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La Tene erikollektsioon käekett meestele "ISIKLIK VÄGI"

La Tene erikollektsioon käekett meestele "ISIKLIK VÄGI" LA TENE SIGNATURE BRAND
La Tene erikollektsioon käekett meestele "ISIKLIK VÄGI"
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BLACK ONYX is mainly known for its protective properties. Onyx is a black crystal formed by the petrification of Lava. Onyx protects its wearer from energy attacks and vampires. An energy vampire is a serious matter because it steals our personal strength and makes our soul negative, as long as we can recharge ourselves. Stealing energy for a long time develops severe stress and then depression. Energy theft is when, while talking to you, a person draws on your own energy, becoming happy and leaving you empty. 

WEARING ONYX ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- Protects from energy vampires and energy loss. Onyx creates a strong protective shield around its bearer, helping to protect from the negativity and malice of other people. Wear with any protective crystal if you want even more powerful results. Onyx is a crystal that is suitable for combination with all crystals because it does not affect the ability of other crystals but enhances their action.

- Wear an Onyx bracelet with love crystals to keep and protect your relationship, your feelings or your partner's feelings.

- Increases self-control, disciplines, helps build self-confidence and helps you stay in control when it's essential.

- Wearing onyx on your arm increases intuition in your hands and is therefore useful for those who want to learn to use pendulums.

- Protects against black magic and black rituals. I sincerely recommend that you protect yourself from them, because a lot of bad people go that route to weaken others or achieve their own goal.

- Onyx is a crystal of good luck, protection and supportive energy for those born in the Crescent Moon Lunar phase. Onyx gives these people the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and it is a crystal that strengthens their intuition. 

- Wear Onyx with Kunzite and Rock Crystal, if you want to get rid of anxiety, stress, mental tension and melancholy. The combination of these three crystals helps to heal such deep and difficult healing problems.

- Wear Onyx with Apache Tear and Angelite, if you want to overcome the death of a loved one or animal. These three crystals help to come to terms with the death and to understand that death is not a bad thing.

- Wear Onyx with Tiger’s Eye and Orange Calcite, if you want to increase your confidence and get rid of communication problems. Suitable for those who start behaving strangely, communicating and telling strange stories in front of strangers, but not really with loved ones. These crystals help control what you say and how you behave in front of someone. 

- Onyx is a crystal that helps keep violence and accidents out of your life. A crystal that protects you from dangerous situations and helps you get away from danger in time.

- Onyx protects against curses and black magic. If someone wants to chide, do magic to you to ruin your life, Onyx won't let that happen. Onyx has a power that fights against such energies and has the ability to block such evil. I would definitely recommend Onyx if you feel that there is someone who wishes you a lot of harm.

- This crystal has the ability to heal the human Aura by helping to reconnect the energy holes in the Aura. Energy holes are the places in your Aura that let your good energy go away, and if you have energy holes, that person usually doesn't do well. There can be obstacles and problems in every aspect of life and there is a lot of confusion in the air. At the same time, this person may also feel that everyone wants to do too much for him. 

It is often the case that when there are holes in a person's Aura, other people start bullying that person. They start stealing the energy, criticizing, mocking and even harassing. For those whose Aura is intact, i.e. without holes or leaks in the Aura, no one comes to them jokingly with their negativity.

- Onyx helps keep unnecessary energy out of your soul that is of no use to you. It protects against problems, trials and events that do not teach you. Helps those who are constantly in trouble and bad situations. It protects from misfortune!

- Onyx has one very good and beneficial effect, for what I recommend Onyx quite often to a lot of people. Onyx can manage negative thoughts, shut them, keep them away when they are not worth thinking over. There are negative thoughts that arise in humans, which must be found solutions to, that are signs and warnings, but most of the negative thoughts are excessive. Onyx helps to block these excessive negative thoughts, ending their formation and concentrating on. 

- Onyx is useful for those who want more control over their actions and words. Suitable for those who do not know how to check themselves from time to time and would like to be cleverer communicators. Cleverer in the sense of learning to communicate so that you can stand up for yourself and say things at the right time to put other people in order if necessary. This is especially useful for those who do not dare to stand up for themselves and who allow themselves to do too much.

- It is a crystal that teaches you to stand up for yourself and teaches you to be responsible for your own life. Onyx helps you understand that if you don't change anything, nothing really changes.

- Onyx has one very good attribute, which is to track down the lies. If you wear Onyx constantly or even daily, it will help you to catch the liars. In other words, if you wear this crystal, you will recognize in the conversation whether the person is sincere with you or not.

In a lot of people, Onyx reacts to liars or people who want evil so that it gets hot on your body at the same time as you are being lied to or a bad person is standing next to you.

- This crystal will help you get rid of lying that could hurt you. However, it helps you to learn how to tell the wrong tale in places where you have to talk about another story to protect yourself. So it promotes positive lying and removes bad lying skills from within you.

I have advised many parents to gift Onyx to teenagers who are constantly concealing their actions or lying and causing problems to parents. Onyx contributes against deliberate lying for evil purposes.

I have several Onyx bracelets, and if I wear one or the other, it will start to itch when a person in a conversation with me lies to me or wants to use insidious techniques. So itching or discomfort means a lying person!


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Wearing onyx heals the etheric body to treat the following problems::

- heals the Root and Sacral Chakra,

- stress, depression

- fear of darkness, fear of the other side, seizures.

- used in the treatment of glaucoma and in the treatment of various eye diseases. In addition, wearing and using Onyx is good for dental health. 


Among zodiac signs, Onyx will give the most strength and protection for CAPRICORNSLIBRALEOS

Virgo-Libra zodiac cusp September 19-25

Onyx is a useful crystal for those born of the Virgo and Libra zodiac cusp, helping to strengthen intuition and increase the ability to see people's true face and blocking the intuitive problems encountered during the transition of the zodiacs.

I recommend charging Onyx crystal on an Agate geode and cleanse it from time to time with a Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.  

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.

Size Pearl ca 10 mm.
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