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MOLDAVITE pendant rough triangle (silver 925)

MOLDAVITE pendant rough triangle (silver 925) JEWELLERY
MOLDAVITE pendant rough triangle (silver 925)
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  • Model: MOLDAVIIT ripats lihvimata kolmnurk (hõbe 925)

MOLDAVITE brings good luck, protection from evil spirits and people. Helps to open and better understand the spiritual and invisible world.

Moldavite is a crystal found only on the border of Czech and Slovakia that came to Earth 14.8 million years ago when a meteorite fell on Earth. The Czech Republic is divided into two regions, Bohemia and Moravia. More Moldavite has been discovered in Bohemia than in the rest of the Czech Republic, and the crystals in these regions are slightly different in colour. Dark green has been found in Bohemia, it can even be said that forest green Moldavia from there and brownish-green from Moravia.

Moldavite is part of the Tektite crystals, which means that it is a cosmic glass formed by the fall of some cosmic object to earth. As a result of this heat, tektites are formed. As Moldavite is found only in the above-mentioned region in the world, it has become a very rare and precious crystal, which is why Moldavite is highly valued. Examining the history of this wonderful crystal, it can be said that for a very long time ordinary people did not even have access to this crystal, because richer and more influential people kept it to themselves. This crystal has been used since the beginning of time to make different items - as decorations for spears, swords and other elements of war. It was believed that Moldavite would bring good luck in fighting and conquering the lands.

Moldavite is a crystal that slows down movement to the wrong path. It directs a person to the right path, which is favoured by destiny. It subconsciously helps you get where you need to go in life. Everyone has their own mission, and Moldavite is able to find that mission in the book of destiny and direct you to move towards it.

Moldavite very quickly captures the energy field of this carrier or user in itself. This means that Moldavite is a fast-acting energy converter. It can heal what is unhealed and easily pass on its energies to man.

Wearing MOLDAVITE on a Heart Chakra Throat Chakra:

- Moldavite helps to get rid of cynical behaviour, making a person love. It helps to notice the problems of others and to understand one's own disadvantages in order to start correcting them.

-Wearing Moldavite helps brain vibrations go from beta to alpha. These are slower vibrations, which in turn promote the development of clairvoyance, meditation, intuition. It is one of the best crystals for spiritual development. If you want to open up your hidden talents or make them stronger, then the long-term wearing of Moldavite crystal will be beneficial for you.

- It is a crystal that strengthens intuition by helping to feel and perceive clearly. It is a crystal that rapidly develops intuition. If you feel that your intuition is not developing or you find it difficult to trust your gut feeling, then Moldavite is very useful for you. Long-term use of Moldavite helps to make your perceptions brighter and clearer.

- Wear Moldavite with Pietersite if you want to improve, enhance and amplify your intuition and intuitive abilities.

- When Larimar Moldavite helps to strengthen relationships, love and family ties. This crystal contains powerful love energies that help improve human relationships. When carried with Larimar, Moldavite helps to keep the relationship between you and your partner strong. Larimar is a crystal of Soulmates and Moldavite the supreme love crystal.

- When you carry Moldavite, it is extremely difficult for other people to send arrows of negativity into your Aura because it is almost impossible to get through its energy. This makes the wearer Aura a mirror surface for negativity. If you want to protect yourself even more effectively, then Tourmalated Quartz goes very well together with Moldavite for protection.

- Wearing Seraphinite and Moldavite simultaneously awakens angels around us who can be useful to us. Both crystals are strong angel crystals. Their combined power will help you get to know your guardian angel. By wearing these crystals, you can begin to see visions of who your guardian angel is, he can begin to manifest himself more, and you can also see him in a dream. Keeping in touch with the guardian angel will help protect you throughout your life.

- A crystal that can protect against misfortune energy. Many crystals have this effect, but Moldavite has this ability especially strong. If you want to protect yourself from other people's malice, bad wishes and the problems they cause, Moldavite will help you to be protected.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery or make a tumbled crystal water elixir. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Moldavite is a very good helper in detecting hidden diseases.

- Slows down the ageing process and speeds up blood circulation.

- Helps get rid of allergies caused by the chemical elements of modern society, polluted water, air and food full of toxins.

- Used to prevent or treat diseases related to the brain, such as memory loss, deterioration, various mental illnesses, brain tumours, etc.

- Moldavite is a crystal for asthmatics. By wearing it, the crystal helps reduce asthma symptoms and solve the problem on a mental level. Moldavite helps to conclude why asthma has occurred and to understand the activities or eating habits that contribute to asthma attacks.


Moldavite helps over-emotional children, or star children, to cope with their new life, helping them to adapt to new life, to take on the world's injustice and hostile behaviour more easily, and to make them stronger against criticism. Star children are absolutely intolerant of criticism, highly emotional, sensitive, spiritual and very talented, be it art or helping people.

Moldavite helps to fulfil the desires of the heart, helping to create an attraction to the Aura body for all the good you want in your life.


Among zodiac signs, Moldavite brings good luck to all zodiac signs, regardless of the reason why this crystal has been brought as a companion. It is useful to wear it with the lucky crystal of the zodiac sign. Moldavite makes the power of other crystals more powerful and active.

Moldavite is never cleaned with salt, as it is a delicate crystal that does not tolerate salt or chemical agents such as soap.

You can charge Moldavite on a Vanadinite Baryte geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse at least once a month with Myrrh incense smoke or Eucalyptus essential oil.

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals HERE.

Size Full length ca 3 cm. Crystal ca 2*2*2 cm. Loop 3*4 mm. The product doesn't include any band or chain.
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