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NUUMMITE tumbled

NUUMMITE tumbled
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NUUMMITE has a very mysterious appearance and nature. It is a very special crystal by its properties. It is a dark coloured crystal, which can have irregularities, cracks, and dark colour shades. The main shade of Nuummite is from black to dark brown. It originates from Greenland and has gotten its name after Greenland. The name of Nuummite comes from a word Nuuk, which is the capital of Greenland. Nuummite consists of two different crystals, namely Anthophyllite and Gedrite.

Nuummite is known to be one of the oldest crystals on our Earth that people have discovered. It is considered its age to be more than three billion years. Knowing that it is an old crystal is already causing chills and great respect for this crystal. Nuummite should be given an utmost care and respect.

Nuummite has the ability to hide its energies and only bring them out when needed. Therefore, it's a crystal that does not reach you very fast. If it comes to you one day, it needs to heal and help you.

Nuummite has the ability to protect you from misfortune, evil, trauma, and very big life changing problems. If in your life you are experiencing a period where everything is collapsing and goes downhill, then Nuummite is definitely the crystal that will help you to get out of this dark hole. In this case, it is useful for you to carry Nuummite daily with you or keep it at home.

Nuummite is a very useful crystal for you if you feel pressure from the world. It will help to protect you from the fear that the world injects into you. Nuummite will not let you focus on propaganda and the media and not allow you to believe in everything that the media tells you, and will remove the fear that has been deliberately caused to you.

If you want to make your home a peaceful place and keep your home away from all that pressure and negativity caused by the world, then hide Nuummite in your home. Add Nuummite to the foundation during the construction of the home and if you already have a home, then put a piece of Nuummite into each room. It's also good if you hide Nuummite in your garden. Nuummite helps to keep your home away from the negativity of the world.

Magic and ritual items

Nuummite is a crystal that can preserve the magic power items. If you have a knife for drawing Runes on candles, special matches for burning candles, a special place for storing incense, ritual plants and candles, then be sure to keep Nuummite among those things. Nuummite helps to preserve the power of those objects. Nuummite is a crystal I keep among my power objects. It is also good to keep Nuummite together with a pendulum so that the pendulum would not lose its power.

Extremely strong home protector, belonging to home protection crystals´ network

Nuummite is a very good home protection crystal, which helps to keep away curse, evil, bad souls, demons, unluck and serious diseases. Nuummite is one of the most important crystals, which could be inside your home. Read more about creating a home protection crystals´network for your home, which helps to protect your home from everything, which is possible for Nuummite. You can find this article HERE.

I recommend keeping Nuummite beside the little baby`s bed so that this crystal could protect the child's fragile soul from evil and misfortune. Nuummite also protects children from exploitation, harassment and manipulation. The more Nuummite there is in your child`s or in your own life, the more protection you have.

Nuummite blocks the work and overtaking of the demons. Nuummite will protect you from alcoholism and other addictive illnesses.

Astral journey through various dimensions

Nuummite is an ideal astral journey crystal that facilitates your night journeys through the world of dreams. Find a place for Nuummite in your bedroom and if you already have separate crystals for the astral journey, be sure to add Nuummite among these crystals.

There could be three or six pieces of Nuummite there, since it is very useful to store Nuummite in threes or in a number that divides by three. Number three symbolizes balance and thus works best for the Nuummite astral journey.

Nuummite has the ability to protect your soul during astral journey, so that you do not accidentally bring along your problems and that it does not tarnish you. Nuummite will help you to see the invisible and through sleep to see places that the human mind cannot imagine.

Nuummite will help you to travel back and forth, in other words, to the past and to the future. Combine Nuummite together with Rhyolite and Preseli, to help you see your past lives. Combine Nuummite together with Galaxite and Phosphosiderite, if you want to see the future. All of these crystals can be collectively a part of the astral journey crystal set, because they all improve this energy field.

Understanding your journey

It's a crystal that will help you open your eyes to your own life. Nuummite helps you to understand why you are born into this physical body, why you are surrounded by such problems and challenges. Nuummite is a crystal for understanding of your journey, which will help you reach what you have to accomplish and what are your biggest tasks. For the same purposes carry Nuummite with you or keep it on your photo at home.

If you are interested in better understanding of your own journey, I suggest you make a magic that will help you open your eyes on this subject. You can find the "Magic of understanding your life path" HERE.


Nuummite will heal the very first chakra very effectively. Since it is a very strong crystal, the healing power of Root Chakra is also strong. First and foremost, I recommend Nuummite for those with cancer or other severe illness in the body. Nuummite is healing the Root Chakra which, if damaged, would be the reason for getting such a disease in the body. Wear Nuummite for this purpose or make a water elixir every day until healing.


- Nuummite is used to heal big physical problems and diseases. Nuummite is a rather strong crystal that can heal hard to cure illnesses. Nuummite helps to inhibit the growth of tumours.

- Nuummite is very effective in treating poisoning. Nuummite does not let the poison to stay in the body for a long time, or protects you from getting poisoned. If you are wearing Nuummite, it can intuitively guide you away from plants, food or places that could cause you to be poisoned.

- This crystal can clean the body's residues. Nuummite activates the body to cleanse and restore itself. Nuummite is a very useful crystal at the time of recovering from some illness.

For healing purposes wear Nuummite jewellery, carry Nuummite crystal with you or prepare yourself a healing water elixir.


Nuummite is a crystal, which, above all, starts to work with SAGITTARIUS. Nuummite is a very powerful crystal for Sagittarius who wants to make his vision work more successful, who wants to better understand the future. This helps Sagittarius to better understand his own journey. Sagittarius should definitely have Nuummite in their home and if a set of lucky crystals was created based on astrology / numerology, then Nuummite should certainly be in that set. The set of lucky birth crystals are formed from constellation, life path number, first date of birthday, and other indicators. All crystals are added together with your own photo.

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