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La Tene erikollektsioon käekett "MATERIAALNE TUGI"

La Tene erikollektsioon käekett "MATERIAALNE TUGI" LA TENE SIGNATURE BRAND
La Tene erikollektsioon käekett "MATERIAALNE TUGI"
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TIGER’S EYE is one of the most popular crystals in the world, which is worn and used for its protective and abundant qualities. Tiger’s Eye is one type of Jasper and that itself has several different types - Red Tiger’s EyeTiger’s Iron and Hawk’s Eye, known as the Blue Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye is mainly found in South-Africa  Brazil and Australia.

A lot of jewellery is made of Tiger’s Eye, because it’s such a crystal that, while wearing, its power transfers miraculously into humans Aura. There are certain crystals that start to work very quickly in human Aura, and the Tiger’s Eye is one of them for sure. If you like the Tiger’s Eye, then you are in need of its power, this applies to all crystals.

WEARING TIGER’S EYE ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that adds confidence, strength and courage. When you wear it, then it will help you to gradually make correction in you, directing its crystal power to your Aura field that makes you be like Tiger’s Eye is. Tiger’s Eye helps you to be confident every time you wear it, making you into a more bold communicator and helping you to stand up for yourself when you need it.

- Tiger’s Eye has a power that can make a person powerful. Tiger’s Eye injects motivation and inspires to act. Increases courage, enthusiasm and the ability to do well in life. When you’re looking for extra support into your life that would help you to stay motivated, active and organised then Tiger’s Eye helps you to become as such. I recommend bringing Tiger’s Eye into your life when you need extra strength. 

- Tiger’s Eye is a crystal, that helps you to be honest with yourself. There is a power in the Tiger's Eye that helps you find your own personality, free you from the fake chains, and remove the inability of you to be courageous, self-confident, and one who cannot stand up to his own beliefs. Tiger’s Eye is a very useful crystal for spiritual development and showing your personality. Wear this crystal if you want to find a way to grow spiritually, and be who you really are.

- Tiger’s Eye is a crystal, that helps you to be honest with yourself. There is a power in the Tiger's Eye that helps you find your own personality, free you from the fake chains, and remove the inability of you to be courageous, self-confident, and one who cannot stand up to his own beliefs. Tiger’s Eye is a very useful crystal for spiritual development and showing your personality. Wear this crystal if you want to find a way to grow spiritually, and be who you really are.

- Tiger’s Eye is a crystal with the ability to direct you to think positively, increases your sense of justice and releases your overly critical mind that attracts bad Karma. Tiger’s Eye helps to release the bad Karma already present. Tiger’s Eye protects you from actions that could hurt you. This helps to be fair to yourself and others, helping to block being harmful. It’s really useful to carry Tiger’s Eye with you so that it could constantly keep you on the right path.

- Tiger’s Eye is a Solar Plexus Chakra crystal and works especially well when worn as a bracelet. The other way is to wear it on a very long chain or band so the talisman could reach the Solar Plexus Chakra. Tiger’s Eye helps to bring richness and prosperity into your life through the Solar Plexus Chakra energy channel. 

- Useful crystal for everyone who wishes to travel, whose work demands a lot of moving around or who are going on a trip. Tiger’s Eye is carried while travelling to keep yourself safe from dangers that could occur while travelling. Protects from traffic accidents, theft and violence.

- Tiger’s Eye increases optimism and positive approach to life. Tiger’s Eye helps you take thing happening in your life easier, helping you to find joy in the little things and forbidding you to suffer from insignificant things. Tiger’s Eye teaches to bear criticism.

- A crystal that helps to get rid of excessive self-criticism, by teaching your value and the fact that you have to appreciate yourself. Tiger’s Eye teaches to see strong traits in yourself and to be proud of your own accomplishments.

- Tiger´s Eye is the increaser or confidence, helping you to become more effective and increasing your power to stand against different difficult situations. This crystal increases inner strength giving you the courage to fight for your own dreams and to stand up for yourself.

- Wear Tiger’s Eye with other material luck crystals to attract prosperity. Wear Tiger’s Eye with Green Aventurine, when you wish to be successful at work. Wear it with Pyrite, to attract wealth. Wear Tiger’s Eye with Kinvara for your material dreams to come true.

- Wear Tiger’s Eye with protection crystal to protect your Aura from all the bad that could enter your path of life. Wear it with Black Tourmaline, when you wish to protect yourself from traffic accidents and energy vampires. Wear it with Red Tiger’s Eye, when you wish to keep people who wish to break up your relationship.

- Tiger’s Eye with Watermelon Tourmaline attracts the right kind of love to your life and when you find it hard to find the right person. The combination of these two crystals helps you to see who deserves your love and who not.

- Tiger’s Eye is a luck talisman for people who play football. Tiger’s Eye brings good luck in football and increases the chances of winning. At the same time, helps to increase physical strength, stamina encourages to play in the field and beat opponents. Tiger’s Eye protects from bigger injuries and physical accidents, helping the body to stay healthy and blocking injuries that will prevent playing.

