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PERIDOT with a hole

PERIDOT with a hole
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PERIDOT was discovered a very long time ago from Egypt in an island called Zabargad. Now, Peridot has also been found from Brazil, Mexico and also Spain. Peridot is a bright green crystal that is quite valuable. The larger one piece of Peridot, the more expensive it is. Peridot is about opening up prosperity and a better understanding of one's life.

Before introducing Peridot, I would like to say about this crystal that Peridot has been highly valued by rulers and spiritual people since its discovery. According to old beliefs and traditions, Peridot only works with those who are spiritually-minded. So Peridot will dim, disappear, or something will happen if that crystal doesn't embrace you. Peridot, however, attracts those people who have begun to find their right path and allow the energies to control themselves without hindering themselves in this world.

Wearing PERIDOT on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- Peridot helps to reshape your ego, helping to get rid of its dominance and bring out more of the soul's voice. Helps to reduce the selfish world of thought and behaviour by acting in the subconscious, helping to better relate to oneself, others and the world. Peridot reshapes your world of thought, helping you to be more loving. This crystal must be allowed to work for a long time, as it takes time to silence the ego voice.

- Peridot is a crystal that helps you become more confident. It is a crystal that encourages you to live, to stand up for yourself, to fight for your beliefs, and is a very useful crystal to bring out your personality. Peridot helps you to see your life clearly and understand where you should go in your life today.

- Peridot is a lucky crystal. When you wear a Peridot, the energy of luck in your Aura Field will automatically grow, increase, become more powerful, and it will start to bring you many good opportunities. It is very useful to take Peridot from time to time to restore your luck energies. Peridot increases the formation of positive energies, which in turn attracts positivity. What you are made up of, you’ll attract and this Law of Karma applies to everyone. Wearing Peridot for a long time will help you prove that life can surprise you in a very positive way. 

- Peridot is a booster of spiritual energy, helping your body and soul to work together and listen and notice what your soul and body want to say to you.

- Peridot teaches other people to love unconditionally, helping them to come to terms with other people's negative or weaker sides. Peridot teaches the wearer that we are all different and we should never expect an ideal from other people. We can accept mistakes and forgive them. 

- A crystal that helps to get rid of selfishness, insidiousness, bad social qualities, envy, pride and arrogance. If you feel that from time to time you can put your relationship in an awkward situation and you don't like it, then Peridot will help you become better at communicating.

- Peridot helps keep private life and professional success separate. Suitable for those who, for example, is the boss of their friend or vice versa. Peridot helps to maintain relationships in such cooperation and prevents problems from arising.

- A crystal that helps you quickly integrate into society, helping you to instantly connect well with the people you want.

- Helps to understand past lives, helps you to find out why you are together with one person or another. What is your goal? What is your Karma? How to pay for your own karma, etc.

- Peridot is a crystal that provides great emotional cleansing. This crystal has the ability to release emotions that will not allow you to fully receive, share, feel and create the energy of love. A very useful crystal for improving relationships and healing your feelings. Peridot helps to love and cultivate the energy of love in your soul. The more you radiate the energy of love, the more you attract it. You are the kind of magnet you are made of.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery or massage with a crystal made of this massage crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located – the East symbolizes health. 

Peridot is the crystal from which water elixirs are not made because it contains metals. 

- Helps expel toxins from the body by helping the Solar Plexus Chakra do a better job with everything related to toxins and poor digestion.

- Heals the Heart Chakra, helping to overcome trauma and great emotional ordeal. It is especially useful to wear Peridot as a talisman around your neck.

- Helps to quit smoking, especially for women.


Peridot works very well on the Heart Chakra because it is a multifunctional Heart Chakra crystal. Peridot helps the Heart Chakra to heal, recover, become strong, and then it helps to open the channel of love that is inside the Heart Chakra in the Thymus Chakra. Peridot will help you find the right soul who is destined to be your soulmate in your life. Carry the Peridot crystal with you if you are looking for love in your life and want not to get lost on this journey and let the wrong person into your life.


Peridot is a crystal for LEOS. Peridot is a crystal that helps Leo to be positive and helps to alleviate his dominance and mind that is too direct for others. Helps Leo to express himself more leniently and make his wishes clearer to others. In addition, Peridot in Leo brings the ability to understand and know who he wants to become or who he could become. However, it is a very spiritual crystal that helps Leo find his way.

On top of all this, Peridot is one of the strongest crystals for Leo’s love luck. Peridot helps Leo to bring love to life and, moreover, a relationship. I recommend wearing Peridot to those Leos who are single if they want to find a partner in their lives. Peridot helps Leos who are in a relationship to deepen their relationship. 

You can charge Peridot on a Citrine geode or beside it when you’re not wearing it. Cleanse at least once a month with Jasmine incense

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

Size ca 2*2*2 cm. Hole diameter ca 2 mm. The product doesn't include any band or chain.
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