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ROSE QUARTZ is with an extremely delicate energy vibration that starts to work in your Aura so that you do not initially notice its effect. It makes this crystal a very good healer, helping to remove irritability from your soul, nervousness and excessive emotionality, helping you to be emotionally more stable and balanced. The effects of Rose Quartz you will feel later because it takes care of your Aura corrections very carefully.

Rose Quartz has had a very long past in human history. Rose Quartz has been found used by human beings in the former Mesopotamia where today is Iraq and objects made from Rose Quartz are dating back to 7000 BC. This means that it is known that people have been using Rose Quartz for their well-being for at least 9000 years. Anyway, this is one very interesting fact I know about the history of Rose Quartz. 

Old Egyptians and Greeks wore jewellery made from Rose Quartz to invite the child and family luck to their life. This is also believed today. Rose Quartz was already considered to be a rejuvenating crystal that does not let the human charm, beauty and shine disappear, helping to keep the stress level as low as possible so that the body does not prematurely age. 

In the middle ages, Rose Quartz was used for medical purposes and water-elixir was made. In addition to the elixir, this crystal was kept inside the various herbal drinks that healed the body. It was already believed back then that Rose Quartz can heal heart disease and emotional pain conditions. 

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love crystal that has all that you need. The love crystal, which teaches you to love, receive love, respect it, share and appreciate it. Crystal, which is able to lead you on the right path in relationships, showing you to whom your heart should belong and whom not. This is a crystal that helps you to make the right decisions in a relationship. A crystal that awakens love in you, even if it's locked up very deep inside you. A Heart Chakra crystal that helps to heal the heart, alleviate your sadness or feelings of disappointment. A crystal that has the ability to give you hope, faith and strength to help you believe in love again. Rose Quartz is suitable for everyone, both for children, young adults and adults of all ages. Rose Quartz brings friendship and makes life more beautiful. 

Rose Quartz is a symbol of femininity and a crystal of motherhood given to pregnant women or newborn babies to protect them. Rose Quartz can be added to absolutely any kind of love crystal sets because it has the ability to link together with other love crystals and send their messages to the universe. Rose Quartz as a Feng Shui element suits perfectly to be kept at work or in the office to keep yourself from criticism and gossip that could make going to work unpleasant. Rose Quartz protects the person who wears it from gossip.

Besides that, Rose Quartz is a working crystal for people in the beauty So, it suits for all beauticians, make-up artists, hairdressers or masseuses to their work environment. Rose Quartz helps them to attract clients and to creatively pass on their talent for everyone to be pleased. Rose Quartz at home increases the feeling of unity among family members, helps to resolve differences, increases communication and trust. Rose Quartz can be taken to any place in the room, to the bedroom, living room, etc.

Rose Quartz is a powerful love crystal in any sense, for its universality it’s a wonderful soul and emotional healer. Rose Quartz, for example, is very useful for people who can’t enjoy life, feel joy, happiness over little thing and for those who can’t find joy from love because no one has ever offered them it. Rose Quartz helps to replace that cap in the soul, that has missed and still misses love someone personally has given to him. Rose Quartz helps to replace lack of love, restore that cap and fill it with love. For example, when there has been a lot of rejections in the past and life has generally been very difficult, then Rose Quartz helps to come out of it all. Rose Quartz helps to inform how important it is to let love grow and how important it is to enjoy it. Rose Quartz helps to heal those spiritual wounds from this life or that have been brought along from past lives. The only way to feel the love in life is when a person learns to love himself. This is what Rose Quartz helps to do, by teaching firstly to let himself feel the love. 

Rose Quartz brings along love, joy and getting along well for the family

It’s useful to keep Rose Quartz crystal in your home, so it could bring along love happiness to your home. Rose Quartz can be kept in the home just where you wish to keep it, it works well anywhere. Rose Quartz emits very mild energy vibration that heals the environment, helping to release energies that block love energy and to store everything that Rose Quartz can give. The more Rose Quartz in your home, the better family members will get along, the more joy, positivity and goodness will exist in your home.     

