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Massage and meditation crystals are considered crystals, that are oblate in shape or different crystal wands. These crystals are made in a special shape so it would be convenient to do crystal therapies for ourselves and others.

Oblate shaped crystals are used during meditation. These crystals are held in hands and placed on various Chakras. Each crystal has the ability to help you in a variety of meditations. Crystals have the power to guide you into a certain phase of the soul, direct certain energies into you through meditation and filter the energies in your Aura.

Massage with crystals adds value to a variety of massage treatments. Both the meditation and massage with crystals help to heal the Chakras and Aura body in human souls.

Crystals help your soul to heal and make progress in your spiritual journey.

Remember that each massage and meditation crystal has their own unique attributes. Therefore I recommend to read about the effects of crystals in order to find the exact healing power that you need.

If you do crystal massage to others, then it's very important, that you clean the crystals after every therapy.  Clean them with Sage, Palo Santo or with various incenses.

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