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ROCK CRYSTAL and FLUORITE bracelet and elixir talisman

ROCK CRYSTAL and FLUORITE bracelet and elixir talisman JEWELLERIES
ROCK CRYSTAL and FLUORITE bracelet and elixir talisman
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  • Model: MÄEKRISTALL ja FLUORIIT käe-ja eliksiirikett

It is a bracelet and elixir talisman that can be used for two purposes. It fits for a 19-20 cm hand and can also be used to charge crystal water. You can place the elixir talisman on the bottle so that the crystals in this can charge water.

Rock Crystal and Fluorite increase your intuition, spiritual energy, release negative energy from the Aura Field and contribute to learning and self-development. 

ROCK CRYSTAL is one of the most common and well-known crystals on our Earth. Rock Crystal is a crystal the Earth has created the most and has done so for a reason. This crystal is an excellent healer, cleaner, activator, filterer and transmitter of energies. Rock Crystal is found all over the world in many different countries, for example the USA, Brazil, Madagascar etc. It is composed of silica and it belongs to the silica mineral group. Rock Crystal is from transparent to opaque, completely lacking in transparency by texture. Cracks in a Rock Crystal are completely typical and completely clear crystal is rare. It’s price also depends on its look and authenticity. It is quite simple to make fake Rock Crystal and therefore there are a lot of fake crystals on the market. Only natural gemstones have the energy qualities I write about. La Tene crystals are natural.

Rock Crystal has a high energy value which makes it into an instant healer. You can start feeling it’s effect quite quickly when you start using Rock Crystal or bring it into your life. Rock Crystal radiates its energy, giving healing and good energy to where it’s needed the most.

A person can never have too much Rock Crystal’s, the more you have them in your life, the better life you are living. Like all other crystals work fair and softly, silently invisibly, but bring you great results, Rock Crystal is the one who changes your life to a great extent. From time to time I recommend extending your collection of Rock Crystals so that everything in your life could move faster easier. Rock Crystal is the liberator of obstacles and the mover of energies, life.

Rock Crystal is the mother of almost all other crystals the Earth has created and creates many other crystals from this crystal. Rock Crystal is like a canvas Earth has used for creating other marvellous gemstones.

Rock Crystal is closely related to the Crown Chakra and it has the ability to open the human soul to the spiritual world. By opening the eyes, Rock Crystal helps the person to develop in that stage he currently is. Rock Crystal is always a good crystal company on any road you’re in.

Wearing ROCK CRYSTAL on arm (could be worn on both arms):

Rock Crystal bracelet is worn with any crystal bracelet. Rock Crystal helps other crystals to reach the Aura, cleaning the Aura from cacophony beforehand.

- This is the crystal that should be the first crystal for every person. This because it is a very universal crystal, with the ability to make your Aura receptive to the energies of other crystals. This is the crystal that removes all energies that prevent the healing of your health and spiritual development. 

- Rock Crystal is one of the best crystals to be used for energetic cleansing and filtrating energies. It has the ability to release all of the negative energy no matter where it exists.

-Rock Crystal goes with every other crystal, it won´t change their energies or bring out certain qualities. Rock Crystal has a universal effect when you join it with another crystal. Rock Crystal makes other crystals more powerful, helping it to work faster and more efficiently. 

- Wearing Rock crystal on left-hand helps to get rid of past problems, when RhodoniteFuchsiteBlack Obsidian or Onyx is added to the bracelet.

- Wearing Rock Crystal with Rose Quartz or with any other love crystal on the left-hand helps to strengthen the relationship.

- Wearing Rock Crystal with love crystals on the right-hand helps to attract love, friendship and good people.

- On the right hand with any kind of Chrysocolla jewellery helps to strengthen the immunity of kids and younger people. Particularly useful for people with a weak repository system.

- Rock Crystal increases tolerance and helps you to understand other people better, helping you to understand why one or another person is the way he is. Rock Crystal teaches the person to think spiritually, helping to increase the understanding that every person today on a different path have different backgrounds and learned lessons. We are all different and therefore one or another person is behind us in development.

- Carry Rock Crystal with you, so that it would help to make your Aura more powerful. Rock Crystal increases your Aura and when your Aura body will get bigger, then your own Aura will get more powerful. The bigger the Aura, the more positivity and happiness fits into your life.

- Rock Crystal is very useful for spiritual, mental progress. A crystal that helps to learn your lessons in this life faster, to develop and move forward. A crystal that helps you in a very personal level, helping you to move on in life and blocking life getting stuck. 

- A crystal that won’t let you focus on negative things too much, helping you to focus on them only for solving them, not for getting stuck in them. It is a crystal that inspires you to move forward, helping to focus on your task today and increasing your hope for the future.

- Rock Crystal has one very good feature and it provides a very good reason for it to be worn and kept at home. Rock Crystal opens the human soul and mind to different energies, helping to listen to what different souls, Angels, guide, Guardian Angels or other people have to say to you. Rock Crystal teaches how to listen to those who are invisible to man by opening such skill within the human soul.

- Always wear Rock Crystal during the Whining Moon phase to get the most powerful energy from that crystal. The crystals energies will amplify double just at that point. By knowing that, always take your Rock Crystals out during that time and use them. 

