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BRECCIATED JASPER s one type of Jasper that has the usual features of a Jasper, as well as the energies characteristic of this crystal. Brecciated Jasper is a Jasper which also contains the ka Hematite crystal. Brecciated Jasper is characterized with reddish-brown tone with white-gray patterns. The main mining place of Brecciated Jasper is from n Africa and China

Beside  Shungite Brecciated Jasper is one of the strongest and most versatile healing crystals that is used to keep your health strong. It is also used to alleviate and eliminate health problems.

CARNELIAN is a crystal of activity, vitality and energy. Carnelian is an orange-reddish crystal that could have a transparent reddish colour to bright orange colour. Carnelian is one of the best crystals used for healing the Aura as it has the ability to give the necessary energy that helps to get rid of different problems. Carnelian is mainly found from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru and Uruguay. The first reason for why Carnelian was started to be worn was that it helped to go into the next lives without any bigger Karma depths - and Carnelian has this ability to this day as it has the ability to solve Karma in this life, and to understand why this or that thing is sent into our life.

Read more about wearing Carnelian here.

WEARING BRECCIATED JASPER ON ARM (can be worn on both hands):

- Brecciated Jasper is an emotional balance crystal that has the ability to calm down any mood fluctuations and protect against the emergence of a negative mood. Very useful for those who are moody and whose good mood may turn out to be negative in a moment.

- Crystal, which alleviates stress and combats depression. Useful for those with constant emotional fluctuations.

- Wear Brecciated Jasper on the left hand to reinforce your creative skills and bring them out through manual activity. Brecciated Jasper is especially beneficial for artists. 

- Wear the crystal on your right arm if you want to make yourself more confident and to increase your dignity. This is a crystal that helps you to be self-confident and to love yourself so you can see your beauty and strengths. Brecciated Jasper teaches you to value yourself.

- If you are engaged in healing or therapeutic massages, it is good to wear Brecciated Jasper during the therapy. This is to ensure that the healer does not take the person's energy into his Aura. If you are a healer, you are more likely to accidentally take another person's health problems into yourself. 

- This crystal is helpful for those who can not be sexual and who have problems with low sexual energy. Sexuality is one part of life and this energy must be in order for everyone. If there is a lack of sexual desire, then the Sacral Chakra has problems. Brecciated Jasper helps to rejuvenate your lust and make you more sexual. 

- Brecciated Jasper is the ultimate healer, helping to give body the energy. It is a crystal that pulls the healing properties of all other crystals into itself and transfers them to you. This is the reason why it would be good to wear Brecciated Jasper with other healing crystal. It works like a Rock Crystal, which enhances the energy of other crystals. In the case of Brecciated Jasper, it will open the energy needed for the physical health of the body. 

- Wear Brecciated Jasper with the White Howlite - Pyrite, when dealing with other people's healing. Use it with Shungite, f you want to get rid of a serious illness. It is also appropriate to wear with Magnetite, if it is desired to give rehabilitation to your body and remove the illness and transfer inside the Magnetite.


Wear Brecciated Jasper if you have one of the following problems:

- A universal healer that could be used and worn for any deep problem. 

- It strengthens the immune system, heals the bladder, female hormones, reproductive organs, strengthens the blood supply of the human body and is useful crystal for the healing of severe diseases.

- I recommend this crystal to be worn in children and adults who are allergic to animals. This crystal helps to reduce dog/cat allergy and reduce the body's response. 

- I advise Brecciated Jasper to be worn by cancer patients and other people with severe illnesses.

- Brecciated Jasper is the crystal that I recommend to wear when there are major problems with fertility in the body. Brecciated Jasper is a healer's crystal for those who have physical problems and health problems for getting pregnant. For men, this crystal is just as useful in helping men increase fertility. Useful crystal also in the case of low libido. 

- Brecciated Jasper and and Red Jasper are the two crystals that are used to block the risk of miscarriage. These crystals heal the woman's body and make it more beneficial for the baby.

- Brecciated Jasper is a Sacral Chakra crystal that helps to heal the health disorders in this Chakra. When the Sacral Chakra is damaged, women experience cyclic problems and both the female and men might have bladder-related illnesses.


It's a sign of vitality, energy, strength, confidence and health for all the ARIES and SCORPIO.  Brecciated Jasper helps Aries to become more independent, helping Aries to find his personality and understand, what to want from life, which direction to move and what to do. For example, Brecciated Jasper helps Aries to understand, what gift is inside him.

In addition, Brecciated Jasper brings happiness of love to the Scorpios. This crystal is especially beneficial to men who are the representatives of this zodiac.

In addition, it helps to bring health and balance to these Leos, who are born on July 23-24.

Regardless of the purpose of wearing the bracelet the zodiac effects are effective.

I recommend to load Brecciated Jasper on the Aragonite geode and clean it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo
Size The length of the bracelet is approx. 18-19 cm, pearl ca 8 mm.
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