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AMETHYST pendant Virgo (silver 925)

AMETHYST pendant Virgo (silver 925) JEWELRY
AMETHYST pendant Virgo (silver 925)
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AMETHYST is one of the most popular crystals in the world, used and also worn as jewellery and used in Feng Shui therapies. Amethyst is found in many parts of the world and it is available in large quantities. Amethyst is mainly found in Brazil, India, Mexico, Bolivia and USA, and in many other areas. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz, with mainly lavender purple and deep purple shade. Amethyst may have white or transparent spots, which are part of Rock Crystal. Amethyst is named after the Greek word ametusthoswhich means “not harmful” or “toxin-free”. This is due to Amethyst freeing anger and bitterness from the soul and opening the spirit for healing./div>
Amethyst is a crystal that brings spiritual energy into the Aura of its wearer and into the environment where it exists simply as a crystal. Amethyst helps the soul to grow, develop, learn and to move on. Earth Goddess Gaia has given the Earth a lot of Amethyst and this for people for not forgetting the value of the soul, this is also one of the main qualities Amethyst carries with itself.

Amethyst is known for its spiritual energy and for the quality of amplifying the abilities in a person soul. Amethyst is a crystal that brings peace, relieves stress and ensures a good nights sleep. Amethyst has the ability to strengthen intuition and to bring prophetic visions.

Amethyst is one of the most important healing crystals, that people interested in them should own. Amethyst has a very versatile power and it is a crystal that opens in itself exactly the power you today need the most. Amethyst opens healing and helping properties in itself according to what causes trouble, to heal it, or what interests you and gives it good luck. You may have your own wish, that you give to Amethyst in your thoughts, for it to come true, Amethyst fulfils it and in addition, supports you exactly with what you need to support the most.

Amethyst is an anti-alcohol crystal, that helps to lead away from alcohol while wearing it. Amethyst fights with alcohol, when you drink it, it leaves you feeling really bad, creating discomfort, which in turn causes you to feel even disgust. Wear Amethyst if you wish to wean yourself from alcohol.

Keeping Amethyst close by for your whole life, helps you learn from the lessons in your life, to use them for further development and to move on in life through lessons. Amethyst takes the human soul into movement, won´t let life stay still or end up in a vicious cycle. Amethyst helps to see obstacles and hardships as lessons. Seeing them like this, you learn from them quickly and free them from your path of life. Amethyst is a very useful self-development crystal. Amethyst should definitely have a place in your life. 

Wearing Amethyst above Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra helps to bring the following into it swearers life:

- Before anything else, Amethyst helps to calm the entire physical and spiritual body down and only then it starts to carry its other abilities into the Aether body.

- Amethyst relieves tensions for the entire time it´s on you and when going to bed at night, it helps a good nights sleep to come. In case of a serious sleep disorder, then Amethyst should be carried daily and it also needs to be cleaned and charged it properly, so that it could do its work.

- Amethyst opens creative talents and advances, in general, the development of a creative mind. It is useful to keep Amethyst in your home environment, for it to release creative thinking in you. Amethyst helps to bring out the creative potential in you, helping to make your vision physical, to write them down or create something existing in your mind. By keeping Amethyst in your life you may, after a while, feel, that you have become more creative. For opening a creative mind, in addition to Amethyst, also Picasso Jasper, and also Picture Jasper help to open up and evolve.

- Besides calming effects, Amethyst has the ability to amplify a person's spiritual energy in an Aura. Amplifying spirituality means that energy is lifted in the Aura, through what a person can heal, can faster get more strength through different alternative healings, strengthens intuition and allows to heal spiritually.

- Helps to release negative energy from the Aether body, that prevents to get on with this life. Amethyst is an Aura cleanser and mostly it helps to remove blockages from the three top Chakras.

- If, for a longer period, you constantly wear Amethyst with you, then this heals your Aura body. Amethyst injects spiritual healing into your Aura, that changes the colour of your Aura into a more purple tone. The more violet light in your Aura, the more intuitive you are.

- Amethyst amplifies spiritual energy and this comes also with a better perception of spirits. A person who wears Amethyst can be in much deeper contact with spirits. When you wear Amethyst for a longer period you can discover yourself, how you hear and see them.

- Amethyst helps to let go of unreasoned nervousness and makes you, in the true sense of the term, into a much better person. Amethyst helps you to express yourself in a more positive and milder way. Especially useful is Amethyst for those, who cannot control themselves and who unreasonably hurt people dear to them.

- Especially useful is Amethyst for people who do meditation or yoga. Amethyst helps to concentrate on meditation, helping to relieve energies that are too elevated. Amethyst is essential for meditation, to reach inner peace in yourself.

- Amethyst heals the soul so that something beautiful and valuable could reach your soul. Amethyst does the groundwork for everything positive you wish to have in your life. It is always useful to wear and use Amethyst so that your own Aura would be ready to accept happiness.

