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PINK MOSS AGATE is one of the forms of Moss Agate, characterized by a peach-pink hue. Pink Moss Agate is very colourful in appearance and has a pattern of dots and spots. The Pink Moss Agate also carries within the properties of regular Moss Agate such as healing a person and attracting prosperity. While the regular Moss Agate is the bringer of material prosperity, the Pink Moss Agate brings love.

Pink Moss Agate helps heal from emotional trauma and is very helpful for those who have suffered from mental violence and persecution. The Pink Moss Agate helps heal a person's Heart Chakra, which has been broken by someone else. Helping to learn to trust life again and find hope again. Pink Moss Agate teaches that life goes on, and for a person who has harassed themselves, the best achievement is not to give up in life.

Pink Moss Agate is given to a newborn who is a girl. Pink Moss Agate helps this child to set her feminine energies to place and prevents the formation of emotional wounds. It supports girls' good sleep and balance.

Pink Moss Agate is often used in rituals of attracting love because it has abundant qualities that can fulfil desires.

Love crystal 

Pink Moss Agate is a crystal of the Heart Chakra, which means that it has the ability to heal your fourth Chakra. Pink Moss Agate helps release emotions from your soul that make you sad and prevent you from loving. It is a crystal that teaches you to love again, to receive love and to share it. Suitable for those who are shy in nature and who find it very difficult to show their feelings to the person they care about.

Keep the Pink Moss Agate in your bedroom next to the bed to help heal your love. If you are in a relationship and this relationship has lost its passion or good communication with each other, then this crystal is useful for you. In this case, keep two Pink Moss Agates at the same time under the bed of yourself and your companion.

Pink Moss Agate is a crystal of love that helps you learn to love and receive love. It is a crystal used in love crystal sets. Pink Moss Agate brings new love when put together with Larimar, and helps to strengthen the relationship when kept together with Emerald.

Pink Moss Agate is given to your loved one if you want to get along better with him and build trust again. Pink Moss Agate helps heal emotions when you are betrayed or lost.

The connection between parent and child

Pink Moss Agate helps to heal the bond between the child and the parent. By helping to get along better with each other, to understand each other, to strengthen love, and to reduce ill-talk.

To do this, the parent gives his or her child a Pink Moss Agate and another for himself. Both carry these crystals with them until the relationship has improved.

Another possibility is to place this crystal under the bed when there is a bigger problem with communication and sharing the love.

According to Feng Shui, Pink Moss Agate is kept in a South-West quarter on a plant or in a set of crystals of family love, if you want to get exactly the same result.


To heal with Pink Moss Agate, wear it as a piece of jewellery or make a water elixir out of this crystal.

- Cardiac nerves, heart, heart failure, arrhythmia, cardiovascular system, blood, circulation, anaemia, haemoglobin, sepsis, blood recovery, anaemia, varicose veins.

- Pink Moss Agate is useful for those who have been ill for a long time and who no longer have faith in healing. It is an emotional helper that helps to re-establish faith and reject emotions that produce fear in the soul.

You can read more about making water-elixir and storing crystals from HERE.
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