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WOLLASTONITE is a crystal with a very specific power that’s not very well known or used among crystal people in the world. Usually, people who are so deep in the crystal world that they sense crystals in the right and the clear way will find this crystal to be of use for them. I call Wollastonite a crystal for people who are advanced in the crystal world. Wollastonite is very colourful and beautiful, it’s a crystal with characteristic dots and spots. The colour varies between reddish-brown, beige, white and brown. Wollastonite may also have greyish and yellowish tones. Wollastonite is formed from Limestone and Dolomite. It’s a crystal mainly found in the USA, Spain, Chile, China, Canada, and in addition to many more countries.

Creativity and an open mind

Wollastonite is a crystal that is very useful for people themselves and is that on a very personal level. The crystal that opens the creative mind, teaches you to think creatively and to use that skill in your life. The problem with society today is that information is so available that people have forgotten how to think, how to have curiosity towards life and how to discover life by themselves. This all will bring along the closing of the creative mind. Wollastonite is a crystal that can reopen this all or open up the person who has been living under a complete blockage. Wollastonite teaches you to think with your own head.

I recommend Wollastonite to people who work with creation, whose work or hobby is in the creative field. Wollastonite helps a person already creative, helping him to be even more creative and accelerate catching inspiration. This crystal, for example, could be in a room where work is done or creation is somehow expressed. Who, for example, teaches art, dance or music/singing or something creative to others, then to the working space of that person Wollastonite suits perfectly. Keeping the crystal in a place where other people need to be taught to develop themselves is where better results will become. Wollastonite releases the creative mind in everyone, as I already mentioned above.

Connecting people and group work

Wollastonite is a crystal that helps people to chime with each other by helping to promote group work. Wollastonite is useful for any group and the theme or field of the group is not important. Useful crystal that could be in the working spaces where a lot of people work together. Wollastonite helps to find a common language with people to accelerate processes a lot of people work with. Wollastonite has the ability to connect very different people and to teach them to work for the same purpose. For success, I recommend entrepreneurs to keep Wollastonite in a work environment where work for the company is done.

Efficient meditation crystal

Very useful crystal for meditation. Keep this crystal near you when you meditate. When you have a special meditation room or a place then I recommend keeping Wollastonite crystal in that room permanently. Wollastonite helps to conduct spiritual processes so that you won’t lose yourself in that and that you could come back to the physical life after meditation or finishing a spiritual activity. Who feels like meditation makes him completely dizzy then this is exactly what Wollastonite is for.


Wollastonite is a very useful predicting crystal that helps to conduct predictions and makes the results better. Wollastonite blocks all disturbing energies that could bring forth the wrong interpretations about the information. It would be useful to keep it in the box of Tarot cards, in a pendulum box or room where predictions are done. Wollastonite helps to see what the interest is. Crystal accelerates the right answers and gives the clairvoyant the possibility to be more successful and precise.

One of the talents in clairvoyance – clairaudience

Wollastonite is actually a very useful crystal for clairvoyants, helping those who have the talent of clairaudience. Wollastonite helps to release that talent, release blockages and accelerate the development of that talent. Clairaudience is when a clairvoyant can listen to other people’s thoughts, messages from different people and Angels and foresee the future through what someone from the spirit world tells him. Clairaudience is, for example, one of the talents that I use for my own use and for helping other people.

It would be good for a clairvoyant to keep Wollastonite in a special box or base where other crystals for the benefit of the clairvoyance talent are gathered. This kind of crystal set should be in the bedroom or working space of clairvoyance. For example, Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, Iolite, Kyanite, Scolecite and much other crystal that advance the clairvoyance talent go very well with Wollastonite.


- Wollastonite is a very useful crystal anti depressant. It has power that can prevent depression. With depression to heal it so that it would leave the spiritual body. Wollastonite won’t let the soul go into a place where it starts to destroy itself and this is one of the causes for depression.

To fight with or avoid depression keep Wollastonite with you daily during a risky time or when you’re in the midsts of depression. Second possibility is to make yourself every day water elixir from that crystal. When Wollastonite has helped you out from a dark hole or to decrease your falling down, then, to show gratitude, take it to the forest and leave it there for it to release your energy.

- Wollastonite helps to prevent mental illnesses and is particularly useful for healing schizophrenia and hallucinations. These two mental problems could come out mostly when the person himself thinks he sees real spirits, foresees future or can so-called “read” people. When the information that comes to people is only negative, scary and bad, then it most definitely is not the ability to read people but it shows it’s a mental problem.

- Crystal helps with muscle pains and is particularly useful for healing muscle diseases. When there is an illness like this in a body, then it would be worth it to keep Wollastonite crystal in the place that is hurt or use it as water-elixir crystal and to make yourself healing water from it.

ROOT CHAKRA is a Chakra that Wollastonite helps with its healing power the most. Wollastonite has the ability to re-balance the unbalanced Root Chakra. With an unbalanced Root Chakra, the person can’t really think clearly anymore, can’t see his life clearly and understand what he could do for improving his own well-being. Wollastonite helps to live so that the person could constantly do something for improving his own well-being. Wollastonite makes people move, and that in the physical sense of the verb. Root Chakra is strongly related to the physical side a person and physical activities.


Among zodiac signs, Wollastonite has the strongest effect on the three air-elements are AQUARIUS, GEMINI and LIBRA . Air-elements characteristic is that they tend to over think and use their energy wrongly. Wollastonite helps to straighten it up. In addition to this, Wollastonite helps to open up the creative mind of air-elements so that it could be productive and you could make something grandeur with it.

Different zodiac signs can use all of the crystals but a specific zodiac sign a crystal may have a more specific or quicker effect. When you feel connected to the crystal, then be sure to use it.

I recommend charging Wollastonite on a Muscovite geode and to clean it with Sage and Eucalyptus smudge stick.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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