aventurine for increasing material luck. Can be mixed with other crystals for prosperity and material success.

Tiger´s Eye goes with Green Aventurine for increasing material luck. Can be mixed with other crystals for prosperity and material success.

Snow Quartz goes for relieving stress energy at home.

Chips crystals are cleaned with Sage ritual plant smoke.
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