- Tiger’s Eye and Bronzite are two crystals that help us to face our own ego. These two crystal help our soul to come forward and ego to subside. Wear and use these two crystals together, when you wish to decrease the size of the ego and let the soul in your body open up. Tiger’s Eye and Bronzite help to release you from wrong behaviour, helping also to get rid of illusions ego have created. You can find this article from HERE.


The healing properties of the Tiger’s Eye can be absorbed through the use of jewellery or from the water-elixir.

- I recommend wearing or using Tiger’s Eye for healing purposes for those who have problems with blood circulation or blood. Tiger’s Eye awakens the blood circulation so it would work properly and can make the blood move properly in the body. Tiger’s Eye quickens blood movement that in turn quickens different processes in the body both in the physical and spiritual sense. 

- Tiger’s Eye increases blood pressure in people who naturally have low blood pressure. This, in turn, will help people like this to feel better, more energized, vital and active. People with very high blood pressure could sense while wearing Tiger’s Eye whether it’s having a good or a bad effect on the blood pressure and whether the differences appear while wearing or not wearing the crystal.

- This crystal has the ability to restore reproductive organs, to improve their work and to increase fertility with it. It’s best to use Tiger’s Eye for a purpose like this for making crystal therapy. For that, place Tiger’s Eye meditation crystals or Emma wishing stone on the Root Chakra so they could activate the normal work of these crystals. Of course, using Tiger’s Eye pendulum for healing the Root Chakra is also helpful, that is to keep the pendulum above the problematic place.

- Tiger’s Eye is related to the Sun, which means that has the ability to replace the energy coming from the sun our body and soul needs. Tiger’s Eye can stop depression or spring/fall fatigue that could happen from the absence of the Sun. It’s useful to wear Tiger’s Eye during the six months there isn’t that much Sun. You can read more about the healing qualities of the Sun and its need from one of my articles that can be found from HERE.

-  As the Solar Plexus Chakra crystal, Tiger’s Eye has the ability to give healing to the organs existing on the Solar Plexus Chakra. For example, Tiger’s Eye helps heal the stomach, it’s especially beneficial with gastric acidness and when digesting is not well. In addition to all of this, Tiger’s Eye is also useful for the functioning of kidneys and gall bladder.

- I recommend wearing Tiger’s Eye in times when there is a fracture. Tiger’s Eye helps to heal the healing process of bones and it decreases impairments coming along with situations like this. 


The main Chakra of the Tiger’s Eye, over what this crystal has a healing effect is the third Chakra in the human Aura field, the Solar Plexus Chakra. Solar Plexus Chakra is situated directly above your navel. When you place your hand exactly above your navel and put your palm on that part, then this is where you Solar Plexus Chakra is.

Tiger’s Eye can heal, restore and strengthen the energies of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Tiger’s Eye injects strength, vitality, positivity and happiness into the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The prosperity, wealth and richness field is situated in the Solar Plexus Chakra. This, in turn, means that by activating this channel you can attract this luck into your life. 

Tiger’s Eye brings material wealth to people who have healed their Solar Plexus Chakra and it makes a very big effort for achieving it. In addition, Tiger’s Eye also makes people happy and full of the joy of living.


Tiger’s eye has the strongest effect on three zodiac signs: LEO ♌, GEMINI ♊ and TAURUS ♉. For GEMINI and TAURUS Tiger’s Eye has a very good effect on improving their confidence. In addition, Tiger’s eye helps Gemini and Taurus to become emotionally strong.

Tiger’s Eye is one of the main luck crystals for a LEO ♌, that makes his character traits even more positive and stronger and helps him find solutions to his problems. Tiger's eye, which is also a very strong protection crystal for Leo which also brings out his strong sides. As a protection crystal, it also helps strengthen his Aura protection shield by removing all the negative energy. This way it protects this sign from misfortune, problems and bad people. Tiger's Eye should be in his life for most of his life. This crystal gives him confidence, courage, initiative and positive attitude. Tiger's Eye brings success at work and overall luck in any field, including in love.

Tiger's Eye gives strength, power and durability to CAPRICORNS. It's a crystal that moves his money energy and brings along professional success and luck.

Tiger's Eye is a good luck crystal for GEMINI men. This crystal has a similar character than him. Tiger's Eye brings his strong and positive character traits forward. In addition, it's a crystal of prosperity, wealth and financial luck good to have in your life or worn as a piece of jewellery for material luck.


Tiger’s Eye is a lucky charm for people born with a  life path number 4.

We recommend charging and clean talismans and crystal jewellery from time to time to increase their energy levels. For that, for a few times a week, I recommend cleaning the crystal jewellery under running water or once a month in the night of the Full Moon to take the jewellery on a geode to charge. The best geode for charging Tiger’s Eye is Citrine and then  Rock Crystal geode.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Bracelet length is ca 18 cm.
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