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DESERT ROSE has gotten its name from the appearance of this crystal. Desert Rose reminds of a rosebud and the beautiful appearance has been created by the Earth itself. Desert Rose mostly originates from the Sahara but it is also found in the desert of Mexico and South-west region in the USA. Desert Rose is found only in the desert and from the upper part of the ground. Desert Rose is created by the influence of wind and sand on the Selenite. Desert Rose is created from Selenite, which has emerged on the ground and has been affected by the wind and sand. The wind and the sand have created the rose image from the Selenite crystal. In addition to Desert Rose being a Selenite, it can also be found in Baryte. Generally, Desert Rose created from Baryte is found in the United States and its appearance is brownish. Desert Rose from Selenite is typically lighter in shade and beige in colour.

Desert Rose belongs to the category of geodes which means that Desert Rose can be used to enhance other crystals, forward these energies and to charge the crystals. If you wish, add a Desert Rose to your altar for charging jewellery.

Desert Rose carries with it all the characteristics of Selenite and, in addition, its special strength. Selenite is a crystal of clearing thoughts, burning white candle beside it helps to get rid of stress, anxiety and confusion. This is very useful for the improvement of the Feng Shui energy of a home. Selenite can soothe all the nervous energy that exists in your home. It is a particularly useful crystal for those who have a weakness with the nervous system and who have problems with hypersensitivity.

Desert Rose is a crystal of angels which power is to soothe the energy that does not allow you to "feel" properly. Desert Rose has the ability to create an energy field around it where angels and souls can descend to. Through Desert Rose, you can invite the souls near your, ask to help you or help in your home. Desert Rose is used to contacting higher energies.

Desert Rose brings clarity by helping you better understand the surrounding energies. It is useful to keep it in different rooms of your home if you want to fill your home energy with the spiritual power. If you live together with a Desert Rose, it will help to accelerate your own intuition and energy awareness.

Keep Desert Rose geode together with the dream crystals or on your nightstand. Desert Rose is a crystal that helps to make dreams more active and clearer. In addition, it is able to activate the dream crystals to work together. Desert Rose helps to heal your senses so that you could see dreams that have a meaning. In addition, it helps you understand and explain the dreams. Very well suited with Selenite, Celectite, Blue Lace Agate and other dream crystals.

"Cosmic Visions and Experiences"

Keep Desert Rose in your bedroom among the crystal sets of astral journeys, contacting Angels, and strengthening intuition. Desert Rose directs the energy of these crystals to your Aura. When you sleep, your Aura is open to crystal energy. Desert Rose brings cosmic visions and experiences through sleep.

"Constant worrying"

Desert Rose helps to get rid of the constant worry, and it is one of the ideal crystals for the home of those who have problems with causing excessive stress to themselves. For a person who is constantly worried, fears and reacts too easily to different small problems. Desert Rose relieves tension and prevents you from being nervous.


It is a crystal of meditation, used to improve the energies of meditation spaces. Keep Desert Rose next to you when you are engaged in meditation or keep it in a room where you carry out such sessions.

"Guardian Angel and souls"

Desert Rose helps you to get in touch with your Guardian Angels, the guide, and the different souls who are involved with you. If you use Desert Rose in your own home, you will also learn to listen to these souls. It is a crystal that gradually opens your minds to the souls that assist you.


It is a crystal that helps to get rid of timidity and is especially useful for those who can't see good in themselves. Desert Rose helps to increase self-confidence and self-belief.


Desert Rose is used to enhancing spiritual talents, and it is also used to strengthen the talent of clairvoyance. Desert Rose is one of my favourite crystals in the session room, which I keep close to me when I organize private sessions with people. Desert Rose helps me to feel the energy of another person, to see the past, the present, and the future. Desert Rose is a sure assistant that I will not give up in my job.

"The crystal altar of past lives"

Desert Rose is a geodetic crystal that is extremely useful in creating the crystal altar of previous lives. This is a geode that should be represented in it. This geode helps you connect all the other crystals you have brought to the altar to bring out the visions. Desert Rose helps to answer your questions by listening to your thoughts and desires and instructing other crystals to open a path for visions. You can read about the crystal altar of previous lives from HERE.

"Charging and amplifying the pendulum"

Keep Desert Rose close to you while using a pendulum and if you don't use a pendulum, keep pendulum on it. Desert Rose restores the energy of items used for prediction and helps them bring the right answers. Desert Rose is a crystal with a universal effect to charge pendulum that recovers crystal energy.

"Useful for children who are feeling afraid"

A crystal that helps to calm the fears of children. Place Desert Rose next to the child's bed if he is afraid to fall asleep without the light on and who have nightmares. Desert Rose helps to send out the bad souls who want to get in touch with the child. Children's energy is more susceptible to souls, and therefore they are trying to connect through children.

"Dead souls in the house"

Useful crystal in a home where someone has died before. Desert Rose helps the energy of death disappear, the souls of dead people to find peace, and it helps them to re-enter into a new life. If you know that there have been deaths in your home, it is good to keep Desert Rose at home in order to release the souls that are stuck.


- Desert Rose is used to relieving epileptic seizures and heal epilepsy.

- This crystal has the ability to heal back pains and is especially useful for those who have had trauma in the back. To do this, place the Desert Rose crystal under the bed exactly where the painful body part is located.

For the purpose of healing, keep Desert Rose under your or sick person`s bed. 

Geode doesn´t need charging, they are only cleaned once a month with a ritual plant smoke. Desert Rose geode can be cleaned with Palo Santo smoke.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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