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SHUNGITE chips (ca 40 g)

SHUNGITE chips (ca 40 g) CRYSTALS
SHUNGITE chips (ca 40 g)
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SHUNGITE is the most powerful healing crystal that came to Earth nearly 2 billion years ago. Shungite is mined in  Shung in the village of Kareelia in Russia, this crystal has also got its name from there. Shungite has a long and mysterious history and it’s considered the number one healer of the physical body. Shungite has the ability to release emotional blockages that prevent the physical body from being healed. It is mainly used for the prevention of cancer and other very serious diseases, and for healing therapies.

Shungite in its composition consists of fullerenes known to be strong and fast-acting antioxidants. In this regard, it can be said that bringing this crystal into contact with the skin is extremely beneficial. Shungite also purifies the water by holding the Shungite pyramid in water to remove poisonous substances from it. Shungite is still one of the most interesting crystals among scholars and its useful properties are still being tested, studied, and discovered. No bad effects have been found so far, but just supernaturally good qualities.

Shungite helps to absorb electromagnetic waves that are very harmful to people. Electromagnetic waves are caused by computers, microwaves, phones, Wi-Fi devices and Wi-Fi itself, ground source heat pumps, fridge, etc. Shungite stops the absorption of toxins to the body both physically and spiritually, preventing cursing, chiding, and negative home aura to affect health. It’s believed that wearing Shungite stops the formation of free radicals and in the spiritual world, it’s considered as repelling cancer. Shungite is carried when a person has had radiation therapy, or an x-ray is being made, it stops the negative effect of radiation on our health.

Shungite helps to get rid of even the darkest state of mind and is particularly useful for people who are tempted by death-related and violent actions. Suitable for children who like violent games and films, helping them to get rid of that need.

Shungite helps to understand what’s wrong with you. It’s a crystal that helps you to make yourself into a better person. Shungite opens your eyes for yourself, helping you to notice the negative, bad, weak, and problematic sides in yourself. Shungite helps to change and heal these unhealthy sides that exist in you. Shungite helps you to be a better person for yourself and for others. The crystal helps to get over even the most negative character traits that bring you misfortune and bad Karma that you may not even be aware of. 

Shungite helps to remove emotions and thoughts that someone else has inserted in you and that is hurting you. Shungite won’t allow you to be affected by the external environment and society. Shungite helps you to decide what you believe in, what’s important for you, and what’s real. 

Shungite helps to release the energies that are low and that cause problem. Low energies, for example, are anger, sadness, depression, melancholy, envy, greed, the need to gossip, the need to be better than others, and many other character traits that won’t allow you to be mentally strong. 

For very sensitive people I for sure recommend bringing Shungite into your life in one form or another. Shungite helps sensitive people to bear negative energies so that it couldn’t hurt their souls. Shungite helps to develop spiritual abilities so that the person wouldn’t become weak in the process. 

Shungite teaches the person that there is something good in every negative and difficult situation. Shungite helps to notice the good in bad, which means it teaches the person to read lessons from different situations that feel unfair and burdensome. For that quality, Shungite is a very good crystal that helps to develop and evolve spiritually. 

Shungite protects from the evil and negative which means you can create a powerful protective shield around you with this crystal. Meditating with Shungite or wearing jewelry made of this crystal helps to maintain a strong and resilient Aura field. When you feel like the world is against you, there are too many negative and bad people around you, then be sure to keep Shungite in your life in one form or another. Shungite helps you to become stronger and it also blocks misfortune that in no way can teach you and that you haven’t karmically earned. 

Crystal with the ability to open the soul up for spiritual growth. Very useful crystal for acquitting spiritual knowledge, developing and intensifying telepathic abilities. Shungite teaches what energies are, how to sense them, how to use the knowledge about them for yourself. 

Shungite helps to fight the demons in a person's soul. This helps to get over the problems that come to haunt your mind and ruin your mood, helping to get rid of bad memories so that they won’t come back to haunt you, these are the inner demons in a person. It’s useful to wear Shungite or carry it in your home so that it can heal you like this. 

Shungite is a crystal that helps to bring you knowledge about how to make your life better and good ideas on how to act towards it. Shungite is a crystal that gives strength for moving forward and healing, let it be anything that needs healing. 

I personally like this Shungite quality the best, where the crystal helps the soul to understand that every negative experience hides a positive lesson or outcome. All bad and all ordeals sent to a path of life are sent for a reason. Solving this or getting over it opens the door to a better future. Shungite helps to understand the background of a negative situation, which means it helps to have a positive look at every bad and hard situation. 

