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AMAZONITE bracelet (pearl 10 mm)

AMAZONITE bracelet (pearl 10 mm) JEWELRY
AMAZONITE bracelet (pearl 10 mm)
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  • Model: AMASONIIT käekett (pärl 10 mm)

AMAZONITE is a greenish-blue crystal that is found from very light pastel tone to a very bright colour. This depends on the place where the crystal was mined. Brighter coloured Amazonite is definitely found in Russia. It’s altogether possible to mine Amazonite in Peru, India and Madagascar. Amazonite is a very good energy filter crystal-like Rock Crystal, which has the ability to send negative energy out from the Aura body. It’s good to wear Amazonite as it helps people who don’t have the ability to improve their own intuition. Amazonite opens blockages that won’t let consciousness to become more efficient.

Amazonite can be described as a crystal that opens the world of crystals, opens your own soul and calms it. Amazonite has a very calming effect and it helps to bring life to a very stable rhythm. It opens the courage to tell and see the truth.

Already in Mesopotamia Amazonite jewellery was worn for protection from the misfortune that could take away both wealth and health. Amazonite was also worn, when sometimes later out when our time in this body will start to run out, for the soul to not get stuck into this life. Amazonite would let the soul transform into a new life without problems. In Ancient-Egypt it was often used in many crystal buildings and temples for the crystal to help the spiritual place to be even more spiritual. Amazonite helps to carry out spiritual rituals.

Amazonite encourages to communicate, to open yourself up, to show your true face. This crystal helps to increase the ability to express your own emotions the way you have had in mind. As a good communication crystal, you can keep a regular crystal in the most walked through the room in the house so that every person in the house would be honest, kind and open to each other. The more people talk about their emotions and thoughts, the fewer conflicts can arise.

Amazonite is a crystal that carries a very calming power in itself, and be sure to add it into your life when you need something to bring you peace of mind. Amazonite relieves stress and helps to get rid of alarming energies at different levels. This crystal creates a feeling of freedom and balances the spiritual body. Helps to get rid of nervousness and it’s also a crystal that helps you to get into contact with your intuition. Amazonite has the ability to strengthen the intuitive side in you, helping you to be more sensitive toward energies, and to understand why and what you sense about something. Amazonite opens you up for communicating with Angels helping you to understand them and to find the contact with your own Guardian Angel. Use this crystal for becoming more spiritual and to advance quicker in this world. Keep Amazonite crystal near your bed when you wish to sleep better. Amazonite also helps to see prophetic dreams and therefore it’s a very useful crystal in your sleep. 

Amazonite has the ability to alleviate loneliness in people who are single and also in people who are in a relationship. 

WEARING AMAZONITE ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- Amazonite helps to speak about the past freely so that you could let go of it.

- Amazonite is one of the Angel crystals and it has the ability to bring people to the Alpha-wave, which is important for seeing visions. I recommend wearing Amazonite when you ask questions from pendulums. Amazonite helps pendulums to do a better job. For that, you could combine Amazonite with other Angel bracelets that favour predicting - KyaniteIoliteOpalite or Lazurite.

- Wearing Amazonite crystals on the left arm helps to understand who and why judges you. Helps to recognize people who act wrongly, unfairly and malevolently. Besides that, Amazonite helps you to find that right solution. Therefore wearing Amazonite is useful for everyone who have intrigues and sadness in their life, and who feel like they are being mistreated. 

- Crystal for good luck in gaming that I recommend wearing when you take part in a game, task or competition – suitable for playing poker or other types of gambling. Amazonite brings good luck and is most useful for card games.

- Helps to release stress, excessive nervousness and is worn as a bracelet when women have Root Chakra problems (ovarian inflammation, pains, etc.). Amazonite soothes the pain in that area.

- Wearing Amazonite on the right arm makes the person more active and you use it to fight against laziness or carelessness Amazonite can be a crystal that helps kids to become cleaner, more orderly and conscientious. 

Amazonite is the perfect crystal for the growth and advancement of intuition. When you want the crystal to help you sense and see the surrounding world better, then Amazonite is one of the crystals that could help you. Amazonite helps to listen to what your soul wants, not what your mind wants. The perfect crystal for the harmony of the heart and mind. Amazonite improves the gut feeling and the realness, that means it makes intuition stronger.

Amazonite makes you more passionate and makes you fight for your dreams. It brings passion and motivation forth, that helps you to move towards your own dreams, to work for them and to make an effort. Amazonite makes a person fearless, helping to trust life and increases the belief in himself. This is all that people today still miss, and this is everything everyone needs to make big changes in their lives. Amazonite is your crystal when you feel like you need to be more courageous and of an initiative.

