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LAZURITE spot earrings (silver 925)

LAZURITE spot earrings (silver 925) JEWELLERIES
LAZURITE spot earrings (silver 925)
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LAZURITE or Lapis Lazuli is a collection of minerals from LazulPyrite and White Calcite. Lazurite is a bright blue crystal with white to golden patterns. Most of our Lazurite comes from Afghanistan, where the most valuable Lazurite in the world comes from. Lazurite crystal has a very powerful past related to Persia and Egypt. Lazurite has been a protective talisman for these areas for a long time and it’s still believed that Lazurite has the ability to close the access to The Evil Eye. Lazurite is a powerful Aura protection crystal that protects us from curses, bad karma and unnecessary experiences. Lazurite has another favourite ability for me - it helps to strengthen and amplify clairvoyance. 

Lazurite has a long past in the history of humankind that we know of today. Lazurite was used as jewellery and later as an object of power for at least 6,500 years ago. This is the time that has been proven about the use of Lazurite. Then, Lazurite was mainly used around  MesopotamiaEgyptChinaGreece and Rome. One of the biggest sources of Lazurite is Afghanistan, where there is a lot of this crystal in the mountains. 

Historical and powerful people used Lazurite. For example, Lazurite has been found from the mask of Tutankhamun. It was clearly used on that mask for keeping away the power of evil, for getting power for rebirth and after death. Lazurite has the ability to maintain everything you have created in your physical body so that the next life could get a solid base from what you have learned and created before. The bright blue colour of Lazurite symbolises rebirth and the soul moving forward after earthly life. 

Ancient Egyptians used Lazurite crystal specks for creating cosmetics and it was also used in paintings and different ornaments. Egyptian blue vases were coloured with paint made of Lazurite. Crystal gave a beautiful appearance, but what’s most important - the power of the crystal was given also to the vase. 

Generally, Lazurite brings spiritual growth, it’s a crystal that helps to grow intuition and increase the depth of the soul. When you are carrying Lazurite with you, it will do its best when it comes to spirituality. This crystal is also suitable to be kept in a pendulum bag, with cards, with runes for it to help get better results in prediction.

Crystals all have their own character and abilities, but when used, worn, placed or combined differently, they, in turn, give us or the environment even more interesting power, influence and mystical energy.


- Lazurite is a very strong intuition crystal that favours the spiritual development of the human soul and there helps the intuition to become really precise. It’s useful to wear this crystal or keep it in your home to help with spiritual development.

- Lazurite is a crystal that favours seeing visions. When you wear or use Lazurite then it helps to bring about visions that would help to solve a problem, to fix it or what would be useful for you. You can ask specific visions from Lazurite, you need to keep the crystal in your hand for that, close your eyes and ask your question. After that, the vision will come or you’re given an answer through signs and you need to find it from the environment.

- It’s still a very spiritual crystal and this means that also it’s powers are related to mysticism and the spiritual side of life. Lazurite, for example, is a crystal that helps to experience astral projection, to enter it knowingly and get different out-of-body experiences through that. In an astral projection through Lazurite, you can meet different energetic creatures and go into different dimensions, also to different planets.

- Lazurite helps to remind who you were in your previous life. Lazurite helps you to find the connections in your life today that would refer to other lives. When you start wearing or using Lazurite then it may bring you knowledge that comes to you from somewhere higher and with sensing them you’ll understand that it’s a hint from your past lives. For example, Lazurite helps to bring about knowledge about why one or another character trait exists in you, by letting you know that it’s caused by your previous life.

By combining Lazurite with Turquoise these crystals with their joint power will help to bring about ancient knowledge you have stored in yourself in previous lives. You have lived in this world before, whether as another person, animal or at another level in life and you have learned a lot from these lives. Lazurite with Turquoise helps to bring this knowledge forward in you, by helping to remember them and to direct you to use this knowledge in this life.

- Lazurite has a very special significance for people who in their spirit are Indigos. When you’re not sure about your soul type, then I recommend you to read through the Indigo children article where I have talked about who they are and why they are born like this. You can also be an Indigo. Lazurite protects the Indigo soul from criticism, negative energy and stress with what he can barely manage.

- It’s a crystal for musicians and singers. Lazurite improves singing, helps to bring this talent out from the human soul when they have it. If not, then Lazurite helps to learn how to sing by helping to get to know chords and hit the right keys. Lazurite is a lucky crystal for people who wish to or are already working as musicians.

- Crystal helps you to see the future despite the fact that someone wants to hide it from you or not. Lazurite is a truth seeker that helps you to feel if things are right or not. That same quality is related to the side of Lazurite that develops intuition and that’s something everyone needs.