- Amethyst has the ability to make people more intuitive, which means that it directs people to search for answers in different things, helping to understand, what's right and what's wrong. Helps also to eliminate wrong gut instincts, that could very easily appear, Amethyst opens the mind, directing the eyes and thought to things that today need your attention the most. 

- I recommend wearing Amethyst for people, who deal with entrepreneurship or businesses. Amethyst helps to protect from misfortune and financial downfall or bankruptcy. Amethyst helps to make business-related decisions and offers, helping to strengthen intuition on seeing which decision brings luck and which misfortune.

In Ancient-Egypt Amethyst talisman was worn, to get rid of fears and to heal from unexplainable phobias.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellry, make a water elixir of the tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern Quarter of your home, where the home healing corner is located - the East symbolizes health.

Amethyst is very useful in alternative therapies, it has a lot of energy-based qualities, that help to heal many symptoms that occur too often. Amethyst is one of the main crystals used for healing and in crystal therapies.

- Amethyst helps to fight with hormonal imbalance, helping to balance hormones and healing different hormonal illnesses.

- A crystal that helps to quicken metabolism, contributing to the regular work of metabolism. Amethyst is worn for protecting your body from cancer. I recommend using and wearing Amethyst if there are cancer or cysts in the body. Amethyst helps to release energies from the Aura body, that have caused them or that won´t allow their healing.

- Amethyst is a useful sleep improvement crystal. Amethyst contributes to falling asleep, helps to get rid of sleep disorders, helps to relax and is very useful in cases of nervousness. Amethyst heals the nervous system, brings peace of mind and balances the unbalanced mind

- Amethyst is the number one crystal for help from the crystal world on cases of stress. Amethyst relieves stress, helps to release the pain caused by stress that emerges from your body. If you feel like having a very stressful period, then use Amethyst for relieving stress.

- A crystal that helps emotions to get healthier. Amethyst mends the mind with anger problems, depression, anxiety, nervousness, mood swings and helps the one who has problems with pessimistic mindset. Amethyst heals negative emotions very efficiently.

- Amethyst is for you if you have problems with headaches. Especially with headaches caused by stress. In addition to Amethyst Smoky Quartz helps to relieve headaches.

Healing with crystals is alternative healing and crystals work with the spiritual body of people, supporting the healing of Aura. Healing with crystals supports healing the energies in a persons soul and body.


Amethyst is a crystal which power could heal, activate and improve the two main Chakras in a human Aurabody 

Third Eye Chakra is the sixth chakra and it is directly on the forehead. Amethyst helps the Third Eye to heal, which in turn helps people to be more intuitive. Amethyst resolves problems with intuition, to block wrong visions and creates that proper gut feeling to the soul, that could be trusted, lived by and move on in life. Amethyst helps to resolve the problems of the Third Eye both in a spiritual and physical level.

Amethyst supports the healing and activation of the seventh Crown Chakra. Through the healing of the Crown Chakra, Amethyst helps to teach people that you should always move on in life, learn, change and include the experienced wisdom into life. This is the crystal, that helps people to get more spiritual through the Crown Chakra. Becoming more spiritual in the sense that a person starts to evolve in his soul and to understand the mental and physical side of life. 

Wear Amethyst if you wish to heal and open the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye. For that, you should wear Amethyst talisman on a chain as short as possible or on a band, for Amethyst to be near these two Chakras. 


Amethyst affects many different zodiac signs. It gives spirituality and intuition to PISCES. Emotional balance and stress relief to AQUARIUS. A good sleep, health and personal strength to ARIESFor SAGGITARIUS 
it is universal happiness and harmony crystal. Helps to understand the difference between right and wrong by eliminating wrongful gut feeling and directing them in the right direction.

Amethyst helps to answer Aquarians questions, directs them on the right path and helps to sort themselves out.

Amethyst is for Pisces-Aries a balancing crystal. Amethyst helps Pisces-Aries stress levels to stay low and won´t allow them to get angered easily. Amethyst helps Pisces-Aries to stay on the positive side and this, in turn, helps him compromise with others. Amethyst brings good luck and makes Pisces-Aries even more intuitive.

Some crystals are really for different zodiac signs, but they work a bit differently with them.

The zodiac crystal´s effect will be carried forward, even if the talisman is worn for.


In numerology, Amethyst is a crystal for happiness and personal success, that creates karmic cleanse for everyone, born on the 3rd day, in any month. Amethyst brings luck in any field for people born on the 3rd, helping them to live a happy life. Amethyst grounds over emotionality and frees stress-energy easily. Amethyst helps people born on the third to live their life better, to get to know happiness, to learn how to reach your goals, and in addition, this crystal is very good for personal success. A person born on the 3rd day should wear Amethyst as jewellery if he wishes to get its power quicker or use it in a birth crystal chest, where it could work with your fate for your whole life.

It would be good to clean Amethyst with Lavender incense smoke and charge Amethyst jewellery on Amethyst geode.

You can read more about charging and cleansing crystals from HERE.
Size Crystal size ca 3*3*2 mm. Pendant length ca 2,5 cm. Band or chain not included.
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