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AQUA AURA with a hole

AQUA AURA with a hole
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AURA is one of the "New Age" crystals, which people have made from pure Rock Crystal by heating the crystal and adding various metals to the Aura crystal during the process, which gives the Aura crystal its colour. I am fascinated by Aura crystals and I believe that rather the energy of fire that is permanently given to them gives them more strength. The colour given to the Aura crystal is permanent.

AQUA AURA  is one of the most powerful Quartz crystals and one of the most powerful Aura crystals you can use at all. Its effect is immediate when you start wearing it, but in advance, I recommend all future Aqua Aura carriers to wear, for example, six months in advance Rock Crystals so that the Aura crystal can do its job to the maximum. Rock Crystal clears the blockages that prevent the Auras from reaching energy.  

Aqua Aura is made of Rock Crystal, to which gold has been added during the heating process. Aqua Aura is primarily linked with the development of intuition, the development of various forms of clairvoyance, contact with angels and the enhancement of spiritual energy. 

Wearing AQUA AURA on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra brings the following:

- Aqua Aura is very useful for Indigo children, helping them to cope better with the older generation and heal past wounds/complexes/displacement or lack of love pain caused by the older generation, possibly the parents of Indigo.

Crystal and Rainbow Children helps Aqua Aura to strongly strengthen visions and intuition. Crystal children help to trust their inner feeling and Rainbow children help to amplify visions.

- Aqua Aura makes your intuition strong and vivid. It helps to grow even at the lowest level of intuition. The stronger your initial intuition, the faster it will work with you. If you already know that you can trust your inner feeling, then Aqua Aura takes it to another level.

Aqua Aura crystal works with human energy very quickly, helping it to recover from any setback. It is a force that you can carry with you on a daily basis to help protect yourself from emotional setbacks. It increases mental resilience, makes you resilient and courageous.

- It is a crystal that helps you understand what is happening around and inside you. It brings clarity to everything you feel confused about. Aqua Aura helps you analyse everything that happens to you so that it helps you reach solutions, answers or awareness that help you. This crystal is especially useful for you if you tend to change your mind and get stuck in your thoughts. Aqua Aura makes everything clear and won't let you fall under the flood of thoughts.

- Aqua Aura enhances spiritual growth, development, healing and helps to achieve spiritual balance. Aqua Aura helps you understand why you are in this life, what your goal is, where you should go next, and what you should still achieve. Aqua Aura helps you see your life in a bigger picture.

- This crystal has the ability to protect you from energy attacks, such as energy vampires and mental manipulation. If you keep Aqua Aura close to you, it will create an Aura Shield, which is very valuable. Carry Aqua Aura with you to protect yourself on a daily basis from people whose motives are unclear to you, bad or from people who tire you out. Keep this crystal between your home walls to protect your home from people disturbing your balance. 

- When the spiritual body is in balance, Aqua Aura begins to strengthen intuition, bring visions, give prophetic dreams, help to connect with higher forces, and increase the ability to perform different rituals.

- Aqua Aura removes creating and knowing restrictions. Especially related to your development. Many people feel that they can't, they are not able to and they never get far. Aqua Aura brings inspiration, hope and motivation instead. It helps to create a desire to grow and develop. A very good crystal for you if you don't see the potential in yourself, but want to see and feel it.

- Enhances other crystal work related to clairvoyance or intuition in your Aura. In addition, Aqua Aura itself helps you become more intuitive, helping you to be more foresighted and aware. 

- Aqua Aura is a crystal that works with you very quickly, helping energy to build up throughout your body. Aqua Aura gives you strength and makes you alert. Aqua Aura has the ability to make you develop spiritually, helping you to learn from life and understand everything that is happening to you. 

- It helps to attract prosperity, and when that prosperous moment comes into your life, it also helps to understand what you have been given and to use the right moments for yourself. Often a person cannot see the good opportunities that life offers him, then Aqua Aura helps to notice these moments.

- As an angel crystal, Aqua Aura can contact you and your Angels. If you wear the Aqua Aura crystal, you may later notice how you perceive the presence of Angels and also what they tell you..

- Increases the ability to make a wish from the heart and focus on wanting them to be fulfilled. If you wear an Aqua Aura pendant, hold it in your hand while you think about it - it works half as fast. 

Wearing  Aqua Aura and Rock Crystals helps to find mission soulmates. If you wear these crystals sometimes or regularly, you will draw mission soulmates into your life. When these crystals are carried together by both mission soulmates at the same time, this bond becomes even stronger. If they have not yet found each other, they will be found, and if they are already together, their lessons together will become more powerful. Being together also becomes more positive and inspiring.

- Use Aqua Aura for meditation. It is a crystal that can free you from any mental, physical and spiritual stress that prevents you from meditating. With such stress, you will not be able to concentrate or relax during meditation. This may be the reason why you will not be able to undergo very useful self-therapy. Keep this crystal close to you as you meditate or wear it on your body at this time.


Aqua Aura is not made into a water elixir, so if you want to use it after healing, I recommend wearing it as jewellery.

Aqua Aura is worn on the Throat Chakra if you want to cure the following conditions - anxiety, stress, nervousness, throat problems, thyroid problems, respiratory diseases (especially useful in children), melancholia, not believing in yourself, self-pity, anger. 


Aqua Aura supports the normal functioning of the Throat Chakra It is a crystal that helps information to move successfully through your body and mind, helping you to acquire spiritual knowledge. Aqua Aura releases blockages that prevent you from clearly feeling, seeing and understanding what is happening to you. This is due to the unbalanced state of the Throat Chakra, to which Aqua Aura helps to bring healing. Wear or use Aqua Aura to give yourself strength for spiritual development.


With its power, the Aqua Aura easily reaches the AQUARIUS Aura field, providing support for spiritual development. An Aquarius who wants to enhance his intuitive skills, energy perception, and overall spiritual ability find it useful to bring Aqua Aura to life, helping Aquarius to listen to his inner voice and make his daily decisions and choices accordingly.  

Aqua Aura is a balancing crystal for those born during the Cancer-Leo zodiac cusp. People, whose birthday is between July 19 - July 25 are born during the cusp. Aqua Aura brings good luck and blocks excessive stress, to which the Cancer-Leo is very sensitive.



Aqua Aura is a luck crystal for those born on the first of every month. This crystal is worth keeping with you for the rest of your life, it will bring good luck, success, vitality and inspiration into your life. Aqua Aura brings relationship happiness, love and good energy into your life. A crystal that helps keep you away from an unbalanced state and always keep you on your right path. It is a supportive crystal in your life, helping you to create what you need to create in this life.


It is very useful to wear this crystal periodically in life, it is even more useful to keep it in a birth crystal chest.


Charge on geodes only crystals that are in direct contact with your body.

Aqua Aura can be charged on a Titanium Aura or Cobalt Aura geode or beside it when you’re not wearing itCleanse it at least once a month with Palo Santo smoke.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 3*2*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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