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WHITE CHALCEDONY pendant (metal)

WHITE CHALCEDONY pendant (metal)
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  • Model: VALGE KALTSEDON ripats (metall)

WHITE CHALCEDONY is the main crystal in the Chalcedony family from what different Chalcedonies will develop. The Chalcedony family is very big, it, for example, it has Blue Chalcedony, Pink Chalcedony, Chrysoprase and many other crystals with a very valuable power. Chalcedony is a crystal that could easily be replicated, therefore you need to be really careful while buying it. All the crystals in La Tene boutiques are natural which means that they are not replicated and have crystal energies. Chalcedony is named after the ancient Byzantine port town. White Chalcedony is mainly found from Turkey, USA, Namibia, Mexico, India, Moroccoand New-Zealand.

White Chalcedony is a wonderful crystal with a wonderful power, having the ability to calm a person. Peace is the perfect word for introducing White Chalcedony. White Chalcedony calms the soul and physical body. White Chalcedony by power is a perfect crystal for people who are looking a peace of mind from natural crystals and balancing their spiritual body. White Chalcedony can calm energies agitated on a very fine level and suits for people who can’t find the cause for their irritation but still wish to feel good.

Wearing White Chalcedony on a Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following:

- White Chalcedony teaches the person to take care of himself, put his own needs first, but, at the same time, blocking cynicism and selfishness, teaching and letting to know what a person really needs and what won’t hurt someone else.

- This is a crystal that teaches a person to take life positively, helping to see that there is something beautiful in life despite how hard life at the moment is. When you want to get that ability quickly, then I recommend starting to wear White Chalcedony with Crazy Agate crystal or bring Crazy Agate to your home so that it could make your home a more happier place.

- Crystal that teaches to be honest and sincere with yourself. A lot of people are not judging themselves adequately, can’t see their own mistakes and often lie to themselves or block certain type of knowledge to feel good. All of this is lying to yourself and take to the blocking of spiritual development. White Chalcedony helps to be sincere with yourself, to face the truth, to accept different situations and this awakes the person and helps with the spiritual growth.

- This crystal has a very good quality that is helpful when you wear love crystals as jewellery with you. White Chalcedony has the ability to make love crystals more powerful, to join their powers and direct them to the Aura field. White Chalcedony itself is not a love crystal but it can activate them.

- White Chalcedony helps to improve relationships with other people that are not in the romantic level. For example, White Chalcedony is a crystal that helps to heal relationships in the family, friendships and work relations. Crystal that teaches you to communicate with other people and create relationships.

- I recommend for smaller children to wear White Chalcedony when the kid is not confident and is afraid to open himself up to people closest to him. White Chalcedony awakes the spirit of the child, teaches to share worries and joys. Crystal that helps to develop the communication with other people. White Chalcedony helps to find friends, for boys it’s useful to wear it with Tiger’s Eye and for girls with Rose Quartz.

- White Chalcedony helps to stop lying to other people and it you’re not deceitful then it teaches to identify liars. Onyx has a very similar power that helps you to notice the ones who are not sincere with you. It’s useful to wear White Chalcedony with Onyx for that same purpose.

- White Chalcedony protects from verbal attacks, is useful to be worn when someone constantly humiliates you with words or when there are a lot of people around you who behave like this.


Wear White Chalcedony when you have one of the following problems:

- White Chalcedony is a very useful soul healer with the ability to heal prostration, depression and stress. White Chalcedony suits for people who can’t see any positivity anymore, only notices the negativity and is sad in his soul. White Chalcedony helps to get rid of depressing energy that ruins the mood and the whole life.

- White Chalcedony heals the nervous system when you have problems with nerve pain or when nerves is lost easily on different things. Suitable for a person who gets irritated easily, who doesn’t like certain noises, tones, word usage, vocabulary.


Crown Chakra is the seventh Chakra in your Aether body above your head. White Chalcedony helps to heal the Crown Chakra so that it would increase thirst for life, wish to be happy and to move forward with life. When the Crown Chakra is healthy, then his thirst for life is really big and the ability to be hopeful. In addition, White Chalcedony helps to activate the Crown Chakra which means it has the ability to bring a person into a spiritual development, which in turn is useful for learning spiritual lessons.

White Chalcedony is most useful for CANCERand VIRGO, both zodiacs are by nature very sensitive and White Chalcedony has all that helps to relieve the stress that comes with hyper sensitivity. Perfect stress reliever for both.

The effect of the zodiac crystal is transferred even if the talisman is worn for some other purpose. 

I recommend charging White Chalcedony on a Rock Crystal or Celectite  and clean it with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plantRead more about charging and cleaning crystals from HERE.

Size ca 2,2*2*1,3 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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