CHIPS are small pieces of crystals, but they have exactly the same effects as the crystal, they simply are a lot smaller. Chips crystals are good to be used for candle holders, it is good to add crystals on them as they will start to heal the atmosphere and Aura of the home together. Every crystal has its own power when you put it together with a ritual candle.

Cleanser of negative energy from the home Aura

Shungite filtrates negative energies which can absorb all that’s negative and that in every level. When Shungite absorbs all of this energy, then it filtrates it and sends it away from home or makes it positive again. It’s very useful to keep Shungite at home, it works especially well with home protection crystals and with different geodes, pyramids, spheres, and obelisks. You can take Shungite into every room so that it could keep the energy in the whole house healthy. 

Capturing electromagnetic waves with Shungite

Attach with tape or tie with a band piece of Shungite to wires, to a fridge, behind a TV, to a computer to stop harmful electromagnetic waves reaching the body. Especially useful for children by removing nervousness, fears, violent behavior, and constant stubbornness that generally is related to electromagnetic waves getting stuck to the Aura. The second possibility is to place Shungite in front of your electronics, and the Shungite pyramid works the best with a computer.

Cleansing water with Shungite

Keep Shungite in a container beside a water tap, in the kitchen, toilet, or bathroom to stop your body from absorbing harmful substances. Keep the Shungite pyramid in water before drinking it to stop harmful substances from entering your body. In addition to this, you can also simply keep Shungite in water to cleanse it. 

Protecting children with Shungite 

Create a Shungite net in a child’s room by placing a piece of Shungite in the corners of the room (it would be best if the pieces are hidden). This creates protection from the bad influence from other kids and from people he knows, especially useful for keeping away alcohol, tobacco, and violence. This net is also used for healing asthma, dust allergy, viral infections, and constant illnesses.

Protecting the home from bad spirits  

Create a net around your house by hiding one piece of Shungite in every outer corner of the house, also Black Tourmaline and Selenite. Such crystal power stops vile souls from returning home and protects kids from nightmares caused by energy demons.

Getting rid of a love curse or bad karma

Make yourself a set from three Shungites, Black Tourmalines, Black AgatesKuntsitesRock Crystals, and Fluorites, and make a black bag for them. Add Basil leaves, Laurel, Cinnamon, Hyssop, and fresh Sage into the bag. You need to keep the crystal bag above the front door for about half a year and then take it back to the wild. This kind of crystal and ritual plant magic helps to let go of the constant failures related to love and big relationship problems.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewelry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal, or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Use Shungite when you have one of the following problems:
cancer, tumors, hematopoiesis illnesses, bleeding disorders, schizophrenia, mental illnesses, depression. Shungite is also used when healing is wished upon an “unknown” illness. This means that when a problem is not found or the cause is not found, then Shungite helps still to bring healing to it, as this crystal will find the illness from the body. Shungite is worn for keeping strokes and infarcts away and for recovery when they have happened.

- I recommend using Shungite for back pains, headaches, joint pains, and also for uterus pains.

- Shungite helps to save the soul when depression or a difficult period in life makes the soul suicidal or waiting for death. Shungite helps to restore and create the light in a person's soul that keeps him alive. Shungite won’t allow walking towards death prematurely when fate and Guardian Angel have not yet given permission for going from one life to another. 

- I recommend using and drinking water-elixir from Shungite for people with diabetes. Shungite helps to keep diabetes under control, to stop its future development, to heal it, and when there is no diabetes, to prevent it. 


Root Chakra is related to the health of the whole physical body. When the Root Chakra is out of balance, then the immunity will be lost and the physical body will become weak and illnesses will really start to appear. Shungite helps to heal a well-broken Root Chakra and gives life energy to it. 


Shungite works the fastest and most effectively with people born under the SCORPIO zodiac sign. Shungite helps Scorpio in any way, helping to maintain, heal and strengthen his health. In addition to healing qualities, Shungite will protect Scorpio from dangers and misfortune. A crystal that holds a very special place for Scorpio by helping to keep the bad away from his path.       

We recommend that you clean and recharge your Shungite from time to time to increase its energy level. Shungite is best charged on an Agate geode. Clean at least once a month with Rosemary Incense or Rosemary Essential Oil.

You can read about cleaning and charging the crystals HERE.

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