- Wear Rock Crystal with you in one way or another, when you are visiting different spiritual locations. Rock Crystal helps you to acquire all you went to look from there, let it be peace, balance, increasing your efficiency, increasing the energy of love or strengthening protection. 

- A crystal that makes the thoughts and head clear, helping negative energy to become positive, helping the person to transform his own energies into something good and positive, and helping to accelerate the ability to see good in bad helping to understand that there is always a lesson in a negative experience. 

Mission soulmates are found with the help from Aqua Aura and Rock Crystal. When you wear these crystals sometimes or regularly, then you will attract mission soulmate into your life. When all mission soulmates wear these crystals together at the same time, then the connection will become stronger. When you haven’t found each other yet, then you’ll find, and when soulmates are already together, then the lessons will get more powerful. Being together will become more positive and inspiring.

- Rock Crystal helps to let go of the fear of loneliness and abandonment. When you constantly feel like you need to prove yourself, to like to someone, you can't express yourself from the heart and honestly out of fear what others say and think, then you may be stuck under that fear. Rock Crystal helps to come out of it. In addition to the Rock Crystal, Girasol and Hypersthene, with exactly the same effect, are also useful. By using these crystals together, their effect is a lot stronger and intense. 

Read my article "The fear of loneliness and abandonment" from HERE. When you recognize yourself in these thoughts of mine, then these crystals will be a great help to you.

- Rock Crystal enhances your spiritual and mental skills, increasing your abilities and making you skilled. It is a crystal that adds a lot to your quality of life, making you more active and not only physically, but also spiritually and mentally. It is a crystal that improves memory and promotes concentration. Carry it with you or keep it close to you so that it makes your memory and attention extremely sharp.

- I recommend wearing Rock Crystal for hypersensitive people. It helps to clear all unstable energies and sad thoughts from the Aura Field, and it also creates a stronger shield against pain. Rock Crystal is a powerful protective crystal for hypersensitive people, which helps them to cope with themselves. It helps to understand where the emotions come from, what to do with them and how to move forward if you feel bad. There are some very emotional people who need the help of Rock Crystal.

Rock Crystal jewellery can be worn with other magic and power objects. Rock Crystal amplifies their effect.


- Rock Crystal is a universal healer and suits for the healing of all kinds of physical and mental health problems. Rock Crystal gives a person the strength to come out of the health problems, giving restoring energy to the body. Rock Crystal is a perfect and universal healer that supports general well-being.

- A wonderful crystal for healing children. When the child has an illness, even when it is hidden, with a cause unknown, then Rock Crystal is the perfect healing crystal in a situation like this. Rock Crystal manages to uproot the pathogen entered in the deepest energy level and to release it gradually. It is suitable for children because their illnesses are usually hard to miss. But of course, Rock Crystal goes for everyone for healing.

- Rock Crystal helps the human soul to grow and develop, that is extremely important in strengthening mental health. Mental health is very important and the Rock Crystal helps to direct the soul towards the healing constantly. Rock Crystal helps to learn from the life lessons, let go of negative energy and to constantly move on with life, and all of this will ensure strong mental health.

- Releases the negativity and energies that have gotten stuck. By doing this the Rock Crystal can remove a number of pathogens at the source. By wearing and using the Rock Crystal for healing, you are actually giving yourself the possibility to be healthy physically and mentally.

- Rock Crystal releases the toxins from the body, that will cause illnesses in the human body physically. The body embraces toxins through the air, household care, medicine, foods, meat, animal milk products and many other harmful foods that are processed and full of toxins that do not have life energy in them. A very big cause for getting sick are the very same toxins that exist in the body and that cannot leave the body by itself. 


Crown Chakra is one of the main Chakras and this is the seventh and the highest Chakra of a human Aura field. Rock Crystal is strongly related to the Crown Chakra and this crystal can heal, activate, filtrate, actuate and open the Chakra.

Rock Crystal has the power and strength that can open the person to dream, to move towards his dream and to fulfil these dreams. Crown Chakra is related to fulfilling dreams and when you use Rock Crystal for healing Chakras it will help to fulfil dreams.

In addition to fulfilling dreams, Rock Crystal is very useful for the Crown Chakra because it has the ability to release the confusion stuck in a Crown Chakra.


Rock Crystal is a crystal that helps LEO to better understand and fulfil its purpose. Rock Crystal helps Leo to be always sultry, unconditionally love and care for other people. Rock Crystal helps Leo to understand in which direction to move in life and what could be useful to him. Rock Crystal helps to free up Leo's confusion and keep his thoughts clear. Brings him inner peace, balance and well-being.

Read also about Leo´s life purpose from HERE, from one of my articles about Leos.

Rock Crystal should surely be present at Leo birth crystal set. Apart from Rock Crystal helping Leo to accomplish its life purpose, it also helps to fulfil the dreams of Leo and make the wishful thinking stronger. You can read more about birth crystal sets from HERE

Rock Crystal is a crystal for happiness and well-being for those born at the time of the  Gemini Cancer zodiac cusp. Rock Crystal helps to clear your thoughts, get rid of overthinking, it brings health and a sense of well-being. All those born at the time of the Gemini and Cancer zodiac cusp should own a Rock Crystal.

You can clean Rock Crystal jewellery with Sage incense or ritual plant, also Rock Crystal geode.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
Size Bracelet length is ca 19-20 cm.
Info The product is not intended to be placed in water.
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