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CHAROITE tumbled

CHAROITE tumbled
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CHAROITE is a beautiful purple crystal that’s mainly multicoloured composed of dark purple, light purple, blackish purple and lavender tones. To this day, Charoite is mainly found in Russia Siberia near a river named Chara and in the Czech Republic. Crystal is not a stand-alone mineral but is composed of other different crystals, like Calcite. Charoite is a new power object in the crystal world, as it was only discovered seventy years ago, therefore it does not have a long history of use. But, when it was finally discovered, it was immediately used for magic rituals, healing rituals and in hex bags (with ritual plants and taro cards), to accelerate these processes.

Charoite consists of a large number of different minerals. Charoite is created in the ground by merging potassium, sodium, barium, strontium, oxygen, silicon and hydrogen. Charoite is a very beautiful crystal, and with years it only becomes more precious. 

Charoite is a crystal of "progress and movement" that helps to put up with different situations, go with the flow and to avoid that so-called stagnation. Charoite teaches to take life the way it was given to you and helps to get rid of the "What if?" mentality. Charoite is a crystal that helps you to get rid of emotions that prevent you from moving forward with your life. Charoite helps you to understand why you hold onto something, why you feel bad emotions and where they come from. It is the healer of the soul, which teaches you to keep up your head despite the situation, teaching you to value your life and preventing you from giving up. As a talisman, Charoite helps you to get in the place in your life where you should be, that is it helps to subconsciously make the right steps towards a better future.

Charoite brings courage, energy, enthusiasm and strength to people who have been home for a while and wish to return to social life, whether to work or school. Charoite helps to remember what has been once learned and helps to adapt better.

Charoite is one of the few transmitters of violet light like Amethyst is. Violet lights is a spiritually healing crystal gleam that helps to balance out spiritually, removes nervousness, stress and replaces it with strong intuition.

Charoite is a crystal of love that helps you to feel good. Charoite suits for people who have been alone for a while or who feel like they are lonely and abandoned in a relationship. In that case, Charoite could be with other love crystals, helping to get rid of that feeling of loneliness. Charoite helps to align Crown and Heart Chakra that in turn works as a creator of unconditional love. Charoite brings strong love related intuition, helps to recognise your companion in fate and helps you to treat him right.

When you constantly feel alone or without protection, then Charoite helps to heal that place in you. Charoite helps you to feel that you’re not alone in this world and also takes away the fear related to the sense of danger. Charoite helps to retain only real feelings and the sense of danger, it won’t eliminate intuition but will do so with fear. 

As a working crystal, it’s also useful for owners of businesses and bosses. Bringing Charoite to working areas helps the workers to be more successful and helps to get rid of the so-called laziness, carelessness and indifference.

New beginning

Charoite is a crystal that helps you to start everything from the beginning, let it be a new beginning in a relationship, work or learning. Brings good luck to finding love or a job, even when you don’t have high hopes yourself because of your own abilities to not get the job. Charoite helps to notice you and lets a stranger give you a chance. That same energy can also be used when one goes to live somewhere far and where you don’t have friends or a job. Charoite helps to adapt to a new lifestyle, situation and increases hope to find friends and a new job.

Understanding relationship ties

Charoite has the power that helps to direct the person to analyse himself and particularly in the relationships area. Charoite helps to understand why some people have entered your path in life, what he needs to teach you, what you need to give him and why at all you have very intense contact with some people. Charoite helps to clearly see and understand your relationship with another person. It’s a very useful crystal and helps you to find quite a few answers to important questions in your life. 

When you wish to get this power and direction from a tumbled crystal then keep it with other already existing love crystals. When you yet don’t have crystals like this, then Charoite may be your first love crystal besides what you can add all the other love crystals which energy and power you wish to have in your life. Love crystals are kept in the South or South-West Quarter in your home. You can read more about love crystal altar from HERE.

Prophetic relationship and love related dreams

Charoite is closely related to the Crown Chakra and making it more powerful, which means that Charoite can bring forward prophetic dreams. Foremost, Charoite can bring predictions in dreams related to relationships and love. When you’re looking for a crystal that would help you to foresee your future partner or give answers to questions related to that, bring clarity into a relationship you’re in or something like this, then Charoite is exactly the right crystal for fulling your wish.

When you have a wish to get all of this from Charoite then add many of them in your dream crystal set you have created for yourself for that purpose. When you don’t have one, then think about making one. You can bring Charoite together with Garnite, Lazurite and Labradorite when you wish to get an especially strong crystal connection that would help you to see relationship-related predictions and advice in your dreams.