- Lazurite helps the person to interpret the emotions in him properly. For example, when you feel down because of something, you’re not in the mood, but can’t give an explanation for a mood like this, then Lazurite will help you to understand what and why you’re feeling. Lazurite is a crystal that helps you to understand yourself better. In addition, Lazurite helps to heal emotionally, to release negative energies in the soul, block playing the martyr and the feeling sorry for yourself.

- Lazurite can’t help with what has happened in the past, but it can heal it. Lazurite helps to get rid of the pain past problems or traumas have caused. Lazurite helps to heal from problems of this life that walk alongside the soul as ghosts. Lazurite also helps to stop blaming other people or finding the fault in others for relieving your own problems. It’s a crystal that helps to heal on your own, without involving other people. 

- Lazurite is a wonderful crystal if you wish to have success in singing and have luck in that field. Wear this crystal if you wish your voice to be noticed and have a magnet effect. Lazurite can be used with Blue Chalcedon to make your voice better and more powerful. Lazurite brings success and glory to a singing career. Read my article "Allow songs to interpret you" HERE.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

Lazurite is a crystal from which water elixirs are not made because it contains metals. It is not recommended to make water from crystals containing metal compounds for healing purposes.

- Lazurite helps with dizziness, sleepiness and balance. As it’s the Third Eye Chakra crystal it helps to heal problems arising from the imbalance of that Chakra. When the Third Eye is not working properly, its energies are going up and down, then problems like this will appear.

- This crystal has the ability to relieve pains that are above the neck area, let it be the back of the head, forehead, eyes or nose. To summarize, Lazurite helps to heal the pains in the head area and especially the pains caused by stress.

- Lazurite helps to let go of unreasonable fear of death. For example, when thoughts about death are in your head that is not related to suicide, rather the fear of something happening with you or someone close to you really soon, then Lazurite is the crystal that helps to silence thoughts like this. Lazurite heals the problems in the subconsciousness that causes feelings and thoughts like this. Lazurite helps to live bravely and not to be afraid of death.

- Like most crystals, Lazurite also fights stress. Wearing Lazurite is useful when you wish to lower your stress levels and it’s also useful for people with depression. Lazurite makes healing problems like this quicker.

- Lazurite has the ability to heal sleep disorders and especially when problems are very serious and are even preventing you from living a normal life. In that case, it’s useful to wear Lazurite like this or keep it beside your bed. Lazurite could be indifferent Angel and dream crystal sets, it helps to give out an effect like this also from there.

- Lazurite is a crystal that spiritually protects your Aura field from skin diseases. I recommend Lazurite for people who are really afraid of skin cancers. Firstly, Lazurite removes the fear that in turn can cause an illness like this and then creates protection around the Aura against that illness. That’s why I recommend wearing Lazurite in the summertime. But also for every other energetic quality of this crystal. Lazurite is a very powerful crystal you shouldn’t underestimate. 


Lazurite with its energies is very strongly related to the Third Eye Chakra, which is the sixth Chakra. Lazurite is especially beneficial for activating this Chakra. When the Third Eye is activated then intuition will become very strong, precise and you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference between what’s right and wrong. In conclusion, it could be said that Lazurite helps to develop intuition and make it more correct. In addition to this, Lazurite helps to see what’s going to happen during the day, to see dangers in your dreams before they come to you in life and to let visions appear to help you in your everyday life.


Lazurite influences the most ♐ SAGITTARIUS and ♓ PISCES. Lazurite is not a typical love crystal. But for Sagittarius, it’s very useful in love. Lazurite helps Sagittarius to sense who his soulmate is, who is his companion in fate, by helping him to find his way to his true love. When Sagittarius has found his loved one, then Lazurite is the crystal that helps to keep the relationship strong.

Lazurite is a crystal that helps PISCES to become more intuitive, it increases their spirituality, helps to read signs sent by life better and makes them more sociable. For Pisces Lazurite is very useful for the growth of the soul, it helps to learn from life and experiences. In addition to this, it’s useful to give Lazurite to a Pisces close to you as it helps to strengthen the relationship between the two of you. Lazurite helps Pisces to understand their surroundings, to trust their gut feeling and to distinguish between right and wrong. Lazurite helps to fulfil the wishes of Pisces, gives it the strength to realize itself and realize its own ambitions.

Lazurite is a crystal for the air element zodiac that strengthens intuition and helps to become more spiritually effective.

We recommend charging and clean crystal jewellery from time to time to increase their energy levels. It’s best to charge Lazurite in a Celestite geode and it would be good to cleanse it at least once a month with SageYou can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.
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