To get all the good from Rose Quartz, I recommend placing it by the bedroom door in case of relationship problems. As a Feng Shui element, it goes there perfectly, helping to stop negative vibrations that come to the bedroom, that is to the room of romance. The other related area of the household is the Western quarter, but in a case like this, I recommend taking Rose Quartz to the plants outside. I definitely recommend increasing the home’s energy already from the outside, if you have your own house and yard.

Rose Quartz is a powerful love crystal in any sense, for its universality it’s a wonderful soul and emotional healer. For example, Rose Quartz is very useful for people who can’t enjoy life, to find joy from it and be happy about the little things in life. Also to people who can’t enjoy love as no one has ever offered them it. Rose Quartz helps to replace that cap in the soul, that has missed and still misses love someone personally has given to him. Rose Quartz helps to relieve the lack of love and to fill this gap with love. For example, when there has been a lot of rejections in the past and life has generally been very difficult, then Rose Quartz helps to come out of it all. Rose Quartz helps to inform how important it is to let love grow and how important it is to enjoy it. Rose Quartz helps to heal those spiritual wounds from this life or that have been brought along from past lives. The only way to feel the love in life is when a person learns to love himself. Rose Quartz helps to do this, by teaching firstly to allow you to feel love by yourself. 

Sensuality, passion and romance

Rose Quartz is an aphrodisiac among crystals with the ability to create passion in a person and to make him more sensual and romantic. Rose Quartz is very good for improving relationships and you should definitely keep this crystal in the bedroom or on a special love crystal altar. Rose Quartz increases the want to be spiritually and physically close to your loved one. Helps to become more sensual and increases luck in love for single people. Rose Quartz makes a grown-up more sexual and increases lust. In addition to Rose Quartz, Garnet, Red Jasper, Buddha and also Rainbow Moonstone will do the same.

Kid’s good and peaceful sleep

Rose Quartz is a crystal that helps to calm the kid down before falling asleep and when you keep this crystal in the child’s bedroom, then he can fall asleep quicker. Rose Quartz suits perfectly to be by the bed in a child’s room with stress-relieving crystals like SeleniteMoonstone or Blue Quartz, to help the kid to relax before going to bed and making him fall asleep better. Rose Quartz helps to protect from bad dreams, restless sleep, nightmares and the fear of falling asleep alone. Rose Quartz suits for newborns, small children, teenagers and, really, even grown-ups can use it with bad sleep. Rose Quartz very effectively relieves stress and the more there is of it at home, the healthier family members will be.

Rose Quartz as a stress reliever

Combine Rose Quartz with Rock Crystal, CarnelianSeleniteWhite Opal and Smoke Quartz and keep them on your picture, done only a few months ago. Crystals will work very well like this, by helping to do the so-called crystal therapy. Pictures have a very strong energetics and through them, you can help yourself. Keep crystals and pictures in your bedroom on a cupboard or shelf. When you feel positive, then clean the crystals and take them to nature.


Rose Quartz is part of the Quartz family that gives this crystal the ability to adapt very well with other crystals. Combining Rose Quartz with any crystal helps this other crystal to achieve something related to feelings and relationships. For example, when you put Rose Quartz together with a protection crystal, then the combination of this two crystal helps to protect a relationship or feelings. That same quality makes Rose Quartz into a very good “partner crystal”, that is, into a crystal you can combine very easily with other crystals. But when you don’t want anything on that level in life at the moment and to direct the power of other crystal to love, then wear it individually without other crystals. Rather, ask yourself, what do you want from Rose Quartz, and from that combine it with other crystals or use it alone in its glory. 

Sorting out feelings

Take Prasiolite crystal together with Rose Quartz and continuously keep these two crystals together near you when you wish to sort out your feelings. Wear these crystals with you for as long as you feel like you have sorted things out. You can carry these crystals in a bag or as jewellery every day.  

Connection with an unborn child

By combining Rose Quartz with Unakite and wearing them together during the pregnancy helps to create a strong emotional connection with the child. These crystals can be kept on the stomach when you wish to pass along a message to the child or give out positive emotions.

Attracting love in a later life/older partner

For that, combine Rose Quartz with Emerald and they are worn together or added to the love crystal sets as the main crystals there.

Attracting love in a younger age/younger partner

Main love crystals with Rose Quartz could be Blue Topaz and they should be added to as many love sets as possible.

