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NEPHRITE JADE bracelet chips

NEPHRITE JADE bracelet chips
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NEPHRITE JADE is one of the main varieties of Jade and it has been highly valued in human history. This crystal has been known to be used for over 7,000 years and who knows how much the Nephrite Jade has affected humanity before. Nephrite Jade is a beautiful forest green stone in appearance, the green hue of which sometimes resembles moss and a mystical witch forest. Its colour is generally dull and darker spots may appear in the crystal. Nephrite Jade can be polished to a very shiny quality when it comes to high-quality and precious crystals.  

Nephrite Jade is mainly found in New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Alaska, Brazil and China. There are more places in the world where Nephrite Jade can be found.

Nephrite Jade has been used primarily to perform rituals, protect the tribe and family, and make tribal items. This crystal is known for its universal energies – this crystal is always needed because Nephrite Jade always has something to offer. So you can't make the wrong choice by taking Nephrite Jade into your life.

Nephrite Jade has always been one of the strongest friendship crystals that promote good getting along. Nephrite Jade is given when one wants to express one's friendship and when one wants to make one stronger and deeper. Gifts are also given if you want to improve your relationship.

It is very useful to keep Nephrite Jade in the south-west quarter of the home. South-west symbolizes getting along in the family. Nephrite Jade brings good luck to the family and helps solve family problems. It is especially useful to bring this crystal home when there are constant quarrels and disagreements in the family.

Nephrite Jade anchors you in reality, helping you to see your life clearly. It stops illusions and fantasies that arise from wishful thinking. Helps you understand what is right and what is wrong without making things uglier or more beautiful for yourself. A very good crystal for finding out the truth and noticing it.

A crystal that helps you understand who you can trust, who are your true friends and who are not. Works similarly to Onyx crystal and when used together, you will be able to understand and notice it even more.

Nephrite Jade brings luxury to life, and if you feel that it is something that could improve your quality of life, keep that crystal in your life. However, it is a crystal of prosperity that activates the flow of money and helps to create a royal lifestyle.

It is a crystal that can clean the Aura Field. Therefore, Nephrite Jade is a very useful jewellery crystal, and by wearing it, negative energy is gradually released from your Aura field, which can hinder the flow of cash and the growth of happiness energies in your life. Not all energies are good, and Nephrite distinguishes between them by letting the energies you need into your Aura Field and displacing those that are not that good.

WEARING NEPHRITE JADE ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

- Nephrite Jade is a crystal that frees from blockades, misconceptions, stuck behaviours, harmful beliefs and opinions. It is a crystal of self-healing that frees you from the chains you have set and that helps you live so that you can live to your advantage. A very useful crystal if you feel that you are sometimes your biggest enemy.

Nephrite Jade is known to be a dream crystal. If usually, dream crystals are Rock CrystalRutilated Quartz and Blue Goldstone, then, in fact, in addition to them, Nephrite Jade is also a very strong dream crystal.  Wear Nephrite Jade to fulfil your hearts wishes. If you wear it, know that Nephrite Jade stores your wishes and dreams in you and then quietly invites them. Releasing the path to dreams.

- It’s very useful to wear Nephrite Jade during rituals and magic. This crystal has the ability to amplify magical processes and spiritual rituals. Nephrite Jade will help you cope with such activities and get the result you want faster.

- It is a strong protective crystal that protects its wearer at every different level. If you are looking for a protective talisman that will help you in every aspect, then this is definitely Nephrite Jade

-Wear Nephrite Jade with a Black Tourmaline crystal so they could create a powerful protective shield against everything bad that can come to your way. Do this already so that these two crystals can release the already existing bad energy from your Aura Field.

- I recommend Nephrite Jade to be worn by children and young people who have difficulty communicating with others or who have difficulty making friends. This crystal makes a child or adolescent more courageous and helps them to make good friends.

- Nephrite Jade is very useful to wear if you want to start a business or you are already doing it. Nephrite Jade helps you see what you can do better, what will benefit you and what you can't, by helping to bring new ideas, projects and opportunities.

Nephrite Jade symbolizes love – it is a crystal that helps to restore feelings where they have begun to disappear. This is to understand whether it is really a lack of love or a loss of passion. When there are love and no passion, you have to work hard for the relationship. I recommend reading my article about recovering passion. You can find this article from HERE.

- I recommend putting Nephrite Jade together with love crystals when the relationship is starting to fade away. Nephrite Jade helps to intensify the energy of love.

- n addition to being able to save a relationship, Nephrite Jade can also attract new love. Nephrite Jade awakens your soul and helps bring love to life. If you are single, it is very useful to place Nephrite Jade on your altar of love, to crystals that attract love or to keep it with the magic you have already done. Nephrite Jade helps your heart's desire come true.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make tumbled crystal water or massage with this crystal massage crystal.  In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located – the East symbolizes health.

Wear Nephrite Jade if you have any of the following problems:

- Nephrite Jade is very useful to be worn for self-healing. It helps the body to activate itself to heal itself, revives the body's ability to heal itself. Whether you are healthy or sick, Nephrite Jade is always good to wear. It is a universal healer and very useful for maintaining overall health.

- Nephrite Jade is used to treating arthritis, kidney problems and bladder defects.

- Nephrite Jade is useful for very elderly people or very sick people. Nephrite Jade helps to make health corrections, for example, if it is necessary to maintain life, it will survive, and when it comes time to move to next life, Nephrite Jade helps to do it in a very beautiful way, helping to accomplish today's unfinished tasks and to move fresh to the new life, by blocking getting trapped in this life when this day arrives.

HEART CHAKRA "A bringer of new love and a relationship healer"

The power of Nephrite Jade reaches the Heart Chakra the most, and its power is most useful in this Chakra. Nephrite Jade has the ability to awaken this Chakra so that love can come into your life at all. Be sure to wear Nephrite Jade if you feel that you want to share your life with someone, pass on your love to someone, and see a person next to you who would love you. If you are in a relationship, wearing Nephrite Jade will help improve your relationship. For example, reheat feelings.

Among zodiac signs, Nephrite Jade affects TAURUS and LIBRAS the most.

Nephrite Jade helps Tauruses get rid of their excessive stubbornness when they hurt themselves with this character trait. Nephrite Jade helps Taurus to see what is beneficial to him and what is not, making Taurus more lenient where he is unduly harsh. Nephrite Jade also helps to attract love to Taurus, especially when Taurus has not found a partner for a very long time.

Nephrite Jade is a luck crystal for every TAURUS and brings them overall luck in every aspect. It is also the protective crystal for this zodiac sign, which keeps them away from problems and misfortunes, helping to block the negative energy that enters their lives, protecting them from bad people and stressful situations. Nephrite Jade also helps Taurus fulfil her dreams and protect her health.

Nephrite Jade helps Libra to make peace with themselves. Helping the super-analytical mind to bring the right answers and knowledge, helping to make constant consideration for faster decision-making. Nephrite Jade helps Libra who is in a relationship by helping to prevent and resolve problems within the relationship, making Libra's love life more beautiful.

You can charge Nephrite Jade on a  Desert Rose geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse it at least once a month with Patchouli incense or Nutmeg essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size Bracelet length is ca 18-19 cm
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