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BRONZITE flatstone

BRONZITE flatstone
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BRONZITE is a crystal with dark brown hue, its brownish or darker part symbolises grounding energies, protection and relief to stress. The part that’s golden or has a golden glow symbolises wealth and prosperity. Bronzite is mainly mined from Austria.

Bronzite is a crystal with grounding abilities used for balancing energies. Let these energies be Chakra channels or Feng Shui energy at home. Bronzite helps to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, over reacting, helps to get rid of mood swings and personality disorders. Bronzite is a crystal that helps to focus on the future, plan new projects and a crystal that helps to foresee fertile opportunities in your own life. It’s recommended to keep Bronzite crystal on your office desk to help bring you fruitful ideas, and on the work desk of a man to motivate him to work.

Bronzite carries masculine energy, therefore it works the best with men, helping to balance their female and male energy. For a man, it’s useful to carry Bronzite because it helps to maintain his ego and confidence. Bronzite helps to increase men’s personal strength and motivate them professionally. To get the effect of Bronzite, then it’s suitable to add it to crystal sets, carried as a piece of jewellery or simply as a crystal in a pocket. The main thing is that the crystal has to be constantly with the man. As Bronzite mainly carries male energy within then the crystal is useful for women who feel like they are easily affected or they are easy to be used. This means that there are abundant amounts of female energy and the person’s soul can’t stand up for itself. Male energy gives independence, courage and energy.

Bronzite is a crystal that helps us to understand which effects/glues/messages from other people are useful for us and whatnot. Helps you to analyse the opinion of other people and to learn to make a difference between good and bad effects. For Bronzite to work, carry this crystal with you.

Bronzite is a crystal that helps to get along in life. Bring Bronzite into your life when you wish to get rid of misfortune, emotional pain, inconveniences in your life when you suffer from health problems and you have been long tied with big problems. Bronzite helps to get along during a life period like this, find solutions to problems and give you enough strength so you could create joy and happiness into your life.

Bronzite is a crystal that helps you grow emotionally resilient. It helps you to have two feet on the ground when there is a storm in your life and a confusing situation that wants to tear you off the ground. Bronzite helps maintain common sense and guide you to be productive instead of fearful and panic. It helps maintain peace, balance and increase patience. I recommend Bronzite if you are learning to be emotionally resilient along the way or if you have difficulty maintaining peace when a problem arises. Read more about emotional resilience from HERE.


Different flatstone shaped crystals are made from different semi-precious crystals, to use them as massage object, in healing therapies, meditation or, for example, in Chakra therapy. The flattened shape provides a good and convenient way to use the crystal in therapies. These crystals can be used exactly the same way as round crystals are used. If you like this shape more, be sure to use flatstone crystals. In this crystal, all the essential characteristics of this crystal are present. This shape simply transforms this crystal into a better meditation and healing crystal.


Flatstone crystal can be used for massage by anybody, without having to have a speciality. Massage can be done for yourself, your companion, etc.

- Back or upper body massage with Bronzite helps to relieve tension. Bronzite is a crystal that helps to stop excessive thinking that harms. This is the crystal that helps you to be focused, calm and balanced. Bronzite massage is healthy and helps you to regain peace.

- Massage as close to the Solar Plexus Chakra as possible. Bronzite helps to restore the energy of Solar Plexus Chakra, helps to get rid of digestion problems, helps to heal stomach problems and is a useful healing massage for people whose stomach is overly acidic.


Usually, in meditation, two flatstone crystals are used together, so that crystals are held in both hands during it. Meditation takes place in a cross-legged position, laying down, or in a way, you simply want to. During meditation a comfortable position is always found, crystal held in hands and soul is left to rest with the crystals.

- It’s healthy to meditate with Bronzite, as it helps to get rid of worrying too much and nervousness.

- Bronzite meditation helps to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra.

"Meditation for clearing thoughts"

You can clear your thoughts with the Bronzite meditation crystal. Bronzite has the ability to release the thoughts and emotions from your minds that are not worth thinking about. Bronzite helps to bring clarity into different themes you distress over. Use Bronzite in meditation when you wish to make a specific decision you have had a hard time doing. For meditating with Bronzite, keep one meditation crystal in both hands, that is place it between your hands. After that, close your eye, focus on what you want clarity for and let visions appear. Meditate for as long as an answer has come to your thoughts about how to perceive this thing.

Flatstone healing crystals are always held in a bag/box that is meant for healing crystals. If you do not have a thing like this, then I recommend creating it, so that crystals would maintain their power for as long as possible.

Always after the therapy clean crystal with ritual plant, incense or magical candle. Suitable are JasmineLavenderSageLemon grassMusk and Coriander.

