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CHRYSOPRASE earrings drop (silver 925)

CHRYSOPRASE earrings drop (silver 925) JEWELRY
CHRYSOPRASE earrings drop (silver 925) JEWELRY
CHRYSOPRASE earrings drop (silver 925) JEWELRY
CHRYSOPRASE earrings drop (silver 925) JEWELRY
CHRYSOPRASE earrings drop (silver 925)
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CHRYSOPRASE is a crystal of love, happiness, positivity and prosperity. Chrysoprase mostly comes from South-Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar and Brazil. In addition to these countries, Chrysoprase is also found in the USA, Poland and Australia.

Chrysoprase is a silicon dioxide mineral. Chrysoprase belongs to the chalcedony group of quartz crystals. Chrysoprase is brownish-green. Brown symbolises Chrysoprase down-to-earth and worldliness nature, its balance and harmony. Green symbolises its luck, prosperity and love. The crystal gets its green colour from the joining of Quartz and nickel. Chrysoprase is truly beautiful when it has beautiful dark brown and apple green colour in it. Although Chrysoprase, let it be green or mostly brown, will still do its energy work without any problems. Chrysoprase is a wonderful wealth and money luck crystal.

Chrysoprase is a wonderful choice of the crystal when you look for a crystal to bring your luck. Chrysoprase is the perfect crystal for financial success, its growth and improvements. In addition, it's very good for people who are looking for love or happiness in their life. When you’re fascinated by Chrysoprase then it’s a sign about you needing this crystal. When a crystal attracts you, then give it a chance to heal you.

This crystal is considered to be the crystal of the goddess Venus because in addition to its prosperous, material and lucky qualities it also symbolises love energy. Chrysoprase can attract both wealth and love to your life. This crystal got its name from the Greek word “golden” for its lucky energy and the word “leek” for its beautiful green colour.

Chrysoprase expects a positive take on life and optimistic mind. The one who uses, wears or keeps this crystal in his home will be offered happiness by Chrysoprase. Chrysoprase helps to understand that all of this can be achieved when you have a good and optimistic attitude.

Chrysoprase helps to create a good atmosphere in the group, helping different people to become friends faster and therefore it suits perfectly on a party table, terrace or for the room meant for relaxing. Chrysoprase brings humour and suits for a home where people can’t understand what others said as a joke but rather feel that they are criticising or bullying with their words. Chrysoprase helps to take everything in life easier, teaching to see with eyes open and without limits set on himself.

The way you place Chrysoprase gives out different qualities. When you place Chrysoprase to the bedroom and there are other love crystals, then it helps to solve problems caused by relationships and, when this part is finished, then it starts to attract love. Bringing this crystal to the living room creates a good mood and humour. Placing Chrysoprase to the East or South-East area of the home helps to attract material prosperity. 

The magical effect of CHRYSOPRASE as earrings:

When you wear Chrysoprase as earrings then it affects the most the Third Eye, partially the Crown Chakra and Throat Chakra. With these Chakras, Chrysoprase brings you the ability to feel joy and happiness from the littlest things that come to you during the day. Chrysoprase is good for success at work.

- Wearing Chrysoprase earrings for the long term makes you feel good, increases humour, increases confidence and helps to make you laugh.

-  Chrysoprase is a crystal of material success and luck, it’s useful to keep it together with some work success crystals. Wear Ametrine with Chrysoprase crystal to increase your financial income. Wear these two crystals together when you work. Ametrine can be worn to motivate yourself to work and bring work-related inspiration. 

- Helps to release the past, helping to make a new beginning (also in a foreign country).

- Wear Chrysoprase when you wish to bring “new love” into your life, for that, at the same time, I recommend wearing different crystals that attract love, like RhodochrositeGarnet and Emerald, with what Chrysoprase works very well together in the crystal world.

- Wear Chrysoprase when you wish to have better success at work. Chrysoprase is a prosperity crystal which gets its orders from other crystals. When it’s wished that Chrysoprase brings good material success then wear it with other prosperity crystals, which are Tiger’s EyeCitrinePyriteGreen Aventurine or Carnelian.

- With Rhodonite talisman it helps to forgive to specific people from your past so that you could set them free from your soul and make new steps for a better future.

- Wear it with Moldavite talisman when you wish to accelerate personal spiritual development. 

When you constantly carry Chrysoprase with you as earrings or as some other type of jewellery, then during a longer period it will help to finally remove sadness from your Aura field by replacing it with love.

- Chrysoprase opens your optimistic mind, helping you to always be happy despite the situation. This is a crystal that teaches you to see good in every ordeal, at the same time, helping you to learn the purpose of the ordeal, that is the lesson, helping you to not get stuck but to always move forward in your life. 

- Chrysoprase deletes worldly misfortune, it is a strong activator of money energy and luck.


For healing wear this crystal as a piece of jewellery or make water-elixir from a tumbled crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is – East symbolises health.

- Chrysoprase for healing is very good for you when you have trouble getting pregnant or when you’re a man and you have infertility problems. Chrysoprase helps fertility energy to be created in the Aura field and when this energy exists in the Aura field, then the soul of the person is ready to become a parent. This crystal should definitely be worn until the problem is gone.

- On the emotional level, Chrysoprase helps to heal sexual problems, like problems with physical closeness. Chrysoprase helps to heal subconsciousness and lead-out emotions that won’t let you be sexual.

- Wearing Chrysoprase for healing is very good when there are problems with the lungs. Chrysoprase helps to heal lung problems and protect from lung cancer. It’s very good to wear Chrysoprase for people who have lung cancer as this crystal helps to support the healing process of an illness like this.

- This is a crystal that helps the body absorb vitamin C better when you wear it. 


Chrysoprase is the perfect Heart Chakra healer when you wear it directly on the heart as a talisman or make water-elixir from this crystal for the crystal energy to reach the Hearth Chakra. Chrysoprase helps to open the heart to love. This helps to prepare you for love to come and therefore is useful to be worn above the heart when you expect someone to come to your life, someone you can love and who can love you too. Chrysoprase opens the love luck energy in the Heart Chakra, helping to attract love in a level you dream of.


Chrysoprase works with the Solar Plexus Chakra that is with your third Chakra very successfully and does so quite literally. Chrysoprase open prosperity channel in the Solar Plexus Chakra. This channel is situated in that Chakra. For Chrysoprase to open the prosperity channel and bring financial luck and success for your life through that, wear it on a longer band or chain that would reach the Solar Plexus Chakra. Solar Plexus Chakra is situated directly above your navel. When you want to know exactly where it is, then place your palm above your navel and everything that’s under your hand is your Solar Plexus Chakra.


For LIBRA Chrysoprase brings emotional balance. In addition to this, Chrysoprase is one of the main crystals that increases their chances of luck, let it be luck, being at the right place at the right time, work, business success. As their main luck crystal, it increases luck energy so the person born under this zodiac sign could be content with life. By nature, it’s also a love crystal and can bring a lot of love to Libra’s life. Chrysoprase brings happiness and love and helps to improve their life. For a single Libra Chrysoprase can bring new love and for a Libra in relationship happiness.

For LEO Chrysoprase energy improves their ability to make money, helping them to put their good ideas in good use so they could succeed.


According to numerology, Chrysoprase is a lucky crystal for people born on the life path number 3

Chrysoprase jewellery can be charged on or beside a Citrine geode. Clean it at least once a month with Patchouli incense/essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Crystal size is ca 1,5*1,1*0,7 cm, earring full lenght is ca 3,4 cm.
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