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La Tene special bracelet "TEKTITE, RED JASPER, ONYX and HEMATITE"

La Tene special bracelet "TEKTITE, RED JASPER, ONYX and HEMATITE"
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La Tene special collection bracelet "TEKTITE, RED JASPER, ONYX and HEMATITE" brings protection and prosperity to its wearer, keeps away misfortune and makes you stronger.

Bracelet is made only of natural semi-precious gemstones, just like all La Tene brand jewellery. The jewellery is assembled with a special bracelet rubber, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

TEKTITE is a black coloured crystal formed during meteorite impacts. Tektite is a molten crystal and its name derives from the Greek word "tektos" which means molten. Tektite is mainly found in the Sahara desert and it probably formed 29 million years ago after a meteor impact. Tektite has been used as a protection crystal for more than 10 000 years and Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun used it to preserve his power. Tektite itself is a very airy crystal and does not weigh that much.

WEARING TEKTITE ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- Tektite protects from curses linked to ruining careers or work-related misfortune. Tektite has the ability to push away people who could hurt you or wait for your downfall. Tektite has the ability to protect at nights and send chiding powers back to their source. For that, I recommend wearing it while you sleep or hang it on a dream catcher.

- Wear this crystal with you at nights or hang it to your dream catcher when you want to strengthen your protection during Astral projection.

- Tektite opens the prosperity channel when you wear this talisman as close to your Solar Plexus Chakra as possible, wear it on a longer band or chain.

- This crystal has the ability to create a balance between materialism and spiritualism in the person's soul.

- Tektite is useful for catching liars in your life. Tektite works similarly to Onyx, which also has the ability to catch liars. Tektite will start to heat up in your hand and creates tension in your soul when someone tries to lie to you or when someone who you should not trust is close to you. 

- Tektite is a very strong protection crystal with the ability to protect what you already have. When you wear this crystal with another one, then it protects what the other crystal is linked to. When you wear it with Rose Quartz then it protects love, when with Green Aventurine then work, etc.

Tektite is good for men to protects themselves from misfortune and harmful Karma. Tektite helps to make the right decisions and live your life so that bad Karma couldn’t gather into fate. Tektite protects men from addictions.

- Tektite is a crystal that can connect you with extraterrestrial life helping you to understand more of what’s happening outside our Earth and why we’re here right now. When you start to use Tektite or wear it, then it takes you out of this world through astral projection in the dream world, helping you to see what happens in the rest of the universe and helping to remember bits and pieces of what you experienced. This works with people who constantly work on their spiritual development.

- Tektite helps to understand why one or another problem in your life exists, why some things won’t go away and keep happening again and again through other people and situations. Actually, these problems are lessons and when you can’t and won’t learn from them and solve them then they keep coming up. Tektite leads your attention to these things, helping you to thoroughly analyse them and, at one point, understand the essence of the problem just the way you should understand them. Thanks to that quality, Tektite is a very valuable self-help crystal.

- Tektite offers protection to everyone, increases energies in the person’s Aura field that block misfortune and problems. Tektite increases a person’s own defence and the ability to stand up for themselves. It’s a meteoric crystal with a mysterious cosmic power which in turn can connect you with everything that’s outside of this world. connecting you with other dimensions, planets and cosmic knowledge. Tektite shapes your personality by strengthening and healing your character.


For healing wear this crystal as a piece of jewellery or make a water-elixir from a tumbled crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is – East symbolises health.

- Tektite can heal mental problems. In addition, it can relieve schizophrenia.

- Tektite is useful for people who have had a stroke or heart attack. Tektite helps to restore blood circulation and heal its problems. When a person wears Tektite then he will start to sense which foods weaken his body and blood circulation and which helps to heal and avoid similar problems in the future.

- Tektite helps to recover from accidents and injuries. Wear Tektite with you for as long as you have recovered fully or close to it, depending on the injury. I recommend Tektite to people who have gone through a car accident or some other bigger accident which has caused a really big trauma to some body parts. Tektite helps the body to recover and regain strength.


Tektite heals major male and female problems, like uterine cancer, prostate problems, tumours in that area, etc. 

Tektite has very good quality which is really important for all of our Chakras. Tektite nurtures the Root Chakra, heals it and roots out grave illnesses. In addition, Tektite directs Root Chakra to make more energy. When Root Chakra gets life energy, then all the upper Chakras, firstly the Sacral Chakra can get the strength to be active and work. Therefore Tektite is one of the crystals you can universally use for Chakras.

Tektite is the best healing crystal for ARIESCAPRICORNS and CANCERS. Tektite is the crystal that brings luck, success and protection especially for men born under the Cancer zodiac sign. Helps to protect him from lies and bad choices. Tektite supports Cancer in making big decisions and prevents it from failing and getting into trouble. Tektite protests and keeps him strong.

Tektite can be charged on Muscovite geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Coconut incense and Nutmeg essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Bracelet length is ca 18 cm. Pearl 8 mm.
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