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GREEN AVENTURINE with a hole elephant

GREEN AVENTURINE with a hole elephant JEWELRY
GREEN AVENTURINE with a hole elephant JEWELRY
GREEN AVENTURINE with a hole elephant JEWELRY
GREEN AVENTURINE with a hole elephant JEWELRY
GREEN AVENTURINE with a hole elephant
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GREEN AVENTURINE is one type of Aventurine while Aventurine itself is a Quartz, which, in turn, has a large number of minerals Aventurine is composed of. Green Aventurine is mainly related to prosperity, materiality and good luck. Green Aventurine is mainly found in BrazilIndiaItaly and China. Green Aventurine is an “energy magnet” which means it swallows energies very quickly, it absorbs and brings about prosperity.

Green Aventurine belongs to the Quartz family as it has a lot of Quartz in it. In addition to Quartz, Green Aventurine has Fuchsite and this crystal gives Green Aventurine its green colour and a little sparkle. Not all Green Aventurines have sparkle in them, but they may have. But Fuchsite part in Green Aventurine makes its colour bright. I have noticed that Green Aventurine is often mistaken with Jade because of its looks, but both crystals have a different chemical composition and also spiritual value. 

Green Aventurine blocks electromagnetic radiation from reaching the human body by absorbing it. Green Aventurine is best suited for putting in children´s room, placing in front of computers or given to children as a jewellery to wear. Green Aventurine helps to block the onset of hyperactivity associated with excessive use of computers or phones. ;

Place Green Aventurine crystal beside the premature baby´s bed so that it would give strength to the child to become strong, to grow and develop without any complications. Mothers who have given birth to a premature child should also wear Green Aventurine to give good luck to raise the child.

Green Aventurine is also placed in the garden and planted with trees, plants or flowers. This for the Green Aventurine to keep the house in good luck and not let the misfortune to enter the garden. In addition to preventing misfortune, it also creates an unfavourable place to live in every way.

Green Aventurine is the best crystal in your home if you´re looking for love and haven´t found it yet. Suits for those, who have been in one relationship for a long time and don´t know how to start a new one, or are in an age, where finding love is more difficult. Green Aventurine brings luck in love, where love energy stands still.

Green Aventurine is a crystal that brings prosperity and richness. Crystal, which energies related to prosperity will open when a person works for his own success. It is very useful to carry Green Aventurine to work or even to keep it in one way or another at your work place. Green Aventurine has qualities that help to grow material happiness and to be more successful professionally will open by working. Green Aventurine helps to get better results professionally and to get into a higher position step-by-step in your career. In addition it is always useful to keep Green Aventurine at home to guarantee professional success and luck at home.

Keep Green Aventurine on your work desk or carry it to work with you so that it brings better opportunities for self-realization and to be “noticed” by others, which in turn can bring good opportunities.

ELEPHANT SYMBOL is very positive and abundant. Elephants are believed to be the symbol of happiness and well-being. Already according to Feng Shui elephants bring happiness into the household when their trunks are upwards, when downwards then they will help to create a calm atmosphere in the household and remove the stress gathered there. Elephants also symbolize friendship and therefore elephant statues are given to people who are dear. Elephant is prosperous and brings financial luck.


- Increases the prosperity magnet in the Aura field that helps to attract good opportunities, luck, material success and great possibilities.

- Green Aventurine elephant is a friendship crystal that helps to bring good friends, make good friends and to keep in their lives people who are dear, who they love. Elephant prevents big problems to occur in a relationship.

- Brings good luck in work and finances. I recommend to people who want to breath new life into their work.

- Makes its wearer more balanced, confident and helps to think before acting or to talks about his thought, that is balances the impulsive and temperament character.

- Helps to solve the fights between a friend or a family member, helping to find compromises and solutions.

- It is believed that wearing the Elephant symbol will bring luck in love in later life and, at the same time, Green Aventurine is also a love crystal that works better in later life than in youth.

- As a healing crystal I recommend Green Aventurine elephant for people who have constant problem with respiratory diseases, particularly related to lungs. Green Aventurine helps to heal the lungs and to strengthen their weak nature. Green Aventurine suits for ex-smokers, helping to quicken the recovery of the lungs.

Wearing GREEN AVENTURINE on a Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring its wearer the following:

- Green Aventurine opens the prosperity channel in you, it brings good material luck and success at work. Green Aventurine attracts everything you can create for your own well-being - it creates opportunities. Suitable to be worn with different prosperity crystals like Tiger´s Eye, Chrysoprase or Pyrite.