Rejuvenating water-elixir

Make yourself Rose Quartz and tumbled Bronzite water-elixir or keep them in bathwater. When you wash your skin with this crystal elixir, it helps to prevent ageing and make the skin elastic.

How to understand that he is the “one”?

Take Rose Quartz and Garnet to date and hide them above your Heart Chakra as jewellery or inside your clothes. Before that, you, of course, have to clean the crystals and charge them with Moonlight. On the date, you’ll get a strong connection with that person or he will leave you unimpressed. This is where you’ll get your answer.


Wearing Rose Quartz provides healing to the following problems:

- Rose Quartz has the ability to make people younger and it is useful to use them for healing if you want to rejuvenate yourself. Rose Quartz makes the skin shine and more beautiful. A crystal that helps to stop ageing and highlights the natural beauty of a person.

- Rose Quartz is a Heart Chakra crystal, which means that it has the ability to heal the heart, cardiovascular tissue and the cardiac nerves. Crystal, which helps to get rid of tension in your chest, relieving nerve tension and healing your heart in general.

- Useful crystal for heart patients. Crystal, which helps to heal the existing problem and disease, giving additional energy to both alternative therapies and medical healing.

- Rose Quartz is one of the fertility crystals that have the ability to increase the fertility of both a woman and a man. Rose Quartz heals reproductive organs, helping, for example, women who continuously fight cysts and myomas. The crystal that could be worn in case of women's or men's illnesses. Rose Quartz is also worth wearing if you want to conceive. Rose Quartz is used to heal infertility and to quicken the healing process of illnesses related to the womb. For that Rose Quartz should definitely combine with another fertility crystal so the right message could be forwarded to the body, like wearing Red JasperRed AventurineSugilite or Unakite together. 

- Rose Quartz is used to heal different wounds and blisters. For that, the crystal is held gently on the wound or water-elixir is used to heal the place being healed.

- Rose Quartz water-elixir helps to heal arrhythmia and blood circulation. With arrhythmia Rose Quartz is combined with Amazonite (that is, Rose Quartz is made into water-elixir and Amazonite is worn as a pendant). Rose Quartz helps to get rid of stress and tensions related to relationships.


Rose Quartz works the best with the fourth Chakra among seven Chakras, that is with the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz is a universal Heart Chakra crystal that helps this Chakra to function properly. Heart Chakra is situated in your chest and is linked to love and feelings. Rose Quartz helps to give strength to this Chakra so it could work fully. Healthy Heart Chakra helps to accept love, to learn to share love, to appreciate it, notice it and honour it.

Heart Chakra regulates the energy coming to the Aura field from the outside. Heart Chakra is the channel that regulates energy flow to the soul. A strong Chakra won’t allow irrelevant and negative energy to the Aura field, a weak one will. Heart Chakra needs to be kept healthy and strong for the soul to be protected from spiritual pathogens, like spiritual pain. Rose Quartz helps to stabilise the work of Heart Chakra, helping this filter to work for you in the Heart Chakra. 


For TAURUS Rose Quartz is a love crystal. Rose Quartz helps to attract love to Taurus’ life, helping him to meet his soulmate

For CANCER Rose Quartz is also a love crystal. This helps to support Cancer emotionally and relieve his problems with the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz brings love luck to Cancer, helps him to be open-minded without having to regret what he said.

To a SCORPIO Rose Quartz is suited perfectly, which helps him to find his love, bring luck for relationship and teaches him to get along with his family members. Rose Quartz helps to bring peace to the family and warm up the relationships with people who are close to you. 


Rose Quartz is an important crystal for every person born in the year of the Pig - this crystal brings them luck in love. No matter which Pig year a person is born at, this crystal will support him with its love force, by bringing happiness, joy, balance, passion into the relationship, by providing unconditional love and improving relationships in every level. Every person born in the year of the pig could have this in one form or another.

Crystals directly in contact with your skin should be charged on geodes.

You can charge Rose Quartz crystals on Apophyllite or Desert Rose geode and cleanse with Sage ritual plant or Orange essential oil.

You can read more about charging and cleaning crystals from HERE.
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