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AQUAMARINE with a hole (C)

AQUAMARINE with a hole (C)
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AQUAMARINE is a very beautiful looking crystal in light blue to light green in shade. Aquamarine has gotten its name from Latin and it means "seawater". Aquamarine may also be transparent and light in colour. Aquamarine can mainly be found in Mexico, Brazil, India, Kenya, Pakistan and Afghanistan

The main attributes of Aquamarine are to encourage people to communicate and open up. It is strongly associated with opening and healing of Throat Chakra. Aquamarine gives hope and teaches people that there is always a way to achieve something.

Aquamarine is a crystal with clean energy that opens to love and protects the soul from evil. Aquamarine is a romantic crystal and when you wear it, it opens the Heart Chakra to cleanse it and increase the feeling of love. From the beginning of times, Aquamarine has been a protective talisman for those who travel overseas. Aquamarine protects from everything bad water can do to us. 

Aquamarine is gifted when understanding between each other is wanted to achieve or one wants to tell a loved one that there is always a chance that life gets better. Aquamarine increases hope and the will to live.

Wearing Aquamarine above Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following into its wearer's life:

- Heals and cleans Throat/Heart Chakra.

- Wearing Aquamarine as a charm helps to bring romantic moments and helps to create harmony and understanding each other to the relationship. When you wear Aquamarine, then it helps the partner to understand you better and show more love.

- Aquamarine opens to communicate and is useful for those who wish to express their opinion in uncomfortable situations so that the anxious moment wouldn’t lock them up.

- Aquamarine is a crystal of judges and lawyers. Aquamarine helps them to interpret difficult problems related to human relations and gives strength for work not to exhaust mentally. Besides that, Aquamarine is a working crystal for sailors that protects from accidents at sea.

- Aquamarine helps to acquire new information, knowledge and also helps to analyse these things. Really good crystal when learning spiritual things. Wear Aquamarine when you wish to understand through that why one or another thing in life is the way it is. Aquamarine helps you to see connections and to understand why some things just happen. 

- Releases the fear of water, swimming, sailing and boats. Besides that, Aquamarine relieves the fear of dentists.

- Aquamarine is the crystal that increases the creative side in the human soul and teaches this creativity to come out of you. Wearing or using it, at one point, you will become the idea generator who can make a physical form for your creative side 


For healing purposes, wear the crystal as a piece of jewellery or make water-elixir from the tumbled crystals. In addition, you can place the crystal to the East quarter of your home where the healing corner of the home is – East symbolises health.

- Aquamarine is a crystal that helps to heal the respiratory system. Aquamarine in crystal therapy is useful for throat problems, lung and respiratory system problems. Aquamarine helps to make breathing easier, helping to improve well-being and air movement in the body.

- Useful crystal for those who constantly have colds. Especially useful for coughs and pneumonia. It’s good to do Aquamarine water-elixir when you’re sick.

- Aquamarine is very useful for a kid born with a problematic respiratory system. With a problem like this, many pieces of Aquamarine crystals should be placed by newborns or a child's bed. It would be really good to hang Aquamarine above a bed to a dream catcher so it could give healing to the kid for the whole night.

- Aquamarine helps with skin diseases, it’s especially useful for acne, skin allergies and dryness. When your weak spot is skin, then you should heal yourself with Aquamarine healing therapy.


Aquamarine is one of the best choices when you want a crystal that would help to heal your Throat Chakra and keep it healthy. Throat Chakra is situated directly above your throat, that is, on your neck. You need to wear Aquamarine as a talisman as near to the throat as possible or as earrings, so it could be close to this Chakra. The closer the crystal is to the Chakra, the more intense work it can do it with you. You can also make water-elixir or crystal therapy with the crystal.

Aquamarine stimulates the energy movements from the Heart Chakra to the Throat Chakra that helps the latter to work perfectly, helping to tell the truth, that is it helps to talk about what’s in the heart and what is stuck in you. The more you express yourself and talk about the changes happening in you to people close to you, the healthier your Throat Chakra is.

Aquamarine improves your ability to express yourself. Aquamarine teaches you how important it is to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings. Aquamarine won’t let you share these things with wrong people. A crystal smart enough to stop you from telling the truth at the wrong moment.

When you feel tightness in the throat, you find it hard to express yourself and feel how your emotions are stuck in you, take Aquamarine to help you in the long term. Wear and use this crystal for as long as you change.


PISCES is the most affected by Aquamarine as it helps to strengthen their intuition and connect them with Angels and communicate with them. Aquamarine has the ability to give Pisces messages to Angels and Pisces themselves to interpret messages from Angels. 

For AQUARIUS Aquamarine is a supporting love crystal with their main Garnet. Aquamarine helps to bring romance and relationship peace to Aquarian’s life.

For SCORPIOS Aquamarine is one of the main love crystals that activate in the hands of Scorpios quite fast. Useful crystal to be kept in the birth crystal set or love crystal altar. When Scorpio wants to attract love to his life or set his relationship into flames then he could wear Aquamarine with him daily.

For GEMINI Aquamarine has a very special meaning - it's one of these signs love crystals. Firstly, Aquamarine increases his feelings for his partner, helping to deepen the relationship. It teaches him the value of love and directs him to express his feelings even more. Aquamarine helps Gemini to understand who his heart belongs to. Aquamarine brings love luck to Gemini life, helping to find new love or make feelings for his partner even stronger.


According to Chinese astrology, Aquamarine is the luck, love, peace and balance crystal for OXES. Everyone born in the year of the Ox is very sensitive to the power of Aquamarine, accepting the energy of this crystal too lightly.


In numerology, Aquamarine supports those born on the life path number 5. Aquamarine helps those people to sense their intuition and learn to make the difference between the “right” and “wrong” gut feeling. This is a useful crystal for strengthening intuition.

Aquamarine can be charged on or beside a Celestite geode when you’re not wearing it. Clean it at least once a month with Jasmine incense or Ylang Ylang essential oil

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 3*2,5*1 cm. The product doesn't include any band or chain.
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