- Suitable for you, when you feel like you are emotionally vulnerable, won´t tolerate criticism or are simply in a life period where everything seems to be “broken”. Green Aventurine helps to heal the emotional “you” helping the small things not ot hurt you. Helps to get rid of over-emotionality.

- As a love crystal Green Aventurine will help to find a partner and happiness in love in later life. Suitable for people who have been in a relationship for a very long time and don´t know how to create a new relationship any more. 

- Green Aventurine is a very useful relationship crystal. It has a power that teaches people to be more lenient, considerate, tolerant, compassionate and friendly with others. Crystal that helps to repair relationships on every level, to avoid problems and when they do occur, to get rid of them quicker. Crystal that makes people more self-analytical and stops the use of impulsive words that can create fights. Particularly useful relationship healer that is worth to be kept in your life. 

- Wear Green Aventurine with you when you wish to get along better with the partner you are in a romantic relationship.

- Green Aventurine helps to be loyal, hones, trusting and won´t let affairs to happen. 

- Green Aventurine is a crystal that helps to increase your dignity and love for yourself. Green Aventurine is a crystal that won´t let you hurt yourself and this will prevent you also for hurting others. This is a crystal that teaches you how important you are for others and it will help you to give yourself time and dedication. 

- Green Aventurine has a mind healing effect, this is a crystal that helps you to feel emotional well-being. Green Aventurine heals the nervous system, helping to get rid of nervousness.

- Wear Green Aventurine crystal when you feel like creating and doing something completely unique. Green Aventurine helps you to reach the idea that is special and thanks to what you could bring success and professional growth into your life.

- Crystal that attracts success at work and prosperity, helping you to be successful in your own field. Green Aventurine is a crystal that helps to bring opportunities into your life for becoming more successful and to increase your income. Green Aventurine helps to get better results professionally and to get into a higher position step-by-step in your career.  

I recommend children to wear Green Aventurine to prevent the onset of hyperactivity associated with excessive use of computers or phones. 


- Green Aventurine has the ability to calm down a persons emotions and it works the most with anxiety, panic and unfounded fear existing in people.  Citrine has a similar energy field and, for example, when you are suffering from a very big fear, then it would be best to keep it in your life a lot. The second possibility is to make  water-elixir from these crystals together or separately.

- As a Heart Chakra crystal Green Aventurine is very useful for your heart for healing purposes. Crystal that calms the heart nerves by taking away the pain and tension coming from stress. When your emotional tensions comes out as chest pains, then this may be a sign of a weakness in the heart nerves, in that case it is useful to use Green Aventurine for healing purposes.

- Green Aventurine heals the ill heart and cardiovascular system, it is particularly useful for older people. It is useful to use Green Aventurine for healing, when there are already problems with the heart. Green Aventurine helps the heart to work for as long as possible and to recover.

- Green Aventurine improves eyesight and keeps eyes healthy. When you feel like your eyes are weaken and your eyesight is not what it used to be, then you should bring Green Aventurine into your life for healing, to wear it or, for example, keep meditation crystal on both of your eyes from time to time and to let them heal your eyes.

- Green Aventurine is a very good allergy healer. When there is an allergy in your body that comes out from time to time, use Green Aventurine. This crystal has the ability to heal the cause of allergies.


Green Aventurine is a very useful Heart Chakra healer, when you wish to improve your relationships and to create better relationships. This crystal has the ability to block pressure from other people and wrong visions about people you feel connected to. This is the crystal that helps you to create relationships in a very healthy level, helping to avoid other people´s gossip and negativity directed toward the person you want to be in a relationship with. Green Aventurine heals the Heart Chakra helping you to decide who should have your heart and what kind of person someone is.


Among zodiac signs, Green Aventurine will bring the most prosperity to  LIBRA, VIRGO and TAURUS.

Green Aventurine brings good luck, wealth and prosperity in financial matters for Taurus but only when he works for it himself. This is his prosperity crystal, that helps him to get his dream job and creates good opportunities for self-fulfilment. Green Aventurine helps him to be professionally successful and ensure financial security. 

Aventurine is a crystal for Libra, bringing them material luck. This makes Libra´s cash-flow move and brings also a good job in their life. Green Aventurine brings prosperity through Libra´s own effort. 

I recommend charging Green Aventurine on a Rock Crystal or Citrine geode peal and to clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant.
Size ca 2*3*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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