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RAINBOW MOONSTONE is a white Moonstone, with characteristic black dots in the texture and bluish glow. Crystals that glow the most are usually used in Rainbow Moonstone jewellery. Rainbow Moonstone is mainly found in Canada, Madagascar, India and Sri Lanka. Rainbow Moonstone has a lot of qualities from the regular Moonstone, like power related to love and romance. Rainbow Moonstone jewellery has been made already for centuries for attracting love.

By texture, Rainbow Moonstone is cracked, which does not mean that this crystal is broken or unfit. This texture is a characteristic of many crystals and this stems from their formation process. From construction, Rainbow Moonstone is multilayer thanks to what it is also translucent and changing in the light. If you see lines or cracks in your personal Rainbow Moonstone then these are characteristic to that crystal. 

Rainbow Moonstone is actually one type of Labradorite and that's why you could find this crystal under the name of Rainbow Labradorite or White Labradorite. All these names are correct, but the most popular use of the name with this crystal is still Rainbow Moonstone. This crystal is named Moonstone because it has a similar look to the regular Moonstone, that is for the shine and glow. In addition, it has very similar energy qualities. Moonstone has a certain deep translucence that the Rainbow Moonstone also has. By colour, Rainbow Moonstone is white or grey with black patches or spots. In addition, Rainbow Moonstone has bluish colour in it, that could easily come out in the daylight. Not all crystal have the bluish tone, it all depends on which part of the Rainbow Moonstone mineral the piece of crystal was taken from. 

LARIMAR is a light blue crystal that reminds the clear Caribbean water and is a crystal that was not discovered until in 1916. This crystal was not examined or worn before many many years and when it was rediscovered then this crystal became a real phenomenon. Larimar is still a very appreciated crystal and it has a very high value. Larimar, called also the dolphin or ocean crystal, is mainly found in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. Larimar is named after the daughter of its rediscovered and the sea. Larimar is also found in Canada. Larimar Symbolizes freedom, ultimate femininity and unconditional love. Larimar is one of the most valued crystal for me and I wear it when I feel like I need some extra power for increasing my spiritual energy. 

You can often find reddish-brown texture in Larimar that is formed because of iron compounds in the crystal. This somewhat grounds Larimar energetic value and crystals without the iron compound are more valuable as their light blue and white tones are more clear. The clearer the colour, the higher the price. Larimar without any white is very expensive. Larimar is a crystal with a price that is on the rise in the world and unfortunately, this crystal is artificially reproduced and sold under the Larimar name. To understand which Larimar is real and which is not, then the price of a very clear and blue crystal can never be cheap. The only choice of Larimar with a lower price is when it has iron compounds and reddish-brown textures. 

Larimar is very light-sensitive, which means that in the light the crystal turns lighter. Crystal turning lighter does not mean it has a lower value, on the contrary, it makes it more valuable. I´m giving you advice on how to store Larimar and that´s why I am bringing out its sensitivity to light. Please do not keep Larimar jewellery in the Sun when you charge them on geodes. While keeping Larimar crystals or jewellery at home, keep them also away from the windows. 

Larimar is also a love crystal and is one of the strongest for me that I recommend to many, as it is very powerful and does it´s work very quickly. That´s why it has become one of my absolute favourites.

PERIDOT was discovered a very long time ago from Egypt in an island called Zabargad. Now, Peridot has also been found from BrazilMexico and also Spain. Peridot is a bright green crystal that is quite valuable. The larger one piece of Peridot, the more expensive it is. Peridot is about opening up prosperity and a better understanding of one's life.

Before introducing Peridot, I would like to say about this crystal that Peridot has been highly valued by rulers and spiritual people since its discovery. According to old beliefs and traditions, Peridot only works with those who are spiritually-minded. So Peridot will dim, disappear, or something will happen if that crystal doesn't embrace you. Peridot, however, attracts those people who have begun to find their right path and allow the energies to control themselves without hindering themselves in this world.

The magical effect of RAINBOW MOONSTONE ring:

- Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that helps you to be you. This is a crystal that won´t let you forget what are your beliefs and your moral, helping you to be you in every moment, blocking effects coming from other people and the reception of bad advice.

- This is a crystal that needs charging at the Full Moon. If you wear this, then be good, and do not forget to place it on a Rock Crystal geode at the Full Moon. This for the Rainbow Moonstone to get the Moon´s energy.