Helps you to always be on the right path of fate

This is a crystal that helps you to get on the right path of fate without making conscious choices for it. This means that Bronzite has the ability to subconsciously direct you in the right direction. Always when decision making is necessary for your path of life, then carrying Bronzite will help you make decisions through gut feeling and without noticing it yourself. Bronzite works for you, helping to detect the best road fate gives you. Sometimes you can’t make the best of choices, in that case, Bronzite will make the best decision for you even in the worst cases. To get power like this from Bronzite crystal, carry it with you or keep it beside your picture at home. You can direct the power of crystals into your Aura by keeping a crystal in your photograph. In that case, the energy of the crystal will also go to your Aura, but does it slower than wearing the crystal as a piece of jewellery.

Bronzite is a FENG SHUI crystal as it helps to relieve tension in children. Bronzite suits for every quarter and is best for the children’s room to work efficiently. The existence of Bronzite at home helps small kids to get rid of their sadness, stress, nervousness and fears. Bronzite crystal suits perfectly to the soil of a parlour palm and the plant, in turn, to the children’s room. Parlour palm with Bronzite helps to balance the children’s nervous system even more powerfully.

Bronzite symbolises the fire element and it carries fire energy within. Fire element crystals are mos suitable and needed in the Feng Shui home therapy for the South quarter of the home. Bronzite is useful for family members living at home. Bronzite in the South Quarter helps to increase motivation, strength, resistance in family members, it creates emotional balance and helps to increase passion between partners. 

It’s useful to keep Bronzite at home, it helps family members to get along better. Bronzite helps to solve problems within the family. For example, keep it in a crystal set you have created for improving the well-being of the family. Bronzite crystal can be kept in the South Quarter of the home. 

Home protection

Bronzite has an ability linked to protecting from bad luck. As protective crystals are generally kept by the front door or gate of the house, on the window sill, and, generally, one or two sets are created for the whole household, then Bronzite could also be taken together with other protection crystals, so it could understand its purpose. By the front door, Bronzite goes perfectly with Black Tourmaline for casting off bad luck. 


Combine Bronzite crystal together with Rhyolite and carry them with you for at least six months. The combination of these crystals helps to bring the tasks of Karma closer, to solve them and to have the chance to go on with life in places where obstacles. 


Bronzite and Tiger’s Eye are the two crystals that will help us to face the ego in us. These two crystal help our soul to come forward and ego to subside. Wear and use these two crystals together, when you wish to decrease the size of your ego and let the soul in your body open up. Tiger’s Eye and Bronzite help to release you from wrong behaviour, helping also to get rid of illusions ego has created. You can find this article HERE.


For healing with Bronzite, you could make a tumbled crystal water elixir or wear jewellery made of this crystal.

- Water-elixir is made from Bronzite crystal when crystal therapy is wanted for gastric problems, balancing acidness or reflux illness. For that keep the crystal in a water-elixir glass for 20 minutes and after that, drink it. Bronzite elixir can be done every day.

- The main healing quality of Bronzite is regulating gastric acid, healing gastric problems, improving the digestive system and metabolism. Bronzite is for people who have stomach aches, who are sensitive to different foods and who suffer from heartburn.

- Bronzite helps to get rid of long term stress. Is especially useful for men whose stress is related to material worries. Bronzite helps to get rid of chronic fatigue and constant exhaustion. Helps those who constantly work on improving their health, but results are not easy to come.

- Helps with iron intake and keeping haemoglobin in balance. Heals the Solar Plexus Chakra.

- Bronzite helps to reduce reactions that could come up with different food allergies. But, it will not take away all the allergy symptoms so the person could see and sense himself for what he is allergic to. It’s useful to knowingly avoid foods that harm the body. Bronzite simply reduces reactions, so they wouldn’t cause much discomfort. 


While one crystal usually affects one or two Chakras, Bronzite affects three Chakras. Above all, it helps to stimulate the Root Chakra, or to make you physically active. By healing the Sacral Chakra, this crystal helps your blood to be healthy and also keeps you motivated. Bronzite also heals the Solar Plexus, helping to regulate stomach acid and always move forward in life.


Among zodiac signs Bronzite has the strongest effect on LEOS ♌, helping also to increase personal strength besides its healing qualities. Bronzite brings prosperous energy to Leo’s that will help them to achieve everything they have ever wished for business and work-wise. Bronzite will fulfil Leo’s material dreams.  In addition, Bronzite is also a crystal with a lowering effect on Leos, which makes it strong.

I recommend charing Bronzite on an Aragonite geode and cleanse it with ritual plant smoke.

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals HERE.

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