- Amazonite helps to adapt and make decisions. Crystals that improve brain activity like FluoritesSodalite and Dumortierite. Amazonite has the ability to accelerate the change and analysing of information. When you, for example, can’t make decisions very well and you would like help with it, then Amazonite crystal will make your reaction quicker.

Crystal with the ability to teach tolerance to people and the ability to get along with others. Amazonite improves the ability to communicate at any level. The crystal that helps to express your feelings and thoughts so that others couldn’t read wrong signals out of them. A wonderful crystal that improves relationships and helps to create a better person out of yourself.

- Suitable for people who constantly work with computers, as Amazonite helps the same way like Shungite from the radiation from electronic devices that in turn affects our physical and mental body very badly. Amazonite creates protection against that radiation.

- Helps to cope with any kind of work, particularly useful for people who have to work in a big team. Amazonite helps to avoid work-related tensions and also differences that could come up with other people.

- Amazonite balances the Ying and Yang energies helping both the male and female energies to be in harmony.

- Helps to see different sides of problems, helping to identify yourself with situations that are a really good character trait and useful in many fields, like for judges, police, teachers, etc.

-Amazonite is a crystal that opens your soul to communicate and in such a level where you could express your emotions so that you would feel like you have said out lout everything helping you to talk from your soul and with your heart. Amazonite for that purpose is very useful to heal a relationship with your partner, family member and in general, it helps to solve differences in life better.

- Amazonite is a crystal that creates deep peace, with the ability to ground anxiety, helping to calm nervousness in the soul. It’s very useful to wear Amazonite when there is just too much going on and you have a wish to get your positivity back. 

- Amazonite helps to balance the energies in the Aura body, helping to harmonize and calm. Amazonite directs its wearer to heal himself and to look for positivity, helping to, despite the graveness of the situation and hardships in life, to find what makes him happy, makes his mind positive and optimistic.


- Amazonite is very useful for healing as it has the ability to give healing energy for recovering to be quicker and easier after an illness or injury. It’s useful to keep Amazonite near you or in use when the body needs help for recovery.

- It’s one of the best healers of hearth diseases. Crystal with the ability to calm heart nerves, heal the tense upper body and to excrete stress from heart nerves. A very useful crystal to be worn and used in case of heart failure, heart rhythm disease and other heart problems.

- I recommend adding Amazonite into your life in periods when the mind and the body are very nervous. Amazonite grounds nervousness by helping nerves to restore and be healthy. Amazonite supports the nervous system, and even when you’re not ill and you wear and use this crystal, then Amazonite still helps to keep your nervous system strong.

- Amazonite is a very useful crystal for a woman who has a very low libido and without any healthy sexual desires and who has a mental blockage against sexuality for one or another reason. Amazonite helps to heal that side in a woman and bring a healthy sexual desire forward.

- Wear and use Amazonite in crystal therapy when your hair is not the way you wish it to be. Amazonite helps to improve the growth of hair and fights against it falling out.


Amazonite is a very versatile crystal that actually suits for everyone who senses a connection with that crystal, and to different zodiac signs, it has a slightly different effect.

Amazonite has a very calming, tension relieving and balancing effect for a CANCER ♋ and SCORPIO . For these two water elements, Amazonite brings also love the happiness in addition to peace. Therefore Amazonite has a great value to these two signs, bringing them the element they need for life and putting them in place.

For PISCES and ARIES Amazonite works like a stress ball. Amazonite can very efficiently release stress energies in these two zodiac signs. Amazonite takes their stress away layer by layer and helps to relieve nervousness and anxiety. Both, Pisces and Aries by nature are restless, wish to achieve a lot and do a lot, and all of this creates nervousness in them that Amazonite successfully releases.

Zodiac sign effect occurs despite the purpose you chose the jewellery for.

Amazonite is an intuition crystal for ARIES which helps them to improve their energy sensitivity and self-expression. Amazonite brings them visions, prophetic dreams and helps to evolve spiritually. This crystal fulfils their dreams and brings them knowledge on how to succeed.


Amazonite is luck, courage, work, professional success, confidence and feeling good crystal for people born on the 27th. Amazonite is one of the crystal a person born in the 27th date should have in their life.

Amazonite quickly adopts the energy from other crystals, but, rather, it’s a positive thing as Amazonite helps other crystals to work more powerfully. Amazonite helps to accelerate crystals with similar energy, like  Aquamarine or Morganite.

It’s best to charge Amazonite crystal on a Celestite geode with both Moon and Sunlight. For cleansing keep a white candle with Sage incense beside it.

Size Bracelet length is ca 19 cm
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