- Brings passion, romance the need of closeness to the relationship. Perfect for people who love spiritually, but cannot close physically. Useful healer for women who have problems with sexual closeness or who cannot enjoy the sexual closeness. This crystal opens you up to enjoy this.

- Rainbow Moonstone opens you to touches, hugs and to an overall closeness. If you feel like you want to make your relationship stronger and better, then at the same time wear also Garnet crystal.

- Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal for keeping the flame of love alive. Rainbow Moonstone won´t let love to cool down end unnecessarily. Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that can direct you to work for a relationship in the name of love. 

- Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal for keeping the flame of love alive. Rainbow Moonstone is by energy a very emotional crystal that could make a person turn himself more emotional, sensitive and loving in a positive sense. The more emotions a person can feel, the deeper can love to be. Rainbow Moonstone helps to feel the love in times full of love, to notice it and to completely enjoy love. Not many people have the ability to appreciate the love and to enjoy moments filled with it, Rainbow Moonstone helps to feel and enjoy all of this. 

- Rainbow Moonstone is a spiritually very useful crystal that supports you spiritually during a very rough period or in the moment of a lesson the life has set up for you. If you are having a very rough period, where you feel like the life is giving you a lesson you need to learn, but at that moment cannot handle yourself or to completely understand what you need to learn, then Rainbow Moonstone helps you to do that. Keep this with you in a period like this and wish for the crystal to bring you clarity and strength.

- Foremost Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal for a real woman. It has a lot of female energy and that is why it useful to wear for women. Rainbow Moonstone increases femininity, brings romance and tenderness into the soul.

Rainbow Moonstone is very strongly connected to the spiritual world, it has the ability to bring you into contact with higher powers, with the guidance of your guide and to the Angel world. Thanks to that it manages to take a person into contact with the invisible world that helps you to grow spiritually and to learn these unlearned abilities you came to learn from this life today.

- This is a crystal that can help the woman to notice her own potential and to understand what she is capable of. It amplifies the female traits and virtue. It makes her Aura softer and receptive for love. 

- As a love crystal Rainbow Moonstone helps to raise libido and sexuality. Which in turn means that it helps the women to feel herself sensually and helps also the partner to notice it. In short terms – it helps to improve love life and is particularly useful for people who have lost interest in physical closeness. Rainbow Moonstone helps to raise and revive this energy.

- Besides the loving qualities of the Rainbow Moonstone, it has the ability to calm your soul and mind, helping to relieve anxiety and, most importantly, to relieve tensions that have arisen because of love.

- Rainbow Moonstone is a useful healing crystal for people who for one or another reason have been left without his mother´s love. Suitable for people who today have a very difficult getting along with his mother and who has a lot of tensions in the relationship. Rainbow Moonstone is a useful healing crystal for people who for one or another reason have been left without his mother´s love. At the same time, it helps to restore the relationship with the mother or bring him out from the grief.

- As a work success crystal Rainbow Moonstone is useful for people in the beauty industry.

- I recommend wearing this crystal for men only when they wish to increase creativity and to keep it closer in a life period when you need a quick inspiration for working.


Wear Rainbow Moonstone when you have one of the following health problems:

- Heartache caused by a broken relationship or due to relationship problems. Helps to overcome disappointment and betrayal.

- Relieves sadness and helps block emotions that cause heart nerve pain. Relieves lymph pain and upper back tension.

- Heals hormonal problems, fertility problems and helps the menstrual cycle to function regularly.


Rainbow Moonstone first helps to heal the Heart Chakra and then it helps to increase love energy. And then Rainbow Moonstone helps to attract love into your life.


Rainbow Moonstone heals the upper Chakras in the way it opens through the Crown Chakra an energy field, that attracts love form the Universe to you. This means that it helps to call for a person who is made for loving you, that is your main soul mate or partner soul. This gives the Third Eye the ability to notice the right people and through that, it directs the Heart Chakra to accept this person into your life. 


Among zodiac sign, Rainbow Moonstone is the most useful for people who are   CANCERS. Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect and very active love crystal for a Cancer. Rainbow Moonstone brings Cancer happiness in love, heals his relationship with people close to him and helps his pipe dreams to come to life. Every Cancer should have a piece of Rainbow Moonstone jewellery or this crystal represented in the birth crystal chest. You can read more about creating this chest from HERE.

The effect of the zodiac crystal is transferred even if the talisman is worn for some other purpose.

I recommend charging Rainbow Moonstone on a Rock Crystal or Apophyllite geode and clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.
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