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TURRITELLA AGATE pendant with a closed clasp (silver 925)

TURRITELLA AGATE pendant with a closed clasp (silver 925)
TURRITELLA AGATE pendant with a closed clasp (silver 925)
TURRITELLA AGATE pendant with a closed clasp (silver 925)
TURRITELLA AGATE pendant with a closed clasp (silver 925)
TURRITELLA AGATE pendant with a closed clasp (silver 925)
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  • Model: TURRITELLA AHHAAT ripats suletud kinnitusega (hõbe 925)

TURRITELLA AGATE is one type of Agate which in turn is also a type of Chalcedony. It has a brownish grey hue with round shaped patterns running through it. Patterns could be from white-beige to black. It’s a very colourful crystal. 

The main ability of Turritella Agate is that it can be connected to past lives, Earth and nature. This crystal is for those who feel like they want to get to know that side of life more.

Wearing Turritella Agate on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- Turritella Agate has very interesting energy, it has the ability to keep you connected to your ancestors, Earth and with the whole life on Earth. It’s like a crystal of the past with the ability to remember everything once learned on this Earth.

- When you wear Turritella Agate, then it helps to remember the things you have learned, understand the power and force of nature. Helps to get connected to past lives and souls we have been connected to. 

- Turritella Agate is fully a crystal of stability, it has the ability to balance your soul and this is something many Root Chakra crystals do.

- Turritella Agate has the ability to bring stability at work and business and to bring overall material well-being. This helps to lead out bad energy from the Aura that prevents financial stability. Helps to get rid of financial misfortune.

- It’s a work success crystal for those who want to do alternative medicine, helping to bring luck in this field and, at the same time, helps to learn to practice this, helping to sense the healing power of every plant and natural products.

- Turritella Agate develops the ability to analyse and helps to stimulate brain activity, also strengthens the ability to focus. Suitable for everyone, especially good for kids who go to school.

- This is a crystal that protects from dangers nature can cause. This also means that it would be good to wear it in the forest or when you’re hiking. Turritella Agate protects from animals who want to attack you.

- Turritella Agate also protects you from making material wrong choices, helping to keep your worldly luck and increasing prosperity in your life. Keep it in your life if you want to keep away from the misfortune that may materially occur in your life.

- It would be good to wear Turritella Agate with Apache Tear and Rhodonite because this combination helps to let go of bitterness, disappointment. They help to move on with life and let go of emotions that stop you from living.


For healing wear this crystal as a piece of jewellery or make water-elixir from a tumbled crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is – East symbolises health.

- Turritella Agate is the crystal you should wear for healing. This crystal has the ability to make your body absorb vitamins better. Turritella Agate helps to absorb magnesium and calcium most efficiently. For healing, you have to wear this crystal for a longer period.

- Helps to get rid of nausea and constant dizziness. Suitable for those who have headaches and hot flashes often.

- Turritella Agate is a crystal that helps artificial insemination to work. This helps to protect from the negative sides this procedure has.


Turritella Agate is linked to healing the Root Chakra and grounding energies there. Turritella Agate helps to be connected to nature, helping to get to know it and see how you could use useful plants for your own good from nature.


Among zodiac signs Turritella Agate has the strongest effect on GEMINI. It’s a health crystal for people born under the Gemini zodiac sign. 

Charge Turritella Agate on a Rock Crystal and Aragonite geode or by its side when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Sage.

You can read more about charging and cleaning crystals from HERE.
Size ca 2*1,5*1 cm
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