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LEPIDOLITE pendant closed clasp (silver 925)

LEPIDOLITE pendant closed clasp (silver 925) JEWELRY
LEPIDOLITE pendant closed clasp (silver 925)
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  • Model: LEPIDOLIIT ripats suletud kinnitusega (hõbe 925)

LEPIDOLITE is a very beautiful crystal with a characteristic light purple colour. Lepidolite is a colourful crystal with dull white to dark purple colour running through. Lepidolite is a crystal with a very calming effect, that’s mainly found in the Czech Republic, Madagascar and Africa. Lepidolite is useful when you feel nervous, you need to think about other things and you need to rest. There are nervous periods in life and Lepidolite helps to manage times like this.

Lepidolite crystal helps to meditate and create the meditative state. When you carry this crystal with you, then it helps you to be calm. This crystal helps you to keep inner peace in a very fast life tempo and to always be balanced.

Wearing Lepidolite on a Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

-  Lepidolite has very calming energy. When you’re looking for a crystal that helps to relieve your tension and stress, then Lepidolite could be the right helper for you. Lepidolite helps you to get rid the nervousness gathered during the day. When you’re about to become nervous then Lepidolite will give its all for the same energy to quickly go away from your soul. 

- A crystal that teaches you to love and respect life. Lepidolite helps to get in touch with other people and to rather see the good in people, not the bad. This crystal energy is useful for people whose work is related to helping and advising other people. Lepidolite helps you to be impartial, tolerant and compassionate. 

- Lepidolite teaches you to respect and love yourself. Lepidolite helps you to understand that you need to take care of yourself when you want to be healthy and vital. 

- Lepidolite helps to get rid of the character trait that requires someone else’s approval when creating and doing something. There are a lot of people around us who are concerned about what others think and their approval. This shows low self-esteem and weak ability to make decisions. Wear and use Lepidolite to become an independent decision-maker and thinker. Lepidolite works especially well when you use it with Tiger’s Eye, that helps to raise confidence when Lepidolite changes character. 

- Crystal used for remembering dreams. When you wish to explain one of your dreams and find the necessary information in them, then Lepidolite is a very useful crystal for that. Other similar crystals are Larimar and Baryte.

- Lepidolite helps to learn to heal with crystals, helps to learn massage and different alternative healing methods. Lepidolite helps to predict through pendulums, cards or crystals. Lepidolite helps to make these moves more precise and improve your energy-sensing.

- This is a crystal for those who know they can’t put up criticism very well and whose nervous system is their weakest part. Suitable for people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation coming from computers. Wear it when you work on a computer.

- Lepidolite has a very calming energy. When you’re looking for a crystal that helps to relieve your tension and stress, then Lepidolite could be the right helper for you. Lepidolite helps to relieve your stress most efficiently when you wear it as high as possible, that is above the Throat Chakra. 

- This crystal has the ability to connect you with higher powers in the spiritual sense. Helps your spirit to listen to what energies tell you and teaches you to listen to your intuition. Lepidolite helps to meditate and be balanced.

- Lepidolite is business success and material luck crystal for people who are in the agriculture business. Also, it brings material luck for people in alternative therapies and eco-themed business.

- A crystal that helps you to calm down. Lepidolite is for everyday wear to make yourself more balanced.

- Wear Lepidolite crystal with Kunzite, when you help people. The power of these two crystals helps you to grow your own love so that helping others wouldn’t burden you.

- Wear Lepidolite with Mookaite, when you have a difficult pregnancy or may have a miscarriage. The power from these two crystals together helps to protect women from complications that may occur during pregnancy. 


For healing purposes, the crystal is worn on the body or having a massage with the massage crystals. In addition, you can place the crystal to the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the healing corner is placed - East symbolises health. 

Lepidolite is a crystal that is not used for making water elixir because it dissolves in the water.

Lepidolite helps the most to heal sleep disorders and improve sleep quality. It’s a crystal that helps to improve sleep and to heal sleep disorders. Lepidolite needs to be worn continuously so it could make a correction in Aura 

Keep Lepidolite under your pillow or in the pillowcase so it could improve your sleep. Lepidolite helps to relieve the tension in you and works especially well when you use it Lavender essential oil.

- Helps to get rid of panic attacks and nervous breakdowns. Beneficial for people who have to face problems like this often and who, from time to time, lose self-control. 

- Stress, depression, bouts of anger, anger, aggressive behaviour, difficult pregnancy.

- Helps to free from nightmares. Lepidolite not only protects us from this, but it also helps to restore your Crown Chakra energy channel. I recommend reading more about nightmares to understand what they are. You can read more about them from HERE.

- Lepidolite is very useful for women who are about to enter menopause or who already are there. Lepidolite helps to reduce its symptoms. Lepidolite helps to reduce mood swings, changes in well-being and helps to reduce exhaustion. When you wish to give yourself even more intense healing, then during menopause start using Ginger and Sage essential oils. Inhaling these oils could also have a healing effect on you.


When your Heart Chakra is weak, then Lepidolite will start to make this Chakra stronger and healthier. Lepidolite helps to release the pain caused by past traumas. Lepidolite helps to get free from emotions that hurt you and follow you.


Lepidolite heals the Crown Chakra and makes it active. Lepidolite helps to see past traumas, problems and ordeals from a completely different angle. Lepidolite helps to understand what they have taught you and helps to see the negative you experienced in the past positively. Lepidolite helps to understand why one or another thing has come to your life and what good it has brought along.


For LIBRA  Lepidolite is a very important crystal. This crystal has a very calming effect on Libras and is one of the main stress-relieving crystals for this zodiac sign. Lepidolite helps Libras to get in touch with their Guardian Angel. Very important crystal for those who are fascinated by Angels. Lepidolite should be in the Libra crystal set that helps them contact Angels or wear it as jewellery. 

For VIRGOS Lepidolite helps to acknowledge and love oneself.

The effect of the zodiac crystal is transferred even if the talisman is worn for some other purpose.


According to the Chinese astrological year, Lepidolite is the luck and well-being crystal for people born in the year of TIGER. Mainly for those, who are born at the year of the Earth Tiger 1998-1999.

Charge Lepidolite on an Amethyst geode or beside it when you're not wearing it. Cleanse it with Lavender incense/essential oil at least once a month.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 2,5*1,5*1cm. The product doesn't include any band or chain.
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