Harassing or sexual nightmares

Charoite helps you when you experience nightmares with harassing or unhealthy sexual visions. When something similar comes and haunts you without a real reason for it or you’re haunted by memories from bad experiences from the past, then Charoite helps you. For that, place Charoite in your pillowcase to let it help to heal your minds in sleep and release dreams that harass you. When nightmares come from your past experiences them be sure to add Lemurian Jade to your everyday use, they will help to heal past memories like this.

Two Charoites for maintaining closeness

Charoite is used for keeping the feelings between two people alive. For that, one side will keep two Charoite crystals for at least a week near him and with him daily so that crystals would capture the energy wave of the person who wears it. Then, one of the crystals is given to your loved one. These Charoites are magnet crystals that wish to create a connection with each other and demand closeness. I usually recommend this crystal magic to couples who live too far from each other because of work and who are afraid that their relationship will start to cool off because of that. It also suits for using between family members when someone goes to live abroad and a stronger bond is wished to be maintained.

Forgiving to a loved one or family member with Green Kuntsite

Green Kuntsite is a crystal that helps to forgive cheating, betrayal and insidiousness which is caused by a loved one and Charoite is a crystal that, in general, helps to forgive. By combining these crystals together they help to forgive both, for your loved one and family members. Let the problem be abandonment in the childhood, paying little attention or violence. I recommend wearing these crystals together, whether as jewellery or in a crystal bag that could be light green.

- Wear Charoite as earrings, talisman around the neck or meditate with the crystal when you suffer from glaucoma. Charoite helps to heal that health problem, to stop its development or prevent it.

- It’s a crystal that’s strongly related to the Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra, therefore Charoite helps to heal problems rooted in these Chakras. One of Charoites ability is to heal heart nerves and release the pain and tension they have caused by the body. With the Crown, Chakra Charoite helps to release hallucinations and wrong seeing from the minds.

- Charoite is a Crown Chakra crystal and therefore it heals sleep disorders. When you suffer from insomnia, you can’t fall asleep or sleep is not full, then using Charoite can help you with that. With that, it would be really good to wear this crystal and keep a tumbled crystal in your bedroom among crystals that favour sleep. 

- It’s a crystal that helps to prevent walking in your sleep or to stop talking in your sleep. Especially useful for people who snore or disturb the sleep of other people with that. In that case, Charoite should definitely be in a bedroom.

- One of the best crystals for men who suffer from sleep disorders. Usually, these men also have headaches and Charoite also works against that problem. For that, these men should wear Charoite as closely against the throat as possible with a very short crystal jewellery band.  


Charoite releases the stress from Crown Chakra that won’t allow you to sense your own fate, see your future, get answers in your dreams and to dream. Wear this crystal around your neck at nights to get a result like this. 

Charoite can help to open the upper Chakras of people who have worked with crystals for a long time, that opens you up for seeing visions. These Chakras are above the Crown Chakra. 

In addition to the Crown Chakra, Charoite can heal and activate the Heart Chakra. Charoite is related to relationships, feelings and love and all of these emotions are placed in your fourth, that is in your Heart Chakra. Charoite helps to give more power to the Heart Chakra, helping people to understand through that to whom he has feelings for and where he should move relationship-wise. In addition to this, Charoite helps to improve unconditional love, helping to love people the way they are and also to love your surroundings. Charoite helps the Heart Chakra and makes it very sensitive for romantic feelings to even come forward and for the love fro a person close to you, for yourself and for the world could become deeper. 


Charoite is a crystal that helps SCORPIO to bring out his best character traits. Charoite is a Scorpio zodiac crystal that brings him positivity, good luck and opens the strongest sides in him. When a Scorpio wears Charoite crystal then his most negative sides will retreat and all the good in him can come out. The 8 best sides, which you can read more about from HERE, will definitely be brought forward with the help of Charoite crystal.

Charoite is one of the love crystals for a VIRGO ♍ that will help him to appreciate his partner, love unconditionally and maintain love. This is a crystal that helps Virgo to open himself up in a relationship and will bring him overall luck in relationships. Charoite in one form or another is a very important and essential crystal that helps to set his relationship life in order. Charoite will bring new love to a single Virgo and a deeper connection with his partner to a Virgo in a relationship.

Charoite should definitely be given to a little baby Scorpio to give him the ability to shine with these positive character traits and to balance his negative sides the zodiac sign has given him right from birth.

Use tumbled Charoite for adding it among your astrology and numerology birth crystals. All the lucky crystals according to astrology and numerology can be placed together, where you also add your photograph. That way Charoite will also work as a distant healer. Do this when you don’t wish to wear Charoite but yet want to have its qualities. You can read more about birth crystals from HERE.


Charoite is a love talisman for life path number 6. You can read more about life path number 6 from HERE.

Charoite can be best charged with Apophyllite and Agate geode and it would be good to charge it at least once a month with Sage ritual plant. You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals from HERE
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