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AGATE flatstone

AGATE flatstone
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AGATE by its mineral properties is cryptocrystalline Quartz and in turn also silica. There are hundreds of types of Agate, each with a different colour and with different properties. This Agate here is the mother of all Agates, that is the main Agate. Getting to know Agate is big science and if there is no knowledge about its components, then often Agates and Jaspers are mistaken by eyes, as there are also many types of Jaspers. It is actually very simple to differ between two mineral groups – Agate has a transparent structure, Jasper has not. 

Agate is a crystal that has the ability to protect from all bad. Agate crystal is a very widespread crystal in the world, which has many different types with each of them having specific protective properties. Regular Agate, for example, protects from physical accidents, violence and misfortune. Agate crystal is one of the oldest crystals, imprinted into the history of humanity by its usage. Agate has a very profound history, as it has been also used all over the world as a protective talisman against evil and against the effect of the invisible eye. Agate was used to making military plates, which were fastened on uniforms to bring luck in war. Besides that, Agate was carried when travelling from one area to another, to survive in poor weather conditions. Agate mainly comes from UruguayBrazil and Germany

It is a crystal that protects against conflicts that do not have a good outcome or give you the opportunity to turn conflicts to your advantage. 

You can read more about Agate from HERE.


Different flatstone shaped crystals are made from different semi-precious crystals, to use them as message object, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flattened shape provides a good and convenient way to use the crystal in therapies. These crystals can be used exactly the same way as round crystals are used. If you like this shape more, be sure to use flatstone crystals. In this crystal, all the essential characteristics of this crystal are present. This shape simply transforms this crystal into a better meditation and healing crystal.


Flatstone crystal can be used for massage by anybody. Massage can even be done for yourself.

- Agate is a universal healing crystal, helping any kind of illness to leave your Aura body quickly. When Agate massage therapy is done regularly, then it helps the outbreaks to get free from you and heal the Aura system.

- Agate massage is useful, it has the ability to balance the male and female energy in a person´s Aura and to keep it that way.

- This crystal is constantly used for massage to ensure the vitality of your spiritual and physical body. Agate has been the carrier of the symbol of eternal life from a past very far away. It is believed that the power in this crystal helps to prolong your life and gives you the possibilities to fulfil your tasks, giving you energy and durability.

- Agate is used for healing the Solar Plexus Chakra, massage is done to the middle part of the back or stomach for it to have an effect on the Solar Plexus Chakra.


Usually in meditation, two flatstone crystals are used together, they are held in both hands during the crystal mediation. Meditation takes place in a cross-legged position, laying down, or in a way, you simply want to. During meditation a comfortable position is always found, crystal held in hands and the soul is left to rest with the crystals.

- Meditation with Agate helps to increase your personal strength and power. Agate helps to create a protective shield around you, and meditating with it helps you to make your own Aura stronger.

- It is useful to mediate when you wish to get energy quickly. Agate is a crystal for self-motivation, keep it in your hand when you wish to have a quick charge of motivation.

"Stronger and cleaner Aura with Agate"

Meditation with two crystals, during which you release the negative energy, power related to misfortune, stress and the power that won´t let you be balanced in your Aura. Meditation that primarily cleans the aura and creates a strong protective shield around you.

Why you should do that? To create a protective shield around you for threats from the outside, misfortunes, stress and bad experiences without lessons.

How to meditate? For Agate meditation find yourself a comfortable position and keep one Agate meditation crystals in each hand. I want you can burn a Cannabis incense at the same time, that helps the Aura to get stronger and that is helpful for successful meditation.

When you have found a comfortable position, Agates are in the palms of your hands, close your eyes, relax and rest. For the first ten minutes be simply in your own element, let exactly the thoughts that want to come to you to come, let them be part of the meditation or not. Agate meditation helps to release disturbing energies and confusing knowledge, thoughts and emotion may come to you, and through that Agates will cleanse you. If you feel like you have rested enough and let your thoughts to go on their way then, for the conclusion, start to imagine that you are strong, the Aura shield around you is strong, you are protected and held. Think about your strength for as long as your mood turns more positive and you will start to feel good, then simply open your eyes and the meditation is done. 

It is very easy to meditate with crystals as they do most of the work. You simply have to be in contact with them and let them work with you.

Meditate when you feel like needing to clean your Aura and to make yourself stronger. This meditation is very useful during the waning Moon or during the last quarter of the Moon. This because during the phases of the Moon the bad energy from the Aura clears quite quickly. 

Flatstone healing crystals are always held in a bag/box meant for healing crystals. If you do not have a thing like this, then I recommend creating it, so that crystals would maintain their power for as long as possible.

Always after the therapy clean crystal with a ritual plant, incense or magical candle. Suitable are
Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, Lemon Grass, Musk and Coriander.

Multifunctional protective crystal

Agate is one of the strongest protection crystals and one with the most universal powers that could prevent quite a few unpleasantness. Agate will automatically start to protect the one who carries it with him or the environment it was brought into. Therefore when you have brought Agate into your life in one way or another, then you could know that there is something working for protecting you.

Find Agate a place in your household so that it could protect your home and the people living under the same roof as you. Keep Agate near the front door so that it would protect your home and your family from the dangers from the outside. Keep Agate in the middle of the home so that it would help to free all the negative entered into your home. A place for Agate could be anywhere in the house, the more Agate there is in the house, the more secure and better your home is.

While building a home I recommend keeping Agate crystal in the building´s façade, foundation or under the floor in order to give extra protection for the house. I suggest putting Agate crystals to every corner of the house to create a protective network around the home. Agate crystals protect against thieves, intruders, misfortune and bad karma. When you take Agate into a house, then it will help to keep the energy positive, it is especially useful when other crystal therapies or Feng Shui techniques are used to protect the home Aura. Agate can also be hidden in the corners of the finished house.

Carry Agate crystal with you while travelling to give extra protection to your health and to prevent traffic accidents.

Agate is a good crystal for children to protect them from unjust behaviour and to give them extra protection for any kind of evil. For a long time, Agate has been used to protect children from bullying, abuse and to keep their health. 

Agate crystal is added to the families health crystal set placed in the most Eastern room of the house where, according to Feng Shui, the health corner of the family is situated. Agate helps to protect the family from bigger health problems and misfortune related to health.

Car protection crystal and preventer of traffic accidents

Agate has a power with the ability to protect you from dangers related to metal energies, mostly related to protection from cars and some other vehicles. Agate anyway is a strong protection crystal and it has a specific power that helps to keep you from a traffic accident and from a car accident. As moving around in cars is in today's society very common and most of us do that, then the risk of getting into an accident is quite big. It is not always you who creates the risk, you can be a very good driver or be in a car with a very attentive driver, but someone else could put you in a risk.

Keep Agate in the car you are using. Find the crystal a place near the steering wheel or the front seat. By keeping Agate in the car you are keeping a protective shield over your own car that will help to save you in situations that could place your life at risk at the wrong time.

You can bring Agate together with other car protection crystals like Black Tourmaline, Hawk´s Eye, PietersiteBlack Agate. I even recommend keeping Agate geode in the car so that you won´t have to take the crystals from the car to charge and clean them. For cleaning use Sage smudge stick from time to time in the car interior.

Agate protects from an accident caused by your own carelessness or inattention, but also from dangers caused by other people, whether or by something else.

Finding inspiration and your goal

Agate is a very good source of inspiration. Agate inspires you and helps to take this inspiration into life. No matter what you do, what are your interests and what you are meant to create by fate, Agate will help you in this path of life. Agate has the ability to establish your goal and talent, helping you to notice it yourself and to become successful in that field. Agate brings inspiration, helping you to create what the world want´s from you. Bring Agate into your life and let it surprise you.

It is useful to keep Agate in your work environment so that it could surprise you with very good ideas during work. Keep Agate nearby when you are concentrating on work, it will help you with what is related to your goal and fate, that is with your talent. Agate is particularly useful for those who have found their talent and who are doing what they enjoy. If so, then the effect of Agate is particularly well felt and splashes of inspiration will come very easily. 

Intuition crystal

Agate helps the mind and heart to cooperate, helping to make intuition more precise and clearer. Agate won´t let the mind to change the sensing of the heart and the other way around, it won´t let the heart to lose the mind. Agate makes intuition stronger, helping you to know exactly what you should too and what is the right thing to do in that exact moment.

The place where you keep crystals for your own development is suitable for Agate. If you already have created an intuition crystal set then add Agate among other crystals. Agate helps you to sense clearly and to feel in a way your heart and mind would cooperate. In addition, Agate helps to keep wrong visions and sensing away. It has a very beneficial effect to keep Agate in your home in different forms – geodes, shapes and also in a tumbled form.

When you don´t have a crystal set for your personal development, then I strongly recommend you to do it. Find a place in your home where you will start to collect crystals that help your intuition to get stronger. Start collecting crystals with the same energy, keep your photo between or on the crystals so that they could be in constant contact with you through the photograph and to work for your progress.

In addition, I recommend using tumbled Agate in the following ways:

Add Agate crystal to your medicine cabinet or bag, even when the medicine is alternative. So that they would give the body fewer toxins and would do more good for you.

Agate crystal is suitable for a work desk for people who cannot live their private life any more and have dived into work. Agate crystal helps to create a balance between material and spiritual

Agate is a good luck crystal for people born during the creation of the first quarter of the Moon. Agate helps to protect these people from nervousness, wasting unnecessary energy and gives them the ability to feel good in life, without the need to look for it from somewhere else. Agate could be in this persons home.

Agate is a crystal I recommend to use so that wrong visions won´t appear into your dreams. Agate helps to keep away vile souls and even demons, who knowingly send you the faulty dreams. Dreams that unnecessarily scare and deceive you. In order to get this power from Agate, carry it with you and keep a piece of Agate in your bedroom. 


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Agate crystal is used in crystal therapies for the following problems:

- Agate has a very beneficial healing quality that helps with stomach problems. Agate helps to avoid digestion problems and to heal them. Agate grounds excessive acidity in the stomach, helping to create better well-being and health. Agate heals the intestine. Who has constant stomach pains, then Agate will be the best healing crystal for them. For that, make yourself water-elixir daily or wear a talisman as above the stomach as possible, that is on a chain or band as long as possible.

- Agate protects the heart, helping it to be strong, resilient and relieving the problems of heart nerves. Wear Agate with yourself when you wish to repair your heart from an illness or to protect from one. Agate is a great healer for the cardiovascular system.

- Crystal that helps to concentrate and the brain function. If you have problems with not being able to concentrate on one thing for very long, to analyse it and your thought will often go on their own way, then Agate helps you to improve that and it helps to concentrate on a subject deeply.

- Agate helps to heal the skin if there is a skin disease, and is particularly useful with problems without a known cause. This all because Agate helps to keep the skin healthy multi functionally, helping to heal many different diseases.


SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is the third Chakra in the main Chakra system, directly above your navel. When you place your hand above the navel, that´s where your Solar Plexus Chakra is. Agate is the crystal with the ability to firstly heal the Solar Plexus Chakra, and when you have healed it will direct towards other Chakras and to the entire Aura body. Agate helps to restore your belief into yourself, see economical standstill from a positive point of view, blocking greed for money and helping you to believe in a better future. In addition to healing the Solar Plexus Chakra, Agate is related to the healing of the stomach and digestion. When Agate has made the Solar Plexus Chakra stronger then you are less responsive to different dangers and that´s why a person with a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra won´t be afraid to fail in life.    


Among zodiac signs, Agate will bring luck to GEMINI, CAPRICORN, ARIES and SCORPIO.

Agate is a very strong protection crystal and helps the GEMINI to hold themselves back when he wishes to talks too much about himself. Agate won´t let the Gemini talk about their personal things when the person who wishes to talk about such things would take them and use the words against him. It would be good for the Gemini to wear Agate when a problem like this exists or to add it to your birth crystal set so that it could to his crystal therapy from the distance.

Agate is a great source of inspiration for CAPRICORN, bringing good ideas and helping the mind and heart to work together, also helping to make intuition more accurate

Agate by zodiac signs is one of the crystals an ARIES very quickly adopts. This means that Agate´s power will start to work with an Aries very quickly. Agate is a crystal that helps Aries to be brave, optimistic, ambitious and positive. Agate brings out the best qualities in Aries and helps to restrain his negative signs. Every zodiac sign has good traits and problematic sides, Agate is the crystal that helps to bring out the best qualities in an Aries. Agate is a very beneficial crystal for an Aries, as it has the ability to bring him out from a life situation where he has run into a dead end.

Agate is a crystal that helps to deal with SCORPIO negative sides. Agate is the crystal for getting along with a Scorpio and he should definitely have this crystal in his home. For blocking the fighting, and unnecessary and pointless problems. I recommend keeping Agate near the front door or among crystals for protecting the home. In addition, Agate could be kept in a marriage chest, in front of a joint picture of the couple or, rather, among love crystals. Agate helps to deal with a Scorpio and, in turn, helps him be more balanced in fiery situations. 

Zodiac sign effects occur despite the purpose of using that bracelet.


Agate is a lucky crystal for people born in the year of the Pig. Every person born in the pig year could and should have this crystal at home or as jewellery. Agate is a crystal that is good to give to those born in the pig year, it brings him happiness, joy, satisfaction, strong health, protects him from misfortune and evil. In addition, Agate helps to strengthen the weak characteristics of those born in the pig year and contributes to the overall balance. The more Agate, the happier the soul!

The best and most useful way to charge Agate is on an Agate geode. The best thing for Agate is Sage smoke for